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After the newly launched Green Screen and for GoLive project, at Superstudio Più there's a “theater” on the way, created with an even more performing Ledwall which makes all kinds of events and production in favor of phygital communication possible. The new Superstudio Maxi is also getting ready with a Green Screen and a digital and television “theater” even larger and interacting with each other in real time. Superstudio's r/evolution continues...

As Incredible as it may seem, cinematic special effects have been experimented since the early 1900s through a double shot that can add spectacular backgrounds and performances in a seemingly normal scene. One hundred years later, with digital advent, the ability to recreate virtual worlds in which real people move has become a professional choice of photographers and directors...


Incredible as it may seem, it is since the early 1900s that special cinematic effects have been experimented through a double film shooting that can add spectacular backgrounds and sudden appearances in a seemingly normal scene. A hundred years later, with the advent of digital, the possibility of recreating virtual worlds in which real people move has become a professional choice increasingly accessible of photographers and movie directors thanks to the green backdrops whose official name is Chroma Key. Over more than a century the technique has been so perfected that it has allowed the creation of fantasy or epic masterpieces with incredible scenarios. Photography has also appropriated it for more commercial purposes and these days a green screen (color that allows you to insert the desired backgrounds in post-production) is often the solution when traveling to suggestive places is as impossible as it is now. A Chroma Key and a powerful computer and every fantasy becomes possible.


“Courage, vision, luck, commitment, love, friendship, sharing, experience, spontaneity, interest for fashion, art, design and all kinds of innovation are keywords that have brought us this far. Milan thanked us by transforming itself also thanks to this impulse.
20+20+20 and beyond: this is my wish forty years from the arrival in zone 6 and from the first Superstudio in via Forcella, twenty years from the second Superstudio in via Tortona. With the wish of other twenty years of success at the third Superstudio just opened in via Moncucco to bring culture to suburbs. Three strong points of the city created with the same passion with the same passion.”

Gisella Borioli,
founder and CEO of Superstudio Group 


"Twenty years ago in Milan, Tortona area was a suburb with warehouses that employed many workers, such as Riva- Calzoni, General Electric, Osram, Nestlè, etc., gradually emptied. It seemed that the disappearance of these industries which produced important artifacts left a desert. No one, not even I who had chosen it first, could imagine that after our photographic studios and with Superstudio Più’s introduction other model agencies, fashion companies, event management, museums and therefore hotels, restaurants, temporary shops and many other activities could make this area the smartest and most innovative in Milan. Superstudio was the first light bulb, the first light that subsequently multiplied to illuminate this area and attract fashion world, design, and all those activities that today contribute to make Milan the driving force city of Italy. The next step is another exhibition venue in an even more suburban neighborhood, sure that we will bring culture and new interest there too...


We are already in February and the year of the magnificent twenty years of Superstudio Più is already over, sadly closed to events. Including our birthday party. From 2000 to 2020 time was spent in a breath, with the end of a year to forget. We hope to celebrate the return to normality in 2021, with a finished pandemic, with new initiatives and new hopes.

We could not imagine, Flavio and I, that day back in 1999 when, looking for 1000/1500 square meters to set up a new larger art atelier for him and for me a studio suitable for television footage that would complete first Superstudio in via Forcella 13 photographic studios proposal, we came across a large Gabetti sign, in via Tortona 27: factory building of 17.000 sqm for sale.


The Superstudio book, conceived and created by Gisella Borioli officially comes out on February 1st to remember not only twenty years since the opening of Superstudio Più, great multicultural and exhibition center in Via Tortona, Milan, but above all the contribution it has made to the development of  Fuorisalone in the districts and the change in design representation, switching from the product to the culture and research behind the product itself.
"DESIGN SUPER SHOW-2000/2020 evolution and mise-en-scène of design at Superstudio in Milan" is at the same time a first-person diary and a review by several (authoritative) voices of this transformation that has led us into the future...




A new year that begins with a dream for us - never stop dreaming! - and a new adventure which joins Superstudio 13 and Superstudio Più: Superstudio Maxi, in via Moncucco 35, Milan.  

A gathering space that will soon come back to unite and excite us with beauty, culture, participation.

A year of rebirth, a new beginning, a new awareness.


“Everyone knows these are hard times for live music, but we mustn't give up on making music come alive. So, today my concert is held in a special place…” at our Superstudio Più!

Nest Virtual Stage is a new and interactive musical experience designed by Google in collaboration with Ghali, which can perfectly reproduce show’s atmosphere and let you experience all the emotions as if you were one step away from the stage. Online on YouTube and live from the set of Superstudio set up in Central Point and Gallery venues, 4 tunes from "DNA Deluxe X" and all the very popular rapper’s energy...


#UnPassoAvanti is the LINES campaign claim - entirely shot in the large Central Point venue of Superstudio Più with Emma Marrone - which invites women to rebel against sayings and ways of acting derived from old, backward stereotypes, denigrating the dignity of women: proud to have been part of this innovative campaign. 
It is time to take a step forward in support of women, against all discrimination!


In the large dance center that characterized the beginnings of Superstudio Più, a new possibility of temporary rentals for fashion, culture, smart-working, business opens up. There’s room for everyone in the divisible 700 square meters.

Showroom for fashion and design, studio for shooting and video, classroom for meetings workshops and classes of all kinds, venue for auditions and dance and theatre rehearsals, conference and BtoB presentations space, creative lab, exhibition area, lounge for parties dinners and events, editing room and all other short and medium term temporary needs today find a valuable address. Superstudio Più Dance Point, in via Tortona, has been for a long time the biggest and coolest space for dance in Milan, before joining the events circle that represent the location core business...


The YogaFestival returns to Superstudio Più, the fifteenth edition that focuses on quality and “live” practice in complete safety. Giulia Borioli, its founder and leading personality of the entire Italian and international Yoga field, tells us what has changed in the Covid era.

15 years of YogaFestival and the return to the historic location, Superstudio Più, where your headquarter is also located. How has the festival changed in these 15 years and how has the enjoyment of yoga turned in Italy?
From the first year until today yoga itself has undergone a swift evolution, which has had a great impact on today’s society. The first edition was born in this way, for my desire to convey this ancient and wonderful knowledge to as many people as possible. Over the years, the festival has become a reference point, which was missing, for  yoga community. Why? I believe that being superpartes, presenting so many yoga styles in the same way, involving foreign guests who have never come to Italy is the secret of a certain success...


The first of the projects dedicated to female creativity including art, design, architecture and craftsmanship which will reach its peak during the April Design Week with a completely dedicated pavilion, starts in MyOwnGallery.

"Nelle Mani delle Donne" ("In Women's Hands") - a title that says it all - aims to investigate, lightly, carefully, with irony, with foresight, into the world of creativity and begins with two small but significant exhibitions in MyOwnGallery, the Superstudio gallery always open to challenges, trends, new languages. Established artists and architects and young creatives talk about themselves with their work and a talk in the evenings dedicated during the exhibition time...

Posted by: Paola Baldacci

IMA, Italian Mission Awards, a well-established and sought-after appointment by all Business Travel industry. The initiative begins a competition, but mostly highlights the most important operators of the field and top travel managers who will be judged by an independent jury. The forthcoming edition, the seventh, will be hosted in September at Superstudio Più.

We wanted a summer location, as after the long months of lockdown we really wanted to celebrate outdoor the top value community such as the travel business one. We wanted a secure and well-established venue in the Milanese landscape of venues for events. We were looking for experience and staples for our Italian Mission Awards 2020 that shifted from March to September, according to the new context.  And here comes Superstudio Più in via Tortona, Milanese district hosting design week, had literally showed up as the ideal solution to return to celebrate safely...


Superstudio restarts with GoLive the new project for live, streaming and hybrid events.
The largest space of Superstudio Più, the 2,500 square meters Central Point, is set up with a 24x3 m stage, a large 24x5.5 m led screen with a 2.6 mm pitch and a control station. The seats are spaced for 200 people present and the rest in live streaming. Superstudio is ready to play this new game and you? 

A preview of GoLive, on our Youtube channel Superstudio Tweb.

To visit the space and information:


New entry to Superstudio Più. In the First Floor space, an open space of 700 square meters all glass overlooking the garden and via Tortona, Wave&Co arrives, a leading company in the sale, installation and repair of ultra-high-tech led screens. Manuel Maccioni is the young entrepreneur who brought to success in Italy and abroad the innovation of these tools, now indispensable elements for visual communication and the world of events, whether real or virtual.

"The field I deal with is that of cutting-edge and constantly changing led technology, able to create projects with an amazing visual impact, thanks to a very delicate element e as that of a pixel. It is an obvious manifestation of how, if you take care of every little gear of the mechanism, you can create something unimaginable. This type of technology is mainly used to bring fully immersive and engaging experiences to life, so that communication becomes the protagonist of the context.
In this regard, I am proud of the virtuous partnership that has been established with Superstudio and which is expressed in two innovative projects and in which I strongly believe.


The first woman to enhance Polish design outside the borders of her Poland, her mentor was Alessandro Mendini with whom she has worked and collaborated for a long time. To the work of designer, sculptress, art-director she alternates the curatorship of exhibitions, such as those dedicated to his master in Poznam in 2004 on the occasion of the entry of Poland into the European Community and in 2014 in Wroclaw in the year in which it was the Capital of European Culture. At Superstudio she arrived in 2011 and many more times.

Dorota between Poland and Italy, how did this happen?
My studio has been located on the Alzaia del Naviglio Grande in Milan for years, but I arrived in the city over twenty years ago for an internship in the Mendini Atelier. I studied in Poland, at the University of Art in Poznań, Faculty of Design and Interior Architecture with a thesis on Biodesign. I won three awards for the best degree and so I had the opportunity to go abroad to deepen my studies. I chose Italy, for its cultural wealth, its ancient history, the beauty of its landscape of its traditions and its people. I traveled around Italy and landed in Rome, for me the most beautiful city in the world with its squares, fountains, gardens, with the wings of angels in the paintings and sculptures of Ponte dell'Angelo...


Women are increasingly becoming the protagonists of events and are, today, even more central to our political, cultural and social scene. Even at this critical moment, many well-known or less-known female figures are emerging, but often their role is not yet recognized as key.

The role of women and the valuable contribution that many of them have made and will continue to make to our events has been reflected in Superstudio for some time.
A few months ago Superstudio launched the first call of its kind for the project DD - Donne e Design (Women and Design), a special exhibition designed for the next edition of the Superdesign Show, a real tribute to women’s creativity, that is also the theme launched by the City of Milan for 2020, with the schedule "2020 Creativity. The talents of women".
Just looking at the most recent productions hosted in the spaces of Superstudio Più in recent months, we observe many female personalities, each one, in her own way, central in events of international standing.
This is the case, for example, of Brenda Bellei Bizzi CEO of the White Show...


It is customary to draw conclusions at the year end by observing with a magnifying glass what has been and planning the future. But this particular historical period leads to browse in advance the album of memories of events just spent and to make reflections on future ones.

In January Superstudio, with the Salone della Cultura (Exhibition of Culture), smelled of pages of old, new and used books. In February, instead, it was filled with colors with art galleries, national and international, of the Affordable Art Fair and with the bright fashion of already known brands and emerging designers of White Donna (White Woman).
No nostalgia in remembering only so much desire to start again, to become the hub of new productions and to welcome back soon the most loyal customers and the most interested visitors. And the appointments now fixed with the technology of Digital Design Days and Codemotion, with the authenticity of Milanofil, with the immense blue of Denim by Première Vision and with the bold flavor of The Milan Coffee Festival? ...


Dear Giorgio,
I remember like you when fashion, a small and little considered thing in Italy, began to grow and become a beautiful, big, ours, serious thing, which brought into play all hopes and creativity. We have seen it transform and create the made in Italy and we have given it the best. We, Flavio and me and our collaborators, from the magazines we gradually created and directed, Vogue, L'Uomo Vogue, Donna, Mondo Uomo, Moda... You, first with Sergio who we are still missing, and then with all the others your excellent first-time collaborators, Rosanna, Leo, Silvana, Irene, Giovanna and many others. You never stopped. Since you were already appreciated as an assistant of Nino Cerruti, and then from those few rooms in Corso Venezia that saw your first fashion show, to the already important venue in via Durini, up to your empire ...

Greta Thunberg proved how much strength and courage a little Asperger girl can have, up to raising awareness and mobilise young people from everywhere around the world, therefore our future. Also Superstudio is on Greta’s and young Aspies’ side : boys and girls superior intelligence and strong emotions, able to focus on a target and follow it through, with no distractions and with determination. Girls and boys with weird behaviour, usually highly creative, as demonstrated at the fist “Autism and Creativity” convention held at Superstudio last February during Autism Global Day that summons actors, directors, writers, illustrators, artists, digital technicians all talented Aspies. To show how diversity is a value and getting to know each other helps self-fulfilment and the achievement one owns’ desires. On the 16th February, for t..
It is the award that Italian event-industry looks forward to all year long. The Bea Awards is the appointment that, for sixteen years now, elects the best services in several categories of events promotion of organisation. At the end of November, the announcement of the winners for 2019 on stage at The Mall in Milan. Surprisingly, for Superstudio: double first award to Superstudio Più both as best “venue” in general and as multi-purpose space. Valeria De Grandis and Martina Cinquegrana, two collaborators of Superstudio Events, have collected the two yearned for trophies. Career award to Daniele Zambelli, founder and CEO of Simmetrico, a net of creators with International branches that for years has its headquarter at Superstudio 13.
“I am 50. Hard for me to believe it, I say this because I’m still the same, I still have my Dodgers baseball cap, coloured hands... I still get excited when I am given a new Hot Wheels as a present, I still get emotional when I look back at photos of my friends who have gone away too soon; this is the spirit that guided me up to now and it’s the same one that brought me back to MyOwnGallery of Superstudio, with my solo exhibition...”. “THE PIECE (PEACE) MAKER” it is not just an exhibition, but a celebration of “Underground Culture” by Milanese artist Flycat, an indisputable forefather of the first generation of Writing and Hip Hop culture in Italy. To celebrate his 50th birthday and 36 years of artistic career, 100 art works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and much more, narrate the story and philosophy of the ..
The history of forty years of the Milanese Superstudio, progressing at the same pace as the city change, often anticipating it, has been presented at the Triennale. In a space filled with personalities and guests, with greeting by the President of Triennale Stefano Boeri and speeches by the council members of the Municipality of Milan Cristina Tajani and Pierfrancesco Maran, the video-story described the transition of the culture and the art from the centre to the suburbs, that became, thanks to Superstudio, the new centre. So much mystery, hopes, and expectations in the change of decade of the current century: will the forthcoming years be the “belle époque” of the new millennium? The question opens an unknown world that will revolutionize our lives. Will adults of the ‘900 be unable to dialogue with digital natives, will the ju..
How many times does a blackout in the area, an unexpected breakdown, a tropical storm that occur increasingly often in Milan, a connection error on the network that make electricity go out during an event, or worst, a live television show? Rarely, luckily. However those many or few minutes of blackout may cause countless and irreparable damages. Continuing the upgrade and improvements, Superstudio Più points out an important news: starting from September 2019, the large venue of via Tortona 27 will be equipped with an emergency generator that will give power to the spaces for events and will get rid of all risks connected with low voltage and lack of electricity. The greater electricity consumption and the consequent increase of the interruptions of the supplies suggest an urgent implementation of a backup system that can guarantee conti..
Perfect as a top-model, visionary as an all-round creative, cosmopolitan as a successful manager, charismatic as an opinion leader 4.0, famous as a diva, a media figure as a rock star, multitasking as a millennial, nice and pleasant as any girl, Chiara Ferragni often celebrates her success as an influencer and businesswoman with photo shootings and videos at Superstudio. Here she is in the latest performance in the Day Light space of Superstudio Più to immortalize her collection on socials. The following day she flew to Venice for the presentation of the documentary “Chiara Ferragni, Unposted” directed by Elisa Amoruso, that encourages to reflect on this young woman who, began from Cremona with a blog and became a global phenomenon.
Global industry of digital design is continuously growing and absorbs constant innovations in harmony with new technologies. Facing such variety of aspirations and interactions, our way of learning, knowing and communicating has been shaped and so has the approach to reality, now increasingly “open-source” and cooperative. The Digital Design Days is focused on examining this landscape, offering a unique experience of research and inspiration, in a three days event summoning thousands of professionals from all over the world. And so, Superstudio is turning into the house of some of the most creative and brilliant minds of the field, welcoming innovative International brands committed to make business grow through digital design. 50 speakers, visionary storytellers and innovative thinkers ready to inspire and guide the public towards di..
Espresso coffee, mocha, Neapolitan or American, in capsule or decaffeinated, the coffee ritual is art and pleasure at the same time. The habits and traditions pertaining to its preparation seem to lose in the night of times, characterising every town of the planet with its irresistible variations. From the persisting scent of roasted beans to the intense and creamy aroma that emanate from the cup, this is the “blend” that “The Milan Coffee Festival”, international event dedicated to handcrafted coffee and its numerous variations, wants to offer. A celebratory event arrived in Milan in 2018 after the successful achievement in London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York, unmissable for all coffee lovers, professionals and operators in the sector. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a series of tastings, interactive ..
An International event dedicated to men. Superstudio will be “the place to be”, an area where you can let your curiosity run wild and treat with a moment dedicated to yourself; trim the beard, try on tailor-made clothes, taste spirits and fine cigars. Three days entirely dedicated to men’s passions in all its forms, to be spent also in sweet company. Man’s World is in fact a source of present ideas for every woman, definitely not to be missed. Many top brands are present at Man’s World Winter Edition, creators in the luxury wear, such as E. Marinella, Albeni 1905, Carlo Alberto, of health & beauty, food & beverage, technology, sport and motors. Over 60 exhibitors including small artisans and professionals that describe their own brand to guests in a direct and experiential way. Curiosity: Man’s World made its debut ..
The most striking news in the last two seasons of Man Fashion, the White Street Market on stage at Superstudio Più with a unique cocktail of fashion, street style, sportswear. Urban culture, environment integrity, street art, events, talks, videos and installations that have covered the topic of plastic recycle. The recipe by Max Bizzi founder of WHITE is innovative and brave: not only top brands and companies, not only the usual commitment to attract the most important international buyers, but a fashion village that makes Sustainability the real essence of every project on show. “Buy less, choose well, make it last”, says Vivienne Westwood, special guest of the latest edition, in her manifesto. “We are at the beginning of a route leading to the renovation of men fashion week” - claims Bizzi, founder of WHITE - “and I am happy..

Extremely reserved, unreachable, even algid: who is actually Giorgio Armani? The new book by Tony di Corcia published by Cairo Editore, tries to answer this question by interviewing journalists, fashion designers and important figures of culture, top models, actresses, going through the steps of an extraordinary existence that begins with its own brand in 1975 that then originated an international empire. On the fashion designer’s 85th birthday (11th July), Superstudio hosted the first preview of the presentation of the book that according to the author’s will, concentrates on the man, narrating Giò’s (as his mother Maria used to call him) childhood, fondness, friendships, personalities, feelings...


"Man on the Moon” exhibition will be the protagonist in June, it recalls the Ghost Book theme, a new editorial and multimedia project on Italian art photography, founded by Giorgio Racca. Pier Paolo Pitacco, art-director and well-known artist at Superstudio for his numerous collaborations, in charge of graphics and contents explains: “Ghost presents original and uncommon stories, alternating great names and emerging young ones. The number 5 volume, just like the exhibition, is indeed dedicated to the 50th anniversary since the Moon landing. About ten authors describe their personal vision of the satellite with their photographs. An evocative and fascinating exhibition and a step to create a community that shares research of quality and that finds itself in a class publication”. 

An ambitious project by CLEVERCities: to promote and create between today and 2023 green infrastructures and innovative natural solutions. Superstudio has been pioneer of times, and in 2014 hosted on the Roof the first large urban vegetable garden in Milan, a green project by Fondazione Pistoletto, with the permanent “Third Paradise” installation by the well-known artist. The project continued on the occasion of Expo2015 with the first paddy field on roof by Coltivare la Città association. The Roof Tour supported by CLEVERCities ends right at Superstudio: on 14th June a guided visit from 5pm by Ambiente Italia in collaboration with ROOF-matters and Ordine degli Architetti of Milan. Info:
Like every year, at the end of the Design Week of Milan, the same-old farce of figures (and visitors) takes place and whoever gives the highest ones, as in a fishing contest whoever catches the biggest one. No one makes a difference among typologies, substance, message, purpose of the events, as long as the biggest crowd is reported, and any means is legitimate. It is not important to make a distinction among operators and creatives and groups of youngsters full of beer (irregularly sold cheaply in the streets of design) or the parades with drums or irreverent masquerades like sumo fighters with huge fake bellies wandering around the showrooms. There are then the “easy-click” ones, attracted by spectacular installations such as the zipper on the facade or the pierced-woman-chair by Gaetano Pesce, that have a little to do with the desi..
The first hour ambition, dating back to year 2000, to present new entries for the house and interiors, in a non-conventional way, that leave space to emotion and culture, during the years has brought to Superstudio increasingly sensational mise-en-scènes that led the way to new means of exhibiting design. Superdesign Show faithful to its traditional configuration and yet in continuous evolution, with 2019 edition has once again surprised with its museum-like installations. The performance among a dancer, lights and four totem-robots that interacted and moved in perfect synchrony by Lexus. The tower by Matteo Thun for 3M, an obelisk that outside reflected the sky, and inside enchanted with a flock of luminous butterflies. The immense white and black room of Korea where tradition and modernity chased one another in a play of contrasts. ..
Launched for Design Week 2019, a large videowall that points out the entrance of Superstudio Più and invites you in. On screens that take up to 40,5 metres, an alternation of names and activities of the permanent occupants, schedule of the forthcoming events, news images and previews, create an enormous moving newspaper wall. It is the first installation of a kind, created by Wave&Co, whose director described: “Tradition and innovation find the perfect bond in this gate that follows the entrance’s solid and pre-existing form and adds a technological element that encourages the image communication, grabbing passers-by attention.
Purists of design, promoters of the Fuorisalone as a phenomenon of widespread creativity, don’t appreciate this. They don’t appreciate that Fashion, with all its strength, has sneaked in, among small and big furniture brands, among manufacturers of supertechnological devices and designers in search of visibility, subtracting spaces and attention. After years of investments and hard work to create an event that involves the whole city and that made Milan the world capital of design, here, among companies pride of Italian creativity but with turnovers that don’t withstand the competition, among the many pioneers and experimenters, among universities of the world and young talents that still struggle among insufficient budget and unreachable locations, appear on the same stage and at the same time the Great Fashion Designers and f..
The Triennale, with Stefano Boeri as chairman, never stops surprising with its increasingly interesting activity. After a long period of design annual theme exhibitions curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, it is now hosting a more classic and permanent form of exhibition. At the same time as the not-to-be-missed Broken Nature exhibition curated by Paola Antonelli, the Museum of Design curated by Joseph Grima, is now located, filter-free on the ground floor. A way to respond to a basic demand of culture and knowledge - in connection with the museum of ADI and the regional companies museums - and to ensure visibility to the Triennale’s heritage with unique pieces by great masters. Finding domestic objects, that quietly entered our houses such as Valentine writing machine by Sottsass, the inflatable armchair by Zanotta, the unfailing foldable..
Materials Village welcomes us at the entrance of Superstudio Più, in the Art Square, with a new spectacular mise en scène. This year, 3M, American leader company in scientific research on materials, astonishes us with an emotional installation curated by Matteo Thun & Partners that celebrate nature as a source of inspiration for significant and sustainable solutions. A Pinnacle of Reflections is a 14m high tower where visitors are invited to immerge in a colourful and kaleidoscopic world that recalls the extremely-rare blue morphic butterfly, on the basis of the multilayer optical FILM technological concept BY 3D Design: the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is the symbol of innovation. Inside the installation you can therefore enjoy spectacular colours and shapes, and the lights reflected from layers of film crea..
Unreal but real, is the unreal yet real exhibition, to see only through your smartphone or tablet. The immaterial Toys by Flavio Lucchini, large sculptures of overlapped cubes like huge colourful toys, punctuate the whole path of Supedesign Show. Sculptures are photographed with the inevitable smartphone and are immortalized forever, but in reality they don’t exist as the space remains empty: they are born as small real maquettes designed by the artist but they transform themselves into unreal monuments through the technology of Sense - immaterial Reality, the latest evolution of augmented reality. All you need to do is download the App Flavio Lucchini Art, identify outside or inside of Superstudio the art-markers that indicate the points where the art works are located. Therefore frame the surface indicated by the art-markers and a scu..
Politicians of various hues have come to Superstudio Più over the years. The last one, at the mega congress of CNA, the “Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa”, was Matteo Salvini, at mid-November. After a video greeting by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella to the important event, the vice-premier described with sincerity the ministry setbacks, what he is presently is working on, his objectives, his will to simplify Italy and moderate taxations. Reassuring the audience about his commitment to restart the state administration with particular attention to anyone doing business and creating jobs. But the most exciting moment for the over two thousand artisans and entrepreneurs coming from all over the country, has been the clear and pragmatic speech by the CNA Chairman Daniele ..
The season of memorable events has just ended, at Superstudio Più, that has seen great players of technology, culture and international economy alternating in large halls with the presentation of their next goals. The demonstration, once again, that this location is by now the undisputable pole of Milan for prestige, quality, interest of its events. After Smart City, exhibition and conference on the theme of the future city organised by Material ConneXion with the Municipality of Milan for a whole month, among others we recommend the presentation by Iliad, new French phone company arrived in Italy with a low-cost offer capable of revolutionising the market. Moreover, the Xiaomi, Chinese company that in a few years has become the third manufacturer of mobile phone devices, sold exclusively online, that has presented its first Italian sing..
An early Summer night, as we have not seen in a long time, here in the temple of the Milanese events. To celebrate a positive, innovative and productive year, Superstudio organised in the beginning of July a real summer party, that had nothing to envy to the big summer parties of the golden 80’s. In Superstudio Più’s large garden, over one thousand meters of green at the entrance encourage a “summer” look just by looking at it, more than six hundred selected guests caught the invitation to spend a long evening together. A summer opportunity to mix clients, suppliers, collaborators, friends during a special spectacular event under the stars, that highlighted ductility and originality of the inside and outside space and the great professionalism of the staff, always active in sorting out any problem having to do with the organisati..
It was certainly not easy to rebuild Fiorucci’s history, that so much influenced the new generation’s style, just a few years after his death, and yet so many years after the ordeals that estranged him from his creation, depriving him even of the trademark. “Epoca Fiorucci” exhibition, open at Ca’ Pesaro in Venice until the 6th January, mends in a certain way the past to the present, reaching the phenomenon’s roots starting from the philosophy of the shops, real shop windows of his style. His world and his passions collided in these spaces: avant-garde fashion from swinging London onwards, post-modern design with the contribution of great innovators such as Sottsass, Mendini, Branzi, De Lucchi, pop and street art with the participation of standing artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol. Original dé..
Always focal point of Fuorisalone, since its very beginning, Superstudio, with the project Superdesign Show, Temporary Museum New Objects New Projects, has been working on quality. The long work of planning, coordination, communication, selection that foreruns every edition of Superdesign Show at Superstudio during the Fuorisalone has, right from the beginning, aimed at the top, always striving to bring the best of the global furniture and technology production in connection with the contemporary “savoir-vivre”, favouring great brands and the most innovative and intelligent proposals. The next edition of the project by Gisella Borioli, makes of ONLY THE BEST its manifesto. The new concept changes the general preparation and further highlights identities and varieties of the involved companies, invents a more impressive way to communic..

Over 35.000 visitors in 48 hours. This was the surprising number of the “Salone della Cultura” last edition that is back again this year at Superstudio Più, on the 20th and 21st January. A landmark for those who love books and general culture, the Fair proposes educational courses and labs dedicated to the creation of paper jewellery and “sculpture books”. For art lovers, the possibility to see, for the first time in Milan, the exhibition of the portraitist photographer Ghitta Carrell, organised by Fondazione 3M, and the silk-screen printings by Emilio Isgrò, as well as young talents’ photography exhibition. Within the creator’s idea by Matteo Luterani of Luni Editrice and Sergio Malavasi of Maremagnum, the book remains still the main presence with new editorial proposals side by side with ancient and precious books, according to the consolidated format that made the Milanese public in love. 

In Milan, Superstudio indicates an iconic place, actually two, that taxi drivers have known, by heart for years. The name, chosen as a tribute to the namesake Avant guard group of architects of the 70’s by the founders Gisella Borioli and Flavio Lucchini, points at Superstudio 13 the first hub for fashion photography and image created in 1983, and at the nearby Superstudio Più, the great centre for innovative events open in 2000. Thirty-five years after the first centre dedicated to creativity, Superstudio Group looks ahead with innovations both in its own and related companies’ activities, renovates the organisation, the offer and the team. A few examples? Art and community merge in the new “Fondazione Flavio Lucchini” project, NPO that will manage Lucchini’s art works heritage with the aim to encourage “special needs” you..
Great interest was raised for the first “New Materials for a Smart City”, an interactive exhibition/cultural space, organized by Material ConneXion in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and Superstudio during the last Design Week. An exhibition that explained through products, projects, simulations and words all the inventions that exist or will soon, to make our cities more intelligent and citizens happier. Thanks to hyper connections, advanced technologies, artificial intelligences, augmented reality, data transmissions, virtual assistants and other extraordinary performances, Milan (but not only) heads towards being an urban experimentation field that increases performance, security, civic service quality, intercultural relations. The preparation for the second edition is going on now, ready to gather the latest challe..
Superdesign Show is over, the peak moment of the FuoriSalone 2017 and spring, the time of big and small appointments continues in the two locations of Superstudio. White June, research menswear and womenswear preview is, as usual, Superstudio’s first appointment with a summer full of surprises, starting with the new International presences. Whereas at Superstudio 13, the historical photographic studios turn, for the Fashion Week, into Tomorrow’s location, trendy mega showroom that gathers many successful avant-garde brands. For the third time, the spectacular fashion show of David Fielden’s wedding dresses is back. The new organisation by Superstudio Events, operated by a team of young people totally dedicated to temporary events, is unstoppable and brings more, numerous new entries. The first edition of Italian Gourmet at Superstud..
It’s the festival dedicated to the world of events: now on its fourteenth edition, the BEA Best Event Award will take place at Superstudio Più on the 4th and 5th October. Created in 2004 by ADC group with the aim to value the event as an innovative and strategic tool in the companies’ communication activity. For this occasion a series of multinational agencies and professionals from the field of events, advertising and marketing will gather during the two days of the event to anticipate the latest technologies, trends, innovative projects and much more. Over 35 jury members, selected among the top communication, marketing and events areas of some of the most important Italian companies, will award the best Italian creativity. Along with the well-known Best Event Award is the Best Location Awards given to the best locations and venues..
Beautiful is useful Once again this year we got some of the spaces floor repainted. The building’s original floor, that was in fact made by small industrial tiles, has been over the years renovated with a special industrial outdoor paint, that requires constant maintenance. Waiting to finally replace tile floor with a more modern resin - intervention planned within the next 12 months - we have given back uniformity to the luminous pearl grey floor. Furthermore, while working on the wiring on the ceiling, the now redundant 400 kg of electric cables have been removed, thus clearing out the spaces; now the area to install wiring in height is all available.The band is coming! Since the creation of Superstudio Events, our first target was to increase the Internet connection as much as possible, favouring the clients that chose our spaces...
Who are the new creatives? What do they think? Where do they live and how do we get to know them? Discovering: People&Stories was the exhibition dedicated to new design talents. By means of an object, presented in Superdesign Show’s latest edition, the creatives introduced themselves on the international design show starting from the story of their lives and projects. The collective by Alessandro Guerriero, excellence of design and protagonist of the Alchimia revolution, where little men-sculptures guided the visitors towards the discovering of narrations on personalities and objects. Superstudio called up a group of experts (buyers, producers, journalists, architects, influencers). Stefano Boeri, Donatella Bollani, Franco Caimi, Silvia Nani, Roberto Palomba, Jo Squillo, Stefano Seletti, Paola Janelli and Gaia Trussardi have touched..
“For his ability to involve the public and combine conceptual technological, narrative aspects in one whole project”: for this reason the “Senses of the Future” installation by the Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka for LG, was awarded the prestigious Milano Design Award 2017, for the best installation of the latest Fuorisalone. Poetic, spectacular, technological yet people-oriented, this is how the art work by the Japanese star hosted at Superstudio Più’s Art Point during Superdesign Show conquered the design public with a visual and mind project.
Superstudio Più along with Design in Tortona district comes of age, turning eighteen. It seems like yesterday when, in a street full of factories on the way to being dismissed, the former General Electric turned into the throbbing heart of the district, opening up to every experiences of creativity and innovation, starting from design, art, fashion, paving the way to something that will soon be emulated all over the city. An original place and project, a continuously in-progress hub where all expressions of contemporaneity find a space, from top names to young authors. After the first few years of Design Connection, with the important presence of Giulio Cappellini as exhibitor and inspirer and Luca Fois as promoter, here comes the increasing commercial success. Too commercial. Consequently, in 2009, to high-light its precise identity, th..
7th December 2017: first day of the first year dedicated to the European Culture began at Superstudio Più, honoured to be part in such an important event, and in some sense, recognises also its key role in the city’s cultural scenario. A “parterre de roi” of ministers and delegates of Italian and foreign institutions have been summoned to discuss the future of Europe from the point of view of its immense patrimony of art works and invention well beyond those of any other country or union of countries in the world. The European Culture Forum 2017 hosted many enthusiastic and passionate speakers such as the President of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and Antonio Tajani President of the European Parliament and moreover Dario Franceschini Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of Italy, Tibor Navracsics Europ..


On Superstudio’s Roof the great installation “Terzo Paradiso - Coltivare la Città” (Third Paradise - Grow the city) by Michelangelo Pistoletto. Born from a project by n.o.v.acivitas, turns an urban vegetable garden into a paddy eld that will narrate, through conferences, panel discussions, workshops, performances the relationship among design, nourishment, architecture and sustainable consumption. Artists and creative, architects and designers, world star personalities in-volved in promotion of sustainability and of social changes, will be committed, all through the duration of Expo, into an ed-ucational path having as symbolic focus and revolutionary seed precisely the rice grain.
It is a great honour to bring to Downtown Design, staged for the first time in the heart of Dubai (29 October -1 November), the Temporary Museum for New Design, highlight of the Fuori Salone during the Design Week in Mi-lan, the historic capital of international design. Launched in 2001 by Superstudio Group, at Superstudio Più, its spacious cultural and exhibition cen-tre dedicated to innovative events spanning the fields of art, fashion and design, and revamped in 2009 with the format ‘less fair and more museum’, the Temporary Museum explores the new confines of global design, paying great attention to research and quality, to new talents, to technological progress and crossovers with art. In its galleries international brands, great architects and young designers present their new creations with exciting and interac-tive install..
What does Contemporary Design represent at this moment in Dubai and what is the outlook?Dubai is changing profoundly, and showing a great interest in design. The last few months have seen the opening of showrooms by Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Cappellini, Armani House and B&B and stores like The Ikon House with brands such as Vitra, Fritz Hansens and Comptoir 102. Dubai is a hub for the whole of the Middle East and Africa, one of the regions that have seen the fastest growth in the number of hotels and air-ports.Why have you invited Superstudio to bring its “Temporary Museum” and what are the prospects for the future?Superstudio is the “cornerstone” during Milan’s Salone del Mobile and we believe that it’s important to offer our visi-tors an international perspective. For us it is a great privilege to present the Temporary Mus..
What is the difference between the Temporary Museum and other design fairs?Temporary Museum aims to be a ‘receptacle of ideas and tendencies’ proposed by designers and manufacturers from various parts of the world. It doesn’t matter whether the designer is a star or a novice taking his or her first steps in the field or the manufacturer is a large multinational or a small workshop. What matters is the quality of the ideas. This is what makes it different from trade fairs that often take in everything without any kind of selection process.What are the lines of your art direction that make a difference?Clarity, coherence, simplicity and internationality are the guidelines I follow in my art direction of the Temporary Museum. Installations with a powerful emotional impact reach the end consumer as well as operators in the sector in a q..
In just a few years Slide has become a leading manu-facturer of plastic furniture produced using the technology of rotational moulding. How did this sensational growth come about?We were the first in the world to have the idea of de-veloping a complete range of luminous furniture that com-prises tables, seats, bar counters, vases and decorative objects that have made it possible to change the setting of events, public establishments and gardens. Before we started on our production, luminosity was limited to flood-lights, spots and other light sources that were not part of the furnishings and served only to illuminate. With the new luminous furniture the atmosphere has become ‘magical’.Alongside industrial production, you personally oversee a section of contemporary art with sculptures entrusted to famous architects or artists that oft..
A storm of sounds, videos, lights, projections, holograms, 3Ds, augmented reality and special effects seems to be the ultimate great attraction chosen to display the new design during this Design Week. With the aid of visual-artists of great caliber and of state-of-the-art technologies, the object is almost dematerialized and ensues from the sound and visual emotions it complements, and not the other way around. Product histories are told through images, movies, words, evocation and interactivity. This year’s new trend invites to new sensations and questions, stimulating other curiosities beside the mere act of sitting down, opening a wardrobe or turning on a light. This trend embodies the main theme of the 2012 Temporary Museum for New Design, a project that succeeded in turning a fair event into an emotional exhibition, where all t..
Three years ago it seemed a crazy notion the idea of Gisella Borioli, CEO ofSuperstudio Group, to rename “Temporary Museum” the event, mainly devoted to busi-ness opportunities, which since 2001 has been hosting at Superstudio Più thosedesign companies that chose to exhibit in the Tortona area, turned into the exhibitionarea complementary to the “Salone del Mobile” held in Rho, Milan. It seemed crazy toplace a contemporary museum as a reference point to build an exhibition with severalbrands, each with a quiteprecise and different identityand ask them to make asacrifice by confining them-selves into long and myste-rious “galleries” instead ofopening into wide stands,by giving up the giant exter-nal logos and replacingthem with sober and uni-form signs, by committingthemselves to an artisticexhibition more likely tocause am..