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Angela Carruba Pintaldi is well-known for her jewel-sculptures torn from the earth and the sky, made of raw, precious stones and meteorites, for her large paintings made of pigments clumped on canvas, for her exciting installations, but also for her being an all-round artist, the central character of each of her works. After a long artistic pause, she returns to MyOwnGallery with an exhibition showing her latest works accompanied by stunning photos by Giovanni Gastel that reveal her many identities.

"Angela", an exhibition staged at MyOwnGallery in Superstudio Più from March 8th to 20th 2022 in Milan, is a story of and about Angela in her different identities, and it wants to be, first of all, a tale about who Angela really is in her different realities as an Artist.

The Triennale di Milano opens in rapid succession two exhibitions that pay tribute to two great and eclectic protagonists of Milanese and international culture: Giovanni Gastel and Ettore Sottsass, indeed, stands out for their extraordinary creativity and vision through which they were able to range in the most disparate fields, from writing to photography, architecture, graphics, philosophy, often merging languages. "Two great characters who have accompanied us with their genius for a long part of our lives" recall their friends Lucchini and Borioli...

The first event (1 December 2021 – 13 March 2022) is a tribute to the recently perished photographer Giovanni Gastel (Milan, 1955 –2021) through two exhibitions: The people I like, in collaboration with the MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome, and The Jewels of Fantasy, in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The people I like, curated by Uberto Frigerio with a production by...


A video-story tells the long, unprecedented, unusual, unconventional collaboration between the great photographer Giovanni Gastel, who recently passed away, and the founding couple of Superstudio Lucchini-Borioli since the time when they were editors-directors of cult magazines in the 1980s. Donna e Mondo Uomo. A video-photographic exhibition to rediscover Gastel's eclecticism, path and maturation to which they contributed...


Giovanni Gastel. Unexpected works 1982/2020

A video-photo exhibition to pay homage to the great photographer and poet recently deceased. The research works and the special relationship that linked him to the couple Lucchini-Borioli and to their initiatives has never been interrupted, since the beginning of his career. 

From the first cover to fashion that is mirrored in design, to the first travel pictures for Donna and the television version for Nonsolomoda by Canale5, from the magic of elaboration and post-production to the art photos and the videos. Until the direction of "La Moda in Altro Modo", a movie about the evolution of fashion and fashion publishing from the '60s onwards, visible here. It was in his youth that Gastel laid the foundation for his style by working exclusively with his mentors for Donna and Mondo Uomo. And later collaborating with them for books and exhibitions. This tribute highlights some unknown aspects of his career and the first steps in the world of fashion and art.


The discovery of graphic tablet and post-production's endless possibilities was a turning point for Gastel. Under his hands it became magic. Finally he could shape his dreams and transform “pure” photographs into mysterious images like his visions. It was time for art: museums opened their doors to him. His books, about poetry, autobiography, photography, philosophy, followed one another. All creative experiences attracted him. We have shared many of these.

Gastel continued to take beautiful photos more and more requested by fashion greats. Flavio Lucchini, who remained a friend even after he left publishing, had already shifted to art for a while.
The Triennale dedicated, in 1997, a large exhibition to Gastel curated by Germano Celant...


Giovanni Gastel, an extraordinary man, photographer, artist, poet, writer of undisputed greatness, passed away in a moment of Covid. Grandson of the filmmaker Luchino Visconti, from a noble and wealthy family, in order to be a photographer he paid his dues like many others, starting from scratch. It just so happened that the beginning of his career was precisely in Edimoda, publishing house of Donna and Mondo Uomo, revolutionary fashion magazines created by Flavio Lucchini and which in the 80s even outclassed Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue, created right by Lucchini. I ran Donna, and I introduced him to the magical fashion world.

If I think back to my life intertwined with that of Giovanni Gastel, the first memory that comes to my mind is this thin and introverted boy who, selected by Flavio who was the art director, I was given to make Donna's cover by Ferré which Toscani had to do when he left in a sudden fit of temper...


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You have time until January 3rd to organize a quick trip to Rome and get excited in front of the beautiful exhibition by Giovanni Gastel at MAXXI Museum, curated by Uberto Frigerio and rigorously staged by Piero Lissoni. Among the thousands of photos taken in forty years of fashion and encounters, Gastel chose the two hundred faces that most touched his soul and left an indelible memory. Portraits that demonstrate his great talent, but above all his sensibility. Among these, that of Flavio Lucchini, his mentor.

Giovanni Gastel is always an artist, whether he writes books or poems, takes photos of fashion or people, transforms a realistic image into a dream tracing mysterious lines on a black tablet that gives inputs to the computer. The choice for MAXXI in Rome, among his different artistic expressions that have already had international awards and important exhibitions, this time is focused on portraits. Peaceful, smiling, joyful, playful, thoughtful faces where eyes come inside you. Faces, and so much more. The secret is discovered in the title that Giovanni has provided “The people I like” and it’s clear that he tells the whole truth...


Is fashion art photography destined to succumb in front of the advance of mobile phone photos or realized for the fast communication of the web? Giovanni Gastel, photographer, artist, poet and number one of artistic fashion and top quality image replies. His photos live on the most important international magazines and in the museums that talk about contemporaneity.

The fashion world and its way of communicating, how will they emerge from this period of world blockage? Certainly it will be necessary to think deeply about the ways and times of fashion communication but also the message of fashion itself will have to change profoundly.
Print media, for a century, the only «communicating voice of fashion» suffers from a deep crisis given by the increasingly modest contribution of advertising. The magazines themselves close their doors as a result of this «a dog chasing its own tail»: no advertising no magazines no advertising. The imagined entry into the communication of the web is struggling to recover because of the terrible lack of poetry that these media convey...


“La Moda in altro Modo” lands on Youtube, images and testimonies on the golden years of Italian fashion in which Flavio Lucchini has been creator and protagonist as art director and creator of magazines. Project by Gisella Borioli with direction by Giovanni Gastel, the film is a visual and complementary story of the autobiography “Il Destino - dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda (e non sono uno stilista) by Lucchini. A fascinating journey marked by social, costumes, taste and socio-politics changes transformations which Lucchini interpreted through his magazines and his art. Fundamental steps. The 50’s of New Look by Dior: Lucchini creates Fantasia. The 60’s between Haute Couture and Beatles: Lucchini designs Amica and transforms Novità to Vogue...

The 90th anniversary of Flavio Lucchini and his long journey in fashion as creator of the most important magazines, art director, publisher, artist. At La Triennale di Milano a night dedicated to Lucchini's birthday, "Ricomincio da 90", celebrates the fruitfulness and continuous creative attention of an innovator who has left his mark in the fashion world in Milan. Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 9 pm we celebrate with a private event in the Hall of Honor with the movie LA MODA IN ALTRO MODO (project by Gisella Borioli, with the contribution of Oliviero Toscani and Giovanni Gastel, directed by Giovanni Gastel) and the presentation of book-autobiography IL DESTINO - dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda (e non sono uno stilista) in the presence of famous testimonials. To do the honors Stefano Boeri, President of the T..

If the exhibition arranged by Oroblù, lingerie and hosiery leader, was meant to celebrate its thirty years in collaboration with Giovanni Gastel and Flavio Lucchini that resulted in an exhibition combining the photographer’s magical clics with the art work splendours by the artist, just finished in MyOwnGallery, is to a book curated by Gisella Borioli, that Oroblù asks to immortalize the magical encounter and thank all those who have contributed and participated to the success of the company and event. “Inspiration” is a precious publication, with golden cover, in limited edition, presents inside a little slipcase, that marks a new Oroblù path towards palpable renovation and placement in the highest and most yearned for category of the market. With works by Lucchini and famous poets’ quotes that highlight the feminine beauty.