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Flexibility, hospitality, users safeguards are elements that those who, like Superstudio, work in the field of events always take to heart and know they represent part of the success of any initiative and event.

In restrictions period we are going through, these aspects have become even more central and fundamental. Here's, then, a brief focus on all measures available in Superstudio spaces during every shooting, filming, remote talk that we are hosting these days:

- thermoscanner at the entrance to check body temperature.
- sanitation with ozone generator before and after each event...


For those who know Milan, Superstudio is a reference location for corporate and private events, which in recent years has become the ideal venue for small, impactful and innovative niche fairs and exhibitions, open to professionals or visitors, that stand out for their elengant environment and efficient and flexible organization.

Today we interview Tommaso Borioli, CEO of Superstudio Events for over 5 years, the new events division of the group. Eyes open over the world, beautiful mind, digital native, expert in economics as well as technology. Tommaso, with a young experienced team, advances the policy and renews the spaces of Superstudio Più dedicated to events.
Hi Tommaso, in 2016 you were entrusted with the new Superstudio Events division...

Posted by: Paola Baldacci

IMA, Italian Mission Awards, a well-established and sought-after appointment by all Business Travel industry. The initiative begins a competition, but mostly highlights the most important operators of the field and top travel managers who will be judged by an independent jury. The forthcoming edition, the seventh, will be hosted in September at Superstudio Più.

We wanted a summer location, as after the long months of lockdown we really wanted to celebrate outdoor the top value community such as the travel business one. We wanted a secure and well-established venue in the Milanese landscape of venues for events. We were looking for experience and staples for our Italian Mission Awards 2020 that shifted from March to September, according to the new context.  And here comes Superstudio Più in via Tortona, Milanese district hosting design week, had literally showed up as the ideal solution to return to celebrate safely...


Women are increasingly becoming the protagonists of events and are, today, even more central to our political, cultural and social scene. Even at this critical moment, many well-known or less-known female figures are emerging, but often their role is not yet recognized as key.

The role of women and the valuable contribution that many of them have made and will continue to make to our events has been reflected in Superstudio for some time.
A few months ago Superstudio launched the first call of its kind for the project DD - Donne e Design (Women and Design), a special exhibition designed for the next edition of the Superdesign Show, a real tribute to women’s creativity, that is also the theme launched by the City of Milan for 2020, with the schedule "2020 Creativity. The talents of women".
Just looking at the most recent productions hosted in the spaces of Superstudio Più in recent months, we observe many female personalities, each one, in her own way, central in events of international standing.
This is the case, for example, of Brenda Bellei Bizzi CEO of the White Show...


It is customary to draw conclusions at the year end by observing with a magnifying glass what has been and planning the future. But this particular historical period leads to browse in advance the album of memories of events just spent and to make reflections on future ones.

In January Superstudio, with the Salone della Cultura (Exhibition of Culture), smelled of pages of old, new and used books. In February, instead, it was filled with colors with art galleries, national and international, of the Affordable Art Fair and with the bright fashion of already known brands and emerging designers of White Donna (White Woman).
No nostalgia in remembering only so much desire to start again, to become the hub of new productions and to welcome back soon the most loyal customers and the most interested visitors. And the appointments now fixed with the technology of Digital Design Days and Codemotion, with the authenticity of Milanofil, with the immense blue of Denim by Première Vision and with the bold flavor of The Milan Coffee Festival? ...


We are all fine, with our hearts gripped by anguish every time news of the evolution of this terrible health situation reaches us. The world is locked, it's not know up to when. The hope and the desire to get back to life as usual keep us active, busy, focused, open to the new possibilities that the incredible reality that surrounds us today has shown us: forcing us to reinvent our lives and remodulate the scale of values. Family, affection, love in the first place. And consequently the house, rediscovered as the shelter that does not betray. Then, in random order, the work we have learned can be done on the couch, on a bench, on vacation, without fixed hours and physical chains, but mental stimulation only. Studies, which don’t take you away from teachers and classmates, only you see them in two dimensions, on the screen. Friends ...


Dear customers, dear visitors, dear friends, 

today, in the world, 3.9 billion people are under lock down and struggling with some form of restriction on their lives. In this suspended time, where everything seems immobile and nothing has certainty or definition, we are committed to imagine a future for the world of events and also for us. Many things will change, there will be different ways and uses and different way of living experiences: for this, for you (and for us) we will take the opportunity to review what our work represents to us. The damages of virus will impact our economies and it will take some time to return to normality. The key issue is to avoid new infections and to prevent the virus from spreading again and nullifying the efforts made. For the foreseeable future, this will be the priority of all societies in the world... 

Greta Thunberg proved how much strength and courage a little Asperger girl can have, up to raising awareness and mobilise young people from everywhere around the world, therefore our future. Also Superstudio is on Greta’s and young Aspies’ side : boys and girls superior intelligence and strong emotions, able to focus on a target and follow it through, with no distractions and with determination. Girls and boys with weird behaviour, usually highly creative, as demonstrated at the fist “Autism and Creativity” convention held at Superstudio last February during Autism Global Day that summons actors, directors, writers, illustrators, artists, digital technicians all talented Aspies. To show how diversity is a value and getting to know each other helps self-fulfilment and the achievement one owns’ desires. On the 16th February, for t..
Global industry of digital design is continuously growing and absorbs constant innovations in harmony with new technologies. Facing such variety of aspirations and interactions, our way of learning, knowing and communicating has been shaped and so has the approach to reality, now increasingly “open-source” and cooperative. The Digital Design Days is focused on examining this landscape, offering a unique experience of research and inspiration, in a three days event summoning thousands of professionals from all over the world. And so, Superstudio is turning into the house of some of the most creative and brilliant minds of the field, welcoming innovative International brands committed to make business grow through digital design. 50 speakers, visionary storytellers and innovative thinkers ready to inspire and guide the public towards di..
Forty years ago that was not the Tortona District, but an industrial inner suburb of Milan of the first Superstudio founded by the journalists-editors couple Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli (later on, after the exit of business partner Fabrizio Ferri, renamed Superstudio 13) that had as mission the image of fashion with photographic studios and all connected services. Twenty years after, a few steps away, Superstudio Più is born, a cultural/commercial hub open to fashion, design, art, innovation, the first of its kind in the city. Twenty years later, the third twenty years period of activity, responding to the creative need of the city, takes up the challenge of Milan 2030 including the suburbs, supported by the Mayor Sala and the local administration. 2020 will be year 0 of Superstudio Maxi, the new location that will be add..
Espresso coffee, mocha, Neapolitan or American, in capsule or decaffeinated, the coffee ritual is art and pleasure at the same time. The habits and traditions pertaining to its preparation seem to lose in the night of times, characterising every town of the planet with its irresistible variations. From the persisting scent of roasted beans to the intense and creamy aroma that emanate from the cup, this is the “blend” that “The Milan Coffee Festival”, international event dedicated to handcrafted coffee and its numerous variations, wants to offer. A celebratory event arrived in Milan in 2018 after the successful achievement in London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York, unmissable for all coffee lovers, professionals and operators in the sector. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a series of tastings, interactive ..
An International event dedicated to men. Superstudio will be “the place to be”, an area where you can let your curiosity run wild and treat with a moment dedicated to yourself; trim the beard, try on tailor-made clothes, taste spirits and fine cigars. Three days entirely dedicated to men’s passions in all its forms, to be spent also in sweet company. Man’s World is in fact a source of present ideas for every woman, definitely not to be missed. Many top brands are present at Man’s World Winter Edition, creators in the luxury wear, such as E. Marinella, Albeni 1905, Carlo Alberto, of health & beauty, food & beverage, technology, sport and motors. Over 60 exhibitors including small artisans and professionals that describe their own brand to guests in a direct and experiential way. Curiosity: Man’s World made its debut ..
On its third edition, Smart City is increasingly active and destined to grow in time. And its beginning on 13th March along with the Digital week, with the presence of Council Member Roberta Cocco, has a precise meaning. “It is human friendly Information technology that communicates with design” explains Emilio Genovesi CEO of Material ConneXion Italia and creator, with Chairman Rodrigo Rodriguez, of the exhibition. Technology must communicate with humans and Smart City is a reflection on topics of the future, on how to live urban areas. However, it does not want to propose an example of a sustainable city such as the ones that already exist in various countries, but points out a “latin way” to smart cities. Therefore a city that adjust to change, but just like Italian design adjusted to times, besides being functional, it has ..
Politicians of various hues have come to Superstudio Più over the years. The last one, at the mega congress of CNA, the “Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa”, was Matteo Salvini, at mid-November. After a video greeting by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella to the important event, the vice-premier described with sincerity the ministry setbacks, what he is presently is working on, his objectives, his will to simplify Italy and moderate taxations. Reassuring the audience about his commitment to restart the state administration with particular attention to anyone doing business and creating jobs. But the most exciting moment for the over two thousand artisans and entrepreneurs coming from all over the country, has been the clear and pragmatic speech by the CNA Chairman Daniele ..
From conventions to presentations, from meetings to entertainment, from gala dinners to educational and cultural moments, organising business events is by now an essential factor for companies that want to retain its staff and strengthen its presence on the market. The world of events, indeed went through an exponential growth in the last few years. 42% of the companies invest at least 20% of their budget on events communication. And events with a significant number of participants coming from abroad have come from 9,1% up to 9.9%. The numbers continue to grow. Indicators are all a positive sign. In fact, just in 2018, in Italy 400 thousand among conventions and events have been created, over 2.9% compared to 2017. Data from “Osservatorio Italiano dei Congressi e degli Eventi”. Milan, in addition to being the undisputable Italian capi..
The season of memorable events has just ended, at Superstudio Più, that has seen great players of technology, culture and international economy alternating in large halls with the presentation of their next goals. The demonstration, once again, that this location is by now the undisputable pole of Milan for prestige, quality, interest of its events. After Smart City, exhibition and conference on the theme of the future city organised by Material ConneXion with the Municipality of Milan for a whole month, among others we recommend the presentation by Iliad, new French phone company arrived in Italy with a low-cost offer capable of revolutionising the market. Moreover, the Xiaomi, Chinese company that in a few years has become the third manufacturer of mobile phone devices, sold exclusively online, that has presented its first Italian sing..
An early Summer night, as we have not seen in a long time, here in the temple of the Milanese events. To celebrate a positive, innovative and productive year, Superstudio organised in the beginning of July a real summer party, that had nothing to envy to the big summer parties of the golden 80’s. In Superstudio Più’s large garden, over one thousand meters of green at the entrance encourage a “summer” look just by looking at it, more than six hundred selected guests caught the invitation to spend a long evening together. A summer opportunity to mix clients, suppliers, collaborators, friends during a special spectacular event under the stars, that highlighted ductility and originality of the inside and outside space and the great professionalism of the staff, always active in sorting out any problem having to do with the organisati..
More convinced than ever that in the Milan Capital of Design, where events uncontrollably increase where it is impossible to see everything, projects make the difference. The best projects. Able to give a response to today’s demand of better living and to the theme of sustainability, involving houses, architecture, furniture, life-style, automotive, technologies, cities. Irrespective of the logics of the many districts in Milan, that, reasonably or not, in April turn into temporary design hubs, the fil rouge that we recommend to visitors for Design Week is to search for Best Projects, wherever they may be, guaranteed by theme, involved designers, the specific interest. And this is how Superdesign Show, once again renovates with coherence and with a strong action that states its commitment to this year’s claim: Only The Best. Significa..

Over 35.000 visitors in 48 hours. This was the surprising number of the “Salone della Cultura” last edition that is back again this year at Superstudio Più, on the 20th and 21st January. A landmark for those who love books and general culture, the Fair proposes educational courses and labs dedicated to the creation of paper jewellery and “sculpture books”. For art lovers, the possibility to see, for the first time in Milan, the exhibition of the portraitist photographer Ghitta Carrell, organised by Fondazione 3M, and the silk-screen printings by Emilio Isgrò, as well as young talents’ photography exhibition. Within the creator’s idea by Matteo Luterani of Luni Editrice and Sergio Malavasi of Maremagnum, the book remains still the main presence with new editorial proposals side by side with ancient and precious books, according to the consolidated format that made the Milanese public in love. 



CIFF Shanghai
It’s the world’s biggest fair in the furniture field, as well as the most important business platform in Asia, with its 2000 exhibitors, 90 000 professional visitors and 40 years of history. CIFF Shanghai 2017, this edition’s theme “Better Life, Better Work”, will be hosted from 11 to 14 September in the innovative and futuristic National Exhibition & Convention Center, over 400.000 square meters of exhibiting space with a renovated layout that integrates the five main product sectors (home furniture, decoration and textiles, outdoor & leisure, office & hotel, furniture machinery and raw materials) under the concept of Whole Home Decòr. Superstudio has always looked upon the Chinese market with interest, proposing at Superdesign Show, but also in the art gallery MyOwnGallery, projects, companies, designers and artis..
Superdesign Show is over, the peak moment of the FuoriSalone 2017 and spring, the time of big and small appointments continues in the two locations of Superstudio. White June, research menswear and womenswear preview is, as usual, Superstudio’s first appointment with a summer full of surprises, starting with the new International presences. Whereas at Superstudio 13, the historical photographic studios turn, for the Fashion Week, into Tomorrow’s location, trendy mega showroom that gathers many successful avant-garde brands. For the third time, the spectacular fashion show of David Fielden’s wedding dresses is back. The new organisation by Superstudio Events, operated by a team of young people totally dedicated to temporary events, is unstoppable and brings more, numerous new entries. The first edition of Italian Gourmet at Superstud..
It’s the festival dedicated to the world of events: now on its fourteenth edition, the BEA Best Event Award will take place at Superstudio Più on the 4th and 5th October. Created in 2004 by ADC group with the aim to value the event as an innovative and strategic tool in the companies’ communication activity. For this occasion a series of multinational agencies and professionals from the field of events, advertising and marketing will gather during the two days of the event to anticipate the latest technologies, trends, innovative projects and much more. Over 35 jury members, selected among the top communication, marketing and events areas of some of the most important Italian companies, will award the best Italian creativity. Along with the well-known Best Event Award is the Best Location Awards given to the best locations and venues..
Who are the new creatives? What do they think? Where do they live and how do we get to know them? Discovering: People&Stories was the exhibition dedicated to new design talents. By means of an object, presented in Superdesign Show’s latest edition, the creatives introduced themselves on the international design show starting from the story of their lives and projects. The collective by Alessandro Guerriero, excellence of design and protagonist of the Alchimia revolution, where little men-sculptures guided the visitors towards the discovering of narrations on personalities and objects. Superstudio called up a group of experts (buyers, producers, journalists, architects, influencers). Stefano Boeri, Donatella Bollani, Franco Caimi, Silvia Nani, Roberto Palomba, Jo Squillo, Stefano Seletti, Paola Janelli and Gaia Trussardi have touched..
How can we classify certain objects whose forms free from any constraint seem closer to sculptures or collector’s items than to mass-produced pieces of furniture? They are proposals of art-design, original pieces able by themselves to characterize a setting and able to talk about the person who has chosen them and uses them more than a thousand words. Their creators are often designers who have let their imagination run wild, choosing to produce one-off pieces or limited editions, or artists intrigued by the possibility of using their works in different ways.ISLAMOPOLITAN (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)ISLAM+COSMOPOLITAN. CONVERSATION BETWEEN ISLAM AND DESIGN COLLECTIVEAn initiative of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq).Curated by Khalid Shafar and Giuseppe MoscatelloThe extraordinary exhibition Islamopolitan arrives from ..