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Flexibility, hospitality, users safeguards are elements that those who, like Superstudio, work in the field of events always take to heart and know they represent part of the success of any initiative and event.

In restrictions period we are going through, these aspects have become even more central and fundamental. Here's, then, a brief focus on all measures available in Superstudio spaces during every shooting, filming, remote talk that we are hosting these days:

- thermoscanner at the entrance to check body temperature.
- sanitation with ozone generator before and after each event...


In the large dance center that characterized the beginnings of Superstudio Più, a new possibility of temporary rentals for fashion, culture, smart-working, business opens up. There’s room for everyone in the divisible 700 square meters.

Showroom for fashion and design, studio for shooting and video, classroom for meetings workshops and classes of all kinds, venue for auditions and dance and theatre rehearsals, conference and BtoB presentations space, creative lab, exhibition area, lounge for parties dinners and events, editing room and all other short and medium term temporary needs today find a valuable address. Superstudio Più Dance Point, in via Tortona, has been for a long time the biggest and coolest space for dance in Milan, before joining the events circle that represent the location core business...


Dear customers, dear visitors, dear friends, 

today, in the world, 3.9 billion people are under lock down and struggling with some form of restriction on their lives. In this suspended time, where everything seems immobile and nothing has certainty or definition, we are committed to imagine a future for the world of events and also for us. Many things will change, there will be different ways and uses and different way of living experiences: for this, for you (and for us) we will take the opportunity to review what our work represents to us. The damages of virus will impact our economies and it will take some time to return to normality. The key issue is to avoid new infections and to prevent the virus from spreading again and nullifying the efforts made. For the foreseeable future, this will be the priority of all societies in the world... 

It is the award that Italian event-industry looks forward to all year long. The Bea Awards is the appointment that, for sixteen years now, elects the best services in several categories of events promotion of organisation. At the end of November, the announcement of the winners for 2019 on stage at The Mall in Milan. Surprisingly, for Superstudio: double first award to Superstudio Più both as best “venue” in general and as multi-purpose space. Valeria De Grandis and Martina Cinquegrana, two collaborators of Superstudio Events, have collected the two yearned for trophies. Career award to Daniele Zambelli, founder and CEO of Simmetrico, a net of creators with International branches that for years has its headquarter at Superstudio 13.
Forty years ago that was not the Tortona District, but an industrial inner suburb of Milan of the first Superstudio founded by the journalists-editors couple Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli (later on, after the exit of business partner Fabrizio Ferri, renamed Superstudio 13) that had as mission the image of fashion with photographic studios and all connected services. Twenty years after, a few steps away, Superstudio Più is born, a cultural/commercial hub open to fashion, design, art, innovation, the first of its kind in the city. Twenty years later, the third twenty years period of activity, responding to the creative need of the city, takes up the challenge of Milan 2030 including the suburbs, supported by the Mayor Sala and the local administration. 2020 will be year 0 of Superstudio Maxi, the new location that will be add..
An ambitious project by CLEVERCities: to promote and create between today and 2023 green infrastructures and innovative natural solutions. Superstudio has been pioneer of times, and in 2014 hosted on the Roof the first large urban vegetable garden in Milan, a green project by Fondazione Pistoletto, with the permanent “Third Paradise” installation by the well-known artist. The project continued on the occasion of Expo2015 with the first paddy field on roof by Coltivare la Città association. The Roof Tour supported by CLEVERCities ends right at Superstudio: on 14th June a guided visit from 5pm by Ambiente Italia in collaboration with ROOF-matters and Ordine degli Architetti of Milan. Info:
Beautiful is useful Once again this year we got some of the spaces floor repainted. The building’s original floor, that was in fact made by small industrial tiles, has been over the years renovated with a special industrial outdoor paint, that requires constant maintenance. Waiting to finally replace tile floor with a more modern resin - intervention planned within the next 12 months - we have given back uniformity to the luminous pearl grey floor. Furthermore, while working on the wiring on the ceiling, the now redundant 400 kg of electric cables have been removed, thus clearing out the spaces; now the area to install wiring in height is all available.The band is coming! Since the creation of Superstudio Events, our first target was to increase the Internet connection as much as possible, favouring the clients that chose our spaces...
Superstudio Più along with Design in Tortona district comes of age, turning eighteen. It seems like yesterday when, in a street full of factories on the way to being dismissed, the former General Electric turned into the throbbing heart of the district, opening up to every experiences of creativity and innovation, starting from design, art, fashion, paving the way to something that will soon be emulated all over the city. An original place and project, a continuously in-progress hub where all expressions of contemporaneity find a space, from top names to young authors. After the first few years of Design Connection, with the important presence of Giulio Cappellini as exhibitor and inspirer and Luca Fois as promoter, here comes the increasing commercial success. Too commercial. Consequently, in 2009, to high-light its precise identity, th..