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Superstudio Group's commitment to commercial real estate and event management, social objectives, charity and the support of young talents through various non-profit initiatives is confirmed. After the company name ending with S.R.L. today you will also find S.B. for the mission we hold most dear: being useful to society.

Posted by: Dario Negri

The inauguration of the Atelier Lucchini is the last stage, yet the most important, of an artistic path that has been carefully created through the buildings of Superstudio, a path to welcome visitors and professionals in a surprising environment.

The history of Superstudio is strictly related to contemporary art, as much as it is related to fashion and design as well, three disciplines that mutually benefit from this proximity in an endless circle of mutual contamination.This relation between Superstudio and art is not just limited to temporary contents brought by the various seasons of events and happenings, but thanks to the vision of the founders Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli it has been built a permanent system...

Posted by: Giulia Tonucci

A University in Milan focused on communication, a company that works on creativity and innovation. This is the way IULM and Superstudio set up the collaboration research on brand identity that the institute assigned to its students after they had taken part in the Superdesign Show last September. This project showed not only established situations but also new and stimulating points of view...

Comparing ourselves with the new generations is like looking in a mirror in which the reflection does not always return the image we are used to...


The "Passion Days" of Superstudio Maxi have opened for the first time at the beginning of September. Through a series of events, Superstudio has responded to a variety of trends and interests, including design, fashion, photography, ancient books, DIY, real estate, gala dinners, prestigious awards. The building on via Moncucco became quickly popular, also enlivening the area. For 2022, a wide range of appointments is already planned. Here is a preview of the schedule. Don't miss it!...

The Superstudio Maxi was recently established to meet the needs of the city in regard to an exhibition space that is large, free, flexible, technologically advanced...


The increasingly global and high quality fashion advertising demands accurate services and the best selection of photographers, creative talents, and international art directors. The new deal signed by two top companies, Superstudio 13 and Pier59 Studios, shapes a network of expert and trustworthy partners who can easily solve any problem occurring on the route Milan-New York...

A new adventure begins for Superstudio Group...

Posted by: Luisa Espanet

An unstoppable Milan continues its urban transformation towards 2030, recovering and regenerating spaces intended for companies of excellence. This is the case of La Scala workshops, of their wealth of costumes, sets, objects, sculptures born and currently preserved in the spaces of the Ex-Ansaldo (today Base) workshops in via Tortona...

Teatro alla Scala in Milan will have new workshops. Indeed, Magnifica Fabbrica, an international competition for the creation of workshops and storages of the Theatre in the Rubattino area, near Linate airport, has been announced in these days. An important initiative, as the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala has claimed, for urban regeneration. The area is the Innocenti factory, but the design will also involve the new arrangement and expansion...


We are pleased to announce that Superstudio Maxi has achieved LEED certification Gold®! This result is the direct expression of our commitment to the enhancement of the territory and the protection of the environment. The first venue for events in Europe to obtain LEED Gold® certification.

Achieving a LEED® certification is an ambitious and non-obvious goal. It represents a practical and ethical investment that involves diversified professional figures and design aspects and draws a precise path in favor of the environment and the quality of life in urban spaces. LEED® (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) is the program by U.S. Green Building Council® for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of high performance green buildings....


The long awaited moment is approaching: on September 5th, the third Superstudio’s hub, Superstudio Maxi, will be inaugurated with an open days of five days. This is the biggest exhibition hall of the city, fully sustainable, obtained without land consumption from the regeneration of an old steel factory degraded for years that today turns into a cultural space that looks to the future.

After closing the construction site, laying the large outdoor sculpture - which is the symbol of beauty and creativity - receiving the well-deserved LEED Gold® certificate - that attests to its highest degree of sustainability – testing the system, furnishing work environments, laying the asphalt, finishing the fence and the long electric gate, posing the insigna, planting the trees and creating a garden that is ideally connected to the neighboring park, Superstudio Maxi is finally ready to use...


Fashion is at home when at Superstudio Café. This is obvious, since it is the addition to the most important photographic studios of both Milan and of its public of fashion enthusiasts and creatives, to whom the new look is dedicated: greener, fresher, more sustainable and more elegant. And the kitchen is no less.

Superstudio 13 has been a reference point for international fashion for forty years and the legends of fashion photography and great creatives have passed through it and continue to be present. To the renewal of its photographic studios is added the renewal of its restaurant-café, created in 2008 on a project by the architect Michele De Lucchi. While maintaining the original idea, the overall image of the environment has been refreshed, taking into account the changing needs of its public...

Posted by: Alessia Elli

Restarting, looking at the future, renewing: a common wish for us all, after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. MAPIC, the international retail property market event, shares this vision and launches its fifth Italian edition to be held on 14-15 September 2021 in Milan.

Founded in 1995 by the French organization Reed Midem, with the aim of facilitating the development of the commercial real estate sector, the show takes place every year in Cannes. Its success is such to make the event spread to other countries. National editions take place in Russia, India and of course Italy, where, since 2016, conferences, exhibition areas and spaces dedicated to networking represent the very heart of the event. 
During the last edition in 2019, Mapic Italy brought together over 2200 participants, including 850 retailers from 45 countries...


Let's begin to reveal the great venue which Superstudio will open shortly in via Moncucco in Milan, starting with accurate and made special details and extra spaces. Like toilets.

It’s difficult for bathrooms in places intended to accommodate crowds of visitors to be worthy of events they host. They are inevitably practical and functional, decorous and essential facilities spots, well-tended as much as is necessary, especially if they’re inside converted industrial spaces.
Perspective is overturned at the new Superstudio Maxi: even the bathroom must tell the story of a beautiful and comfortable place, where every detail has been fixed thinking about aesthetics and technology, comfort and sustainability, function and design.
In the wide spaces, Flaminia sanitary wares designed by Giulio Cappellini, topped with individual handmade mirrors, LED lights charming view of Slidededign by Giò Colombo Romano...


After the newly launched Green Screen and for GoLive project, at Superstudio Più there's a “theater” on the way, created with an even more performing Ledwall which makes all kinds of events and production in favor of phygital communication possible. The new Superstudio Maxi is also getting ready with a Green Screen and a digital and television “theater” even larger and interacting with each other in real time. Superstudio's r/evolution continues...

As Incredible as it may seem, cinematic special effects have been experimented since the early 1900s through a double shot that can add spectacular backgrounds and performances in a seemingly normal scene. One hundred years later, with digital advent, the ability to recreate virtual worlds in which real people move has become a professional choice of photographers and directors...


Flexibility, hospitality, users safeguards are elements that those who, like Superstudio, work in the field of events always take to heart and know they represent part of the success of any initiative and event.

In restrictions period we are going through, these aspects have become even more central and fundamental. Here's, then, a brief focus on all measures available in Superstudio spaces during every shooting, filming, remote talk that we are hosting these days:

- thermoscanner at the entrance to check body temperature.
- sanitation with ozone generator before and after each event...


In the large dance center that characterized the beginnings of Superstudio Più, a new possibility of temporary rentals for fashion, culture, smart-working, business opens up. There’s room for everyone in the divisible 700 square meters.

Showroom for fashion and design, studio for shooting and video, classroom for meetings workshops and classes of all kinds, venue for auditions and dance and theatre rehearsals, conference and BtoB presentations space, creative lab, exhibition area, lounge for parties dinners and events, editing room and all other short and medium term temporary needs today find a valuable address. Superstudio Più Dance Point, in via Tortona, has been for a long time the biggest and coolest space for dance in Milan, before joining the events circle that represent the location core business...


Beyond the puns - considering also the uncertain times that the whole world is experiencing - the construction site of the new Superstudio MAXI location is going grandly. But above all, it has implemented all the sustainability features to earn the precious Leed certification.

A space of 10.000 square meters, bright, multifunctional, central, well served which will have - at the same time as the opening of Design Week 2021 - the LEED certification (world regulation for the construction of ecological buildings) which recognises the highest eco-sustainable standards for new buildings in key points such as energy and water saving, the reduction of CO2 emissions, the improvement of the ecological quality of interior, materials and resources used. A standard at the highest level - it is natural, we are at MAXI...


As of today, the large LED screen of Superstudio (24x5,5m) becomes also interactive and touch. New amazing effects have been implemented in the GoLive project. Endless interaction possibilities with the screen enable to elaborate evocative and captivating sceneries. 
Would you like to know more? Come and visit us! 

A special thanks to Luca Rapis, One Thousand.


At a time when new post-pandemic needs can lead to changes in working or living spaces, Superstudio offers offices, showrooms, fixed or temporary rental accomodation in its "communities".

There is no doubt that these months that have shocked the world will have long-term consequences on lifestyles. Smart-working, social distances, new mobility now require a different approach and perhaps a radical change. The city will have to respond quickly to those who have realized that they need different, larger, smaller, closer, more distant homes, offices, showrooms, more accessible with their favorite means of transport. Bikes and kick scooters will have dedicated lanes and will be the preferred alternative of many compared to bus and metro. All situations that sometimes force us to rethink the places of life and work...


The famous citadel of image in Milan reopens on May 4th wishing welcome back to fashion. In complete safety.  

It only took the coronavirus to stop the activities of Superstudio 13 photographic studios, for almost forty years pioneer and standard-bearer of fashion and professional photography  in Milan. An iconic place that has practically never stopped, hosting extraordinary shootings, photographer-stars and world-famous personalities in continuity. In his 13 studios, those that provided the impetus to the reconversion of via Tortona, from a street that hosted workers' houses of what was an industrial district, in a Fashion and Design District, the creativity of Milan has been meeting there since 1983 recalling in the area the most important fashion companies. After the forced lockdown everything is ready for the fateful May 4th when, finally, we'll start again...


It is customary to draw conclusions at the year end by observing with a magnifying glass what has been and planning the future. But this particular historical period leads to browse in advance the album of memories of events just spent and to make reflections on future ones.

In January Superstudio, with the Salone della Cultura (Exhibition of Culture), smelled of pages of old, new and used books. In February, instead, it was filled with colors with art galleries, national and international, of the Affordable Art Fair and with the bright fashion of already known brands and emerging designers of White Donna (White Woman).
No nostalgia in remembering only so much desire to start again, to become the hub of new productions and to welcome back soon the most loyal customers and the most interested visitors. And the appointments now fixed with the technology of Digital Design Days and Codemotion, with the authenticity of Milanofil, with the immense blue of Denim by Première Vision and with the bold flavor of The Milan Coffee Festival? ...


Dear customers, dear visitors, dear friends, 

today, in the world, 3.9 billion people are under lock down and struggling with some form of restriction on their lives. In this suspended time, where everything seems immobile and nothing has certainty or definition, we are committed to imagine a future for the world of events and also for us. Many things will change, there will be different ways and uses and different way of living experiences: for this, for you (and for us) we will take the opportunity to review what our work represents to us. The damages of virus will impact our economies and it will take some time to return to normality. The key issue is to avoid new infections and to prevent the virus from spreading again and nullifying the efforts made. For the foreseeable future, this will be the priority of all societies in the world... 


A thought that Superstudio willingly addressed to many citizens who, needing them, do not find these medical devices  now essential for every movement and that will be required also in the early times of the post-coronavirus for the more normal activities. Imagining  operators who will accompany the doctors in the new hospital just inaugurated in record time at the Fair, and the many people who will not be able to get them, we have offered them to the Mayor Sala and to the Councillor of the Municipality of Milan Rabaiotti and to the Civil Defence...


No words are needed to express how Superstudio and its people are involved and aware of the very serious health emergency of Covid-19. 
The bright Italian flag on the ledwall of our entrance is a thank you, a symbol, a sign of hope for everyone and in particular for those who take care of us.

It is the award that Italian event-industry looks forward to all year long. The Bea Awards is the appointment that, for sixteen years now, elects the best services in several categories of events promotion of organisation. At the end of November, the announcement of the winners for 2019 on stage at The Mall in Milan. Surprisingly, for Superstudio: double first award to Superstudio Più both as best “venue” in general and as multi-purpose space. Valeria De Grandis and Martina Cinquegrana, two collaborators of Superstudio Events, have collected the two yearned for trophies. Career award to Daniele Zambelli, founder and CEO of Simmetrico, a net of creators with International branches that for years has its headquarter at Superstudio 13.


Superstudio’s new venue, ready for spring, in renovation in via Moncucco
A huge digital clock marks days hours minutes and seconds until the opening of Superstudio’s third location, Superstudio Maxi, with the largest private exhibiting space in the city. An iconic place, in the suburbs just beyond Navigli, in the beautiful area that hosts important universities such as Iulm, Naba, Domus Academy and prestigious building that make the area surrounded by green of the streets such as via Santander, Del Bon, Moncucco and by great architectural firms such as Parallelo by Mario Cuccinella, The Sign-CMR by Massimo Roj, the extension of Iulm with the tower by studio 5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo. The renovation of Gio Ponti building in via Famagosta by Studio Prisma. Time runs fast while renovation of the building, equipped with all the most futuristic systems, regenerates and changes the look of the old deter..
The history of forty years of the Milanese Superstudio, progressing at the same pace as the city change, often anticipating it, has been presented at the Triennale. In a space filled with personalities and guests, with greeting by the President of Triennale Stefano Boeri and speeches by the council members of the Municipality of Milan Cristina Tajani and Pierfrancesco Maran, the video-story described the transition of the culture and the art from the centre to the suburbs, that became, thanks to Superstudio, the new centre. So much mystery, hopes, and expectations in the change of decade of the current century: will the forthcoming years be the “belle époque” of the new millennium? The question opens an unknown world that will revolutionize our lives. Will adults of the ‘900 be unable to dialogue with digital natives, will the ju..
How many times does a blackout in the area, an unexpected breakdown, a tropical storm that occur increasingly often in Milan, a connection error on the network that make electricity go out during an event, or worst, a live television show? Rarely, luckily. However those many or few minutes of blackout may cause countless and irreparable damages. Continuing the upgrade and improvements, Superstudio Più points out an important news: starting from September 2019, the large venue of via Tortona 27 will be equipped with an emergency generator that will give power to the spaces for events and will get rid of all risks connected with low voltage and lack of electricity. The greater electricity consumption and the consequent increase of the interruptions of the supplies suggest an urgent implementation of a backup system that can guarantee conti..
Forty years ago that was not the Tortona District, but an industrial inner suburb of Milan of the first Superstudio founded by the journalists-editors couple Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli (later on, after the exit of business partner Fabrizio Ferri, renamed Superstudio 13) that had as mission the image of fashion with photographic studios and all connected services. Twenty years after, a few steps away, Superstudio Più is born, a cultural/commercial hub open to fashion, design, art, innovation, the first of its kind in the city. Twenty years later, the third twenty years period of activity, responding to the creative need of the city, takes up the challenge of Milan 2030 including the suburbs, supported by the Mayor Sala and the local administration. 2020 will be year 0 of Superstudio Maxi, the new location that will be add..
An ambitious project by CLEVERCities: to promote and create between today and 2023 green infrastructures and innovative natural solutions. Superstudio has been pioneer of times, and in 2014 hosted on the Roof the first large urban vegetable garden in Milan, a green project by Fondazione Pistoletto, with the permanent “Third Paradise” installation by the well-known artist. The project continued on the occasion of Expo2015 with the first paddy field on roof by Coltivare la Città association. The Roof Tour supported by CLEVERCities ends right at Superstudio: on 14th June a guided visit from 5pm by Ambiente Italia in collaboration with ROOF-matters and Ordine degli Architetti of Milan. Info:
An effervescent autumn in Superstudio 13 photographic studios, among new international advertising campaigns, global product launch and secured sets with unreachable celebrities. Cosmopolitan shot here its October cover with the curvy model Iskra Lawrence (in the photo) #bodypositive activist, queen of Instagram (4,2 million followers) and Ted Talk motivator. Rita Ora is a regular in our studios, she posed for Cosmopolitan, to then rush to the XFactor stage who attended her as international special guest. In addition, fashion week saw Tomorrow as protagonist, international multi-brand showroom, a small miracle as Italian management spread also in London, Hong, Kong, Paris and New York, a platform of sale, consulting, financial and communication services for consolidated and emerging brands. Simultaneously, a ton of beautiful models ani..
From conventions to presentations, from meetings to entertainment, from gala dinners to educational and cultural moments, organising business events is by now an essential factor for companies that want to retain its staff and strengthen its presence on the market. The world of events, indeed went through an exponential growth in the last few years. 42% of the companies invest at least 20% of their budget on events communication. And events with a significant number of participants coming from abroad have come from 9,1% up to 9.9%. The numbers continue to grow. Indicators are all a positive sign. In fact, just in 2018, in Italy 400 thousand among conventions and events have been created, over 2.9% compared to 2017. Data from “Osservatorio Italiano dei Congressi e degli Eventi”. Milan, in addition to being the undisputable Italian capi..
An early Summer night, as we have not seen in a long time, here in the temple of the Milanese events. To celebrate a positive, innovative and productive year, Superstudio organised in the beginning of July a real summer party, that had nothing to envy to the big summer parties of the golden 80’s. In Superstudio Più’s large garden, over one thousand meters of green at the entrance encourage a “summer” look just by looking at it, more than six hundred selected guests caught the invitation to spend a long evening together. A summer opportunity to mix clients, suppliers, collaborators, friends during a special spectacular event under the stars, that highlighted ductility and originality of the inside and outside space and the great professionalism of the staff, always active in sorting out any problem having to do with the organisati..

Over 35.000 visitors in 48 hours. This was the surprising number of the “Salone della Cultura” last edition that is back again this year at Superstudio Più, on the 20th and 21st January. A landmark for those who love books and general culture, the Fair proposes educational courses and labs dedicated to the creation of paper jewellery and “sculpture books”. For art lovers, the possibility to see, for the first time in Milan, the exhibition of the portraitist photographer Ghitta Carrell, organised by Fondazione 3M, and the silk-screen printings by Emilio Isgrò, as well as young talents’ photography exhibition. Within the creator’s idea by Matteo Luterani of Luni Editrice and Sergio Malavasi of Maremagnum, the book remains still the main presence with new editorial proposals side by side with ancient and precious books, according to the consolidated format that made the Milanese public in love. 

In Milan, Superstudio indicates an iconic place, actually two, that taxi drivers have known, by heart for years. The name, chosen as a tribute to the namesake Avant guard group of architects of the 70’s by the founders Gisella Borioli and Flavio Lucchini, points at Superstudio 13 the first hub for fashion photography and image created in 1983, and at the nearby Superstudio Più, the great centre for innovative events open in 2000. Thirty-five years after the first centre dedicated to creativity, Superstudio Group looks ahead with innovations both in its own and related companies’ activities, renovates the organisation, the offer and the team. A few examples? Art and community merge in the new “Fondazione Flavio Lucchini” project, NPO that will manage Lucchini’s art works heritage with the aim to encourage “special needs” you..


CIFF Shanghai
It’s the world’s biggest fair in the furniture field, as well as the most important business platform in Asia, with its 2000 exhibitors, 90 000 professional visitors and 40 years of history. CIFF Shanghai 2017, this edition’s theme “Better Life, Better Work”, will be hosted from 11 to 14 September in the innovative and futuristic National Exhibition & Convention Center, over 400.000 square meters of exhibiting space with a renovated layout that integrates the five main product sectors (home furniture, decoration and textiles, outdoor & leisure, office & hotel, furniture machinery and raw materials) under the concept of Whole Home Decòr. Superstudio has always looked upon the Chinese market with interest, proposing at Superdesign Show, but also in the art gallery MyOwnGallery, projects, companies, designers and artis..
It’s the festival dedicated to the world of events: now on its fourteenth edition, the BEA Best Event Award will take place at Superstudio Più on the 4th and 5th October. Created in 2004 by ADC group with the aim to value the event as an innovative and strategic tool in the companies’ communication activity. For this occasion a series of multinational agencies and professionals from the field of events, advertising and marketing will gather during the two days of the event to anticipate the latest technologies, trends, innovative projects and much more. Over 35 jury members, selected among the top communication, marketing and events areas of some of the most important Italian companies, will award the best Italian creativity. Along with the well-known Best Event Award is the Best Location Awards given to the best locations and venues..
Beautiful is useful Once again this year we got some of the spaces floor repainted. The building’s original floor, that was in fact made by small industrial tiles, has been over the years renovated with a special industrial outdoor paint, that requires constant maintenance. Waiting to finally replace tile floor with a more modern resin - intervention planned within the next 12 months - we have given back uniformity to the luminous pearl grey floor. Furthermore, while working on the wiring on the ceiling, the now redundant 400 kg of electric cables have been removed, thus clearing out the spaces; now the area to install wiring in height is all available.The band is coming! Since the creation of Superstudio Events, our first target was to increase the Internet connection as much as possible, favouring the clients that chose our spaces...
Superstudio Più along with Design in Tortona district comes of age, turning eighteen. It seems like yesterday when, in a street full of factories on the way to being dismissed, the former General Electric turned into the throbbing heart of the district, opening up to every experiences of creativity and innovation, starting from design, art, fashion, paving the way to something that will soon be emulated all over the city. An original place and project, a continuously in-progress hub where all expressions of contemporaneity find a space, from top names to young authors. After the first few years of Design Connection, with the important presence of Giulio Cappellini as exhibitor and inspirer and Luca Fois as promoter, here comes the increasing commercial success. Too commercial. Consequently, in 2009, to high-light its precise identity, th..
A novel, large and expressive logo, designed by the art-director and artist Flavio Lucchini, to symbolize the new era of design at Superstudio, having reached the mark of 15 years of success. SUPERDESIGN SHOW, to convey how design has now surpassed itself, and at the same time conventions, prejudices and categories, hierarchies, limits, boundaries and even physical laws, occasionally daring the impossible. The lesson of the great mas-ters of the Post-modern and of Radical design, from Ettore Sottsass to Andrea Branzi and Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandro Mendini, who opened the oodgates of fantasy in the seventies, has become the watchword of contemporary design, which is able to com-bine tradition with eclecticism, the past with the future, experimentation with quality. After opening its doors to the events of the Fuori Salone in 2..


On Superstudio’s Roof the great installation “Terzo Paradiso - Coltivare la Città” (Third Paradise - Grow the city) by Michelangelo Pistoletto. Born from a project by n.o.v.acivitas, turns an urban vegetable garden into a paddy eld that will narrate, through conferences, panel discussions, workshops, performances the relationship among design, nourishment, architecture and sustainable consumption. Artists and creative, architects and designers, world star personalities in-volved in promotion of sustainability and of social changes, will be committed, all through the duration of Expo, into an ed-ucational path having as symbolic focus and revolutionary seed precisely the rice grain.
Extraordinary project involving ecology, architecture, food, de-sign, art. SuperOrtoPiù is a 750msq large urban vegetable gar-den, a project by Michelangelo Pistoletto-Cittadellarte on Superstudio Più’s roof. The installation will be working regularly all through Expo 2015. Cultivate the city is the essential condi-tion to go back living happily in communities that integrate ag-riculture in the urban environment. The Third Paradise, the sign created by the artist to promote the contact between nature and human activities, which overlooks the installation, is be-coming a symbol of regenerations of the places and territories that host it. The event, by Fortunato D’Amico, in cooperation with N.O.V.A. Civitas and AIAPP Piemonte and Valla D’Aosta section, host artist’s installations, exhibitions dedicated to landscape and propo..
What does Contemporary Design represent at this moment in Dubai and what is the outlook?Dubai is changing profoundly, and showing a great interest in design. The last few months have seen the opening of showrooms by Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Cappellini, Armani House and B&B and stores like The Ikon House with brands such as Vitra, Fritz Hansens and Comptoir 102. Dubai is a hub for the whole of the Middle East and Africa, one of the regions that have seen the fastest growth in the number of hotels and air-ports.Why have you invited Superstudio to bring its “Temporary Museum” and what are the prospects for the future?Superstudio is the “cornerstone” during Milan’s Salone del Mobile and we believe that it’s important to offer our visi-tors an international perspective. For us it is a great privilege to present the Temporary Mus..
What is the difference between the Temporary Museum and other design fairs?Temporary Museum aims to be a ‘receptacle of ideas and tendencies’ proposed by designers and manufacturers from various parts of the world. It doesn’t matter whether the designer is a star or a novice taking his or her first steps in the field or the manufacturer is a large multinational or a small workshop. What matters is the quality of the ideas. This is what makes it different from trade fairs that often take in everything without any kind of selection process.What are the lines of your art direction that make a difference?Clarity, coherence, simplicity and internationality are the guidelines I follow in my art direction of the Temporary Museum. Installations with a powerful emotional impact reach the end consumer as well as operators in the sector in a q..