From the first 3D printing experiments of objects to chisels guided by  computer on the design of marble artists, to the project of artificial intelligence on the imput of the designer, as happened for the Philippe Starck chair (Kartell 2019) which in fact he called it A.I., to the extraordinary skills of analysis and design of the latest generation chatbots, creatives and architects seem to have found an unimaginable help. Or a threat to their professionalism? We asked Chatgpt who tells us about the escalation of the phenomenon...


The Superstudio Academy, a cycle of lessons that enriches the Master MADEM-Arts and Design Management of the LUM School of Management, was an opportunity to hear Luca Gnizio speak, designer, artist, experimenter (it is difficult to find a label for him), who he made his debut at Superstudio 13 in 2012 with a terracotta chair, from whose cracks a sprout grew, shy. 

From there he went on and grew up with his original and avant-garde idea of eco-social design: he reused everything, carbon fibre, marble, old tyres, jeans, industrial waste which gives rise to a sustainable design which don't forget to arouse beauty...


In days of fiery controversy over the intrusion of Artificial Intelligence into the field of the arts and creativity, where the inventiveness and profound work of the human mind is replaced with a click on the computer, I wanted to prove how A.I. she would have behaved in my place, in my historic role as a long-standing journalist with multiple experiences. I asked the hidden algorithm behind the ChatGPT app to write a piece on the iconic "Donna" magazine that I created in 1980 with Flavio Lucchini, then directed beyond the first decade and which revolutionized the very idea of ​​a women's magazine by helping with beauty, elegance, intelligence, the avant-garde in every field, the evolution of women. And of which there is little on the web. This is the result, obtained in 5 seconds. Perfect. Documented. Capable of judgments. I'm still in shock. 
Journalists, best wishes.


An extraordinary innovative product will be presented, by invitation only, at Superstudio 13 on Nov. 14 during Digital Week 2022 in Milan, a must-attend event to stay in tune with the future. It is Twins Hiperrelistic 3D Content DSolutions, a cutting-edge 3D technology that enables the creation of hyperralistic "twins" capable of interacting in the physical and digital worlds.



Connecting physical and virtual world: this is the goal of Superstudio, which launches Superstudio Theatre! The Theatre is not just a streaming platform, but an advanced space, dedicated to those who want to extend their event to a potentially infinite audience, customizing it with their own colors, lights and images. The streaming room is thus transformed into a unique place, dedicated to the organizer, who can interact directly with those at home thanks to the integrated chat. Not only live events... the Theater also becomes the place to review the most interesting speeches thanks to the Video Replay service, where you can access individual speakers' speeches and why not... even contact them! All materials presented during the event are made available to participants, even during the event, so that they can share as much of their content as possible! Whether it is a webinar, a product launch, a show, a conference, an interview or a training course, the Superstudio Theatre is a candidate to become the perfect space for your event!

Posted by: Dario Negri

A forum that travels the world to showcase the most important evolutions of Dell, the American computer giant, opens up to insiders the technological scenario of the future, with sustainability and women's participation at the forefront. As the recently concluded mega-event at Superstudio Più reported.

The Milan-based edition of the Dell Technology Forum just took place at Superstudio Più, one of the 40+ events organized internationally by the American computer giant to present its own vision of innovation and digital development.
   More than 25 sessions under the leadership of Filippo Ligresti, GM Italy, with the support of digital VIP Francesco "Monty" Montemagno, coordinating a huge amount of speakers to go through contents spacing from Digital Life Care, a cloud-and-mobile app developed for the health care professionals as a remote monitoring and management tool, to the use of artificial intelligence as a base to create new models in the development of databases.
   Halfway through, the experience is enriched by the participation of the special guest Marcel Jacobs, the Italian professional sprinter and Olympic champion who brought his experience and spoke about the relationship between technologies and the development of a modern sportsman's career.

Posted by: Dario Negri

An evolved taxi, electric, sustainable, modular, multifunction, it seems to be any driver's dream. A project that the company Etioca has made possible with Miner, presented in the spaces in Via Tortona 27.
The automotive world since the beginning has been able to understand and interact with Superstudio Più's DNA as a gate to present trends, novelties and anticipations through artistic contaminations or technological defiances.
From the very first car entirely designed by a team of women (Volvo) to the futuristic truck designed by Luigi Colani, from Tesla's Cybertruck to the modular vehicle by Rinspeed that within the 2018 Superdesign Show anticipated an electric, multiplatform prototype that was indicating the future of community transport.


The future of energy encapuslated in a monolith with clean and elegant lines. In this event, "Quando l'energia incontra il design", Dynamo Energies, the Milan-based firm that has been involved for many years in the ecological transition process, reveals to a public of experts, especially designers and architects, their photovoltaic 3D product (on sale since 2021)...

Blue and white tiles cover flat panels that adorn plains. Everyone immediately links this image to solar panels, such a valuable object for our renewable future. In time, it is evident that function has overcome aesthetics. Thus, Dynamo Energies presents a line of products combining innovation and design. Monoliths with polished surfaces, absolute and impressively massive, appear to have come from some remote galaxy...


On display at Superstudio is the latest Volta Truck from Carl Magnus-Norden's Swedish Company. Volta Zero is an electric carbon-neutral truck. Its mantras? Security and design...

Trucks account for less than 4% of traffic in London, but they are involved in 70% of fatal car accidents. Carl-Magnus Norden, with no background in automotive, had a vision of a truck whose strength was security in urban centers, one which could provide a 220 degree panoramic view with lateral cameras. Interestingly, Volta Zero is a private truck with a green twist: no blind spots due to the removal of the cumbersome diesel engine, which is why traditional trucks reach heights of no less than 2 meters, but Volta Zero uses batteries located below the work environment, allowing the driver to access at ground level...

Posted by: Materially

How to behave differently to stop climate crisis? Among the many fields of experimentation, architecture has anticipated solutions focusing on greenery and health issues. Additionally, fashion has sparked the revolution by implementing exchange practices and recycling habits. In the end, as always, design is at the forefront when novel languages emerge from different needs. We selected three projects that rethink human life from algae...

ARCHITECTURE: Air-Bubble is located in front of the Glasgow Science Center. EcoLogicStudio, in collaboration...


By 2030, the battery cells’ demand will increase up to 14 times and approximately 250.000 tons of them will end their charging cycle. This is due to the current revolution of the electric car’s system, which is increasingly making this area of the market one of the most strategic sectors. Swedish company Northwolt plays a pivotal role in converting the European consumer-model society by manufacturing 100% sustainable battery cells. Its motto: «Take old batteries and turn them into fresh raw materials for batteries of tomorrow»...

Posted by: Silvia Zanni

On November 11, the fourth edition of Blockchain Forum Italia took place: the event is organized by Italia4blockchain and dedicated to blockchain technology hosted by Hangar 21 at Superstudio Più. A significant topic for sure but still unknown to many people...

First, let's clarify the highly-inflated term blockchain. "Blockchain" – literally a chain of blocks – refers to a technological paradigm that allows you to exchange value between two subjects without any intermediary...


IAB Forum 2021, is the first event dedicated entirely to digital innovation. From 16 to 18 November, meetings and conferences on digitalization will be at Superstudio Più, following a phygital format...

After the annus horribilis 2020, 2021 was a "stop-and-go" year, still stuck in the pandemic, yet at the same time aimed at recovery, at sustainability – with the climate agenda – at investments in the marketing sector and advanced technology...


Safety, quality of services, the tendency to anticipate and meet needs are the core of Superstudio's functions. First in the list, health and respect for the rules. “Proteggo” is the medical device that Superstudio has chosen to control Superstudio Più as well as other locations: this way, Covid stays out...

With the resumption of fairs, conventions, and events it was pivotal that the anti-Covid system had not leaks. Superstudio – the only example in its category – has equipped itself with a permanent clinic of doctors... 


Events evolve, develop. The world is increasingly connected.  Superstudio Events has caught the signs of change and currently strives to create new platforms for digital events endowed with "superpowers", in partnership with the specialist for the development of virtual solution AnotheReality...

Last year, we increasingly heard about  online events, streaming sessions, presence and distance. Physical and digital reality are no longer opposed...


From the very beginning, Superstudio wanted to achieve the maximum possible sustainability for the Superstudio Maxi project. And he documented it. Facing choices, jobs, costs, very demanding times, given the blocks of the pandemic. With a limited delay in delivery times, the new hub finally welcomed the first events in September. To which is added the satisfaction of the coveted LEED Gold® certification which underlines, in addition to all the innovative techno-ecological solutions chosen to guarantee attention to the environment, the fact that Superstudio Maxi is, for now, the only space for events totally sustainable in Europe. In a video that tells this path of excellence we give the floor to Tommaso and Gisella Borioli of Superstudio and to Riccardo Hopps OGB Studio.

Posted by: Alessia Elli

FoolFarm, the first European start-up factory specialized in blockchain artificial intelligence, launches its first Investor Day at Superstudio Più, supporting talented entrepreneurs and believing in their dreams.

With more than 150 guests in attendance and a hundred online, the first annual and hybrid event of FoolFarm, a real startup factory, was held at Superstudio Più on 13th July 2021 and it was reserved for an audience of investors, corporate and opinion leaders.
Founded in Milan in July 2020 by Andrea Cinelli, pioneer of Italian digital and author of numerous patents on artificial intelligence, FoolFarm is a "Venture Builder" that selects ideas and entrepreneurial projects in order to invest in their birth and development following the example of Startup Studio models...


We are pleased to announce that Superstudio Maxi has achieved LEED certification Gold®! This result is the direct expression of our commitment to the enhancement of the territory and the protection of the environment. The first venue for events in Europe to obtain LEED Gold® certification.

Achieving a LEED® certification is an ambitious and non-obvious goal. It represents a practical and ethical investment that involves diversified professional figures and design aspects and draws a precise path in favor of the environment and the quality of life in urban spaces. LEED® (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) is the program by U.S. Green Building Council® for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of high performance green buildings....


Sanitation includes all those operations necessary to make an environment healthy for people's lives, re-establishing a suitable climate in terms of temperature, ventilation and humidity. Far infrared heating system reduces the risk of viral diseases and allergies by lowering the presence of bacteria, spores, viruses, cutaneous fungi, mold, germs and parasites. Olmar 1957 now combines these requirements relying on research, technology and design, with the support of Giulio Cappellini.

With Olmar 1957, almost fifty years of experience in the heating world, a new chapter opens up for environments heating and sanitization.
An ingenious and sophisticated power supply system with far infrared rays, silver ion and air ozonation, in fact, allows these two different functions to be carried out with a single element that fits perfectly and smartly into classic or ultra-modern spaces.

Posted by: Materially

For more than a year, face mask has become an essential complement to our life. After the surgical, the reusable ones, the trendy ones, it's time for hi-tech protections made with materials with incredible performance.

Despite the progress in vaccine development, with the first distribution in Italy scheduled for January, the face mask is likely to stay with us for a long time to come. Not only because of the need to protect the unvaccinated before full coverage, which will take several months, but also because many have realised that the face mask can be a useful device regardless Covid19. In Asia, face masks are already used as a form of courtesy and consideration for others, even by people with a cold; as well as for protection against smog and fine dusts in cities...


We hosted him at Superdesign Show 2018 with his monumental installation "Breath/ng", a great white origami that breathed and purified air. We published him in “Design Super Show” book as one of the most charismatic presences in these 20 years of design at Superstudio. We met Kengo Kuma in a video conference from Tokyo during "Welcome, feeling at work" press presentation, the innovative eco&green building that will be built in Milan.  

Rooftops, lush gardens, vegetable gardens, open-air courtyards, restaurants, lounges, shops, a supermarket, a wellness area and spaces for events and exhibitions. A new residential complex in town? No, offices. 
Precisely the first biophilic office in Milan, a project looking to the future and whose sole purpose it's to make working days more livable, encourage people's well-being in a location in close dialogue with nature...


After the newly launched Green Screen and for GoLive project, at Superstudio Più there's a “theater” on the way, created with an even more performing Ledwall which makes all kinds of events and production in favor of phygital communication possible. The new Superstudio Maxi is also getting ready with a Green Screen and a digital and television “theater” even larger and interacting with each other in real time. Superstudio's r/evolution continues...

As Incredible as it may seem, cinematic special effects have been experimented since the early 1900s through a double shot that can add spectacular backgrounds and performances in a seemingly normal scene. One hundred years later, with digital advent, the ability to recreate virtual worlds in which real people move has become a professional choice of photographers and directors...

Posted by: Dario Negri

It is undeniable that technology is going to be more and more a strategic support in many different ways in the life of a modern company: from production to communication, from new technologies to artificial intelligence but... what happens when materials become "immaterials"? Sense -  Immaterial Reality, with its headquarter based at Superstudio Più, presents its immaterial catalogue: and materials become real.

Sense, the wizards of augmented reality, have conceived a powerful tool for the companies that work with materials in any possible way, from surfaces to textile: the sample cloth and the box full of panels covered in pieces of tiles have been outdated by a truly immaterial catalogue...


In the current context of the transformation of the digital sector in Italy, Hangar21 will be inaugurated on March 8 in Milan in the Superstudio Più complex, via Tortona 27. It’s a multimedia production house equipped with the most modern technologies. It's created to promote the dissemination of digital culture, facilitate, enhance, and concretize the ideas of anyone who wants to express their talent through the production and publication of digital and creative content. We invite you to discover it here.

Hangar21, a 700sqm structure, located on the first floor of Superstudio Più's Art Point, will have large spaces with cutting-edge equipment for the realization of digital and physical events, recording rooms for videos and podcasts, with an adjoining direction for streaming and post-production, multifunctional environments and finally rooms available to the community such as meeting rooms...


Our daily updated @AT online magazine is also a monthly paper magazine with the most important digital news and some additions and previews.
Print A3 pages and you will have your monthly copy in the original format. Or collect your copy free of charge at Superstudio offices, in via Tortona 27, via Forcella 13 and via Moncucco 35, in Milan. In the archive you will find previous editions, available for printing.

Here you can find the Abstract of February @AT paper: we talk about





Mixcycling, born in Vicenza in the north of Italy, is an innovative startup transforming organic waste into low environmental impact materials through a patent-pending process. Most of the organic waste is scrap generated by local agro-industrial processes, such as rice husks, grape marc, coffee parchment skin, cork, etc.

Natural fibers recovered from organic industrial waste are blended with recycled, bio-based or virgin polymers. This pre-blend is disinfected by means of a non-thermal plasma technology and is then activated to enhance the adhesion between the fibers and the polymers. The sustainable and aesthetically appealing resulting material is suitable for several sectors of application, including cosmetics packaging, disposables, furniture, automotive and food packaging...

Posted by: Dario Negri

The IULM university in Milan, specialized in languages, communication and marketing, launches a new specialization in A.I. and organizes a very interesting event to discuss and explore how artificial intelligence may not be anymore a fantasy perspective but rather a solid reality, present in everyday life and that will change (for best) the time to come.

"But machines can really think?"
Trying to give a clear reply to this question, on feb 5th finished the 3-days digital convention Umania, organized by IULM over the theme of artificial intelligence. 
A very important event, the largest in Italy with more than 1200 participants, Umania has seen the alternation of top speakers with and very high competences to underline all the aspects related to this technology, still, we can say, not well known.

Posted by: Materially

In recent years, new categories of materials and technologies are emerging influenced by the hybridization of design with science and some technological developments such as Internet of Things (IoT). These are termed ICS materials, an acronym for Interactive, Connected, and Smart Materials.

ICS materials are able to establish a bidirectional exchange of information with non-human and human entities and respond reversibly to external stimuli, modifying their properties and qualities. Lastly they can be programmable, not only through software.
Textint Corp. has developed a conductive material for the textile industry...


A historic, green, residential, student and professional district of Milan. On the outskirts, but not too much. Enclosed between Navigli, with parks and gardens, served by subway, cycle paths and highways just a step away. Over recent years it is being revitalized with iconic buildings designed by great architectural firms. And, among them, to add culture and new vitality, Superstudio Maxi, ready at the end of December. Small tour to get your bearings in the city.

Milan beyond the circle of bastions. Little has been said about it so far, more and more it will be spoken about in months and years to come. Any contemporary metropolis knows that the city centre is its calling card, but to ensure life quality and services available to the whole population...


His life, his professionalism, his ubiquity, his commitment to a different future make him a unique professional. Wikipedia states: architect and engineer, Carlo Ratti teaches at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA, where he directs the MIT Senseable City Lab. Esquire magazine included him among the "Best & Brightest", Forbes among "Names You Need to Know" and Wired in the list of "50 people who will change the world". Fast Company named him among the "50 most influential designers in America" and Thames & Hudson among the "60 innovators shaping our creative future". Two of his projects - Digital Water Pavilion and Copenhagen Wheel – were included in Time magazine’s “Best Inventions of the Year”...

Posted by: Materially

Imagining a glass skyscraper which, instead of using energy, is itself a source of energy for the entire building sounds like the future, but recent studies suggest that this could soon become a reality.

Buildings with glass facades often have a coating that reflects and absorbs at least part of the light to reduce brightness and heating inside the building.
Transparent solar panels instead of dispersing the energy they could use it to supply part of the building's electricity needs.
A team led by University of Michigan researchers, set a new efficiency record for both transparent and color-neutral solar cells in August 2020. The team achieved 8.1% efficiency and 43.3% transparency by replacing conventional silicon...


While the construction site of Superstudio Maxi, Superstudio’s new and third space, is in the finishing straight and our team is working on design of projects that will animate the space such as, for example, the DnaDesignNatureArchitecture exhibition format, we open a window on a theme which we are increasingly hearing about and that is an integral feature of the spirit and architecture of Superstudio Maxi: the LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. We talk about it with the architect Riccardo Hopps, an expert in LEED protocols. 
Widespread in Italy mostly among office properties, the LEED protocol...

Posted by: Materially

Since the '70s, when the beginning of the debate on pollution began to have a slow grip on public opinion, the idea of protecting our person and our environments through invisible screens with soft shapes hovers in our minds. The man protected by the bubble, curved and welcoming, physically separates himself from the outside world, observing him through a filter from a privileged position.

The research carried out in those years by collectives such as the Austrians Haus-Rucker-Co focused on these issues.
Their installations and ideas may have seemed utopian at the time, but they prompted a reflection on the relationship between the person and the surrounding environment...


Breathing fabrics, air-purifying paints, tiles that kill bacteria, recyclable polymers, glass that repairs itself, bikinis that clean the sea, energy-generating tires, fabrics that light up and others that regulate body temperature , “circular” ecoplastics derived from orange or tomato peels… the endless search for new materials with unthinkable performances seems to be the key to every innovation. To the point that, through a direct line with operators, the international Material ConneXion network was born in America in 1997 with its very rich library. Just arrived in Italy it also created a “Materials Village” during the Milan Design Week for the last five editions at Superstudio. Emilio Genovesi, CEO of Materially and, first, of Material ConneXion Italia, tells us about it.

Material ConneXion, with its library of materials, with its presentations first at the Triennale and then at Superstudio, also represented in Italy an important step in the knowledge and enhancement of materials for architecture and design. How did it become part of the Salone and Fuorisalone circuit?
Traditionally, Material ConneXion's mission has always been to suggest new and original material solutions to product manufacturers or architectural designers. Obviously doing this has always led to a close relationship with materials manufacturers, especially those who bring innovative solutions...


New entry to Superstudio Più. In the First Floor space, an open space of 700 square meters all glass overlooking the garden and via Tortona, Wave&Co arrives, a leading company in the sale, installation and repair of ultra-high-tech led screens. Manuel Maccioni is the young entrepreneur who brought to success in Italy and abroad the innovation of these tools, now indispensable elements for visual communication and the world of events, whether real or virtual.

"The field I deal with is that of cutting-edge and constantly changing led technology, able to create projects with an amazing visual impact, thanks to a very delicate element e as that of a pixel. It is an obvious manifestation of how, if you take care of every little gear of the mechanism, you can create something unimaginable. This type of technology is mainly used to bring fully immersive and engaging experiences to life, so that communication becomes the protagonist of the context.
In this regard, I am proud of the virtuous partnership that has been established with Superstudio and which is expressed in two innovative projects and in which I strongly believe.


Hybrid events, digital events, new attitudes for meeting management. These are the themes that agencies, locations, planners, creative people of the world of events deal with newfound enthusiasm. And that can renew live communication. Superstudio is already ready with its GoLive project.

The need for sociality is inherent in human beings, the importance of meeting, participating in aggregative events, getting to know each other, confronting each other is essential. The direction in which Superstudio is moving is to satisfy these needs not only by ensuring the adoption of appropriate hygiene-health measures but also by exploring new scenarios based on the use of web and digital technologies. Thus was born the GoLive project which offers in the spaces of Superstudio Più a TV-set ready to use, professional and adaptable to the most varied needs.
The set up of the space includes a 24x3 m stage, a large 24x5,5 m led screen with a 2.6 mm pitch and a control station. The capacity is about 300 people (with a minimum guaranteed safety distance of 1 m). The professional audio/lighting system is managed by the production department and can be adapted to various scenarios: talk shows, fashion shows, show cooking, conferences, product launches, press conferences, live streaming, webcasting, TV commercials...


Preparations are underway for the spaces of Superstudio to host virtual or virtualised events. This will in fact be the future of conventions, presentations and fashion shows to widen the online audience in the face of a reduction in physical attendance in the locations. Or to make the real event even more wow thanks to the support technology with increasingly performing Led screens. Like those of Wave&Co.

In these weeks of suspension of events, Superstudio has continued to make its spaces available for video and shooting.
Among the latest productions hosted, that of Wave&Co, an Italian sales, rental, installation and content creation company for ledwall, has brought to our spaces one of the latest innovations in the world of electroluminescence. Technology, undisputed protagonist of the new habits of these days, is experiencing a strong acceleration and even the world of LED screens for indoor and outdoor solutions is making progress. The new product presented by Wave&Co, against the background of the halls of  Superstudio, is the new series of modular LED screens for indoor solutions...


It is difficult to imagine today the events that until yesterday brought together a large number of people in a lively and vibrant atmosphere also made up of exchange, greetings, hugs, sharing, common experiences, whether for business for information or for pleasure. Events and fairs will have to change. Integration between real and virtual will become mandatory. And trust.

The new password is "social distancing".  But what we should aim for is physical distancing combined with social proximity. It is, this, a fundamental node above all for activities of not first necessity. Those, that is, to which people decide to take part in pursuing a personal pleasure, a desire for belonging and participation. Obviously digital supports us in part.  But we must develop "real-virtual" hybrid proposals that allow us to physically return to the non-functional but useful and necessary spaces to feel good. Those of culture, commerce and also trade fairs, which are made of desire to see, touch, understand, share...


Last year, at Superdesign Show, the Superstudio event for Design Week, I curated the immaterial but real sculptures exhibition  by Flavio Lucchini, a magical and unsettling experience created with Alvise Braga Illa's company Sense - immaterial Reality, founder of TXT e-solutions software company and Sense-immaterial Reality. An innovator able to cover new ground who moved among the first in bringing the Immaterial Reality where it could satisfy new functions. Three questions for him to find out what we can expect tomorrow.  

The boom of virtual experiences that put us in front of the coronavirus isolation has made even more current experimentations and applications of technologies that allow us to overcome the physicality to replace it with intangible presences as exciting as those experienced in first person, even if through a new dimension. All the more true and necessary when the work takes place in smart-working and choices and purchases do not allow to be on site, as it happens with fashion, art, design...



Superstudio’s new venue, ready for spring, in renovation in via Moncucco
A huge digital clock marks days hours minutes and seconds until the opening of Superstudio’s third location, Superstudio Maxi, with the largest private exhibiting space in the city. An iconic place, in the suburbs just beyond Navigli, in the beautiful area that hosts important universities such as Iulm, Naba, Domus Academy and prestigious building that make the area surrounded by green of the streets such as via Santander, Del Bon, Moncucco and by great architectural firms such as Parallelo by Mario Cuccinella, The Sign-CMR by Massimo Roj, the extension of Iulm with the tower by studio 5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo. The renovation of Gio Ponti building in via Famagosta by Studio Prisma. Time runs fast while renovation of the building, equipped with all the most futuristic systems, regenerates and changes the look of the old deter..
The new center is in the suburbs. “Over the past years, Milan city centre has been progressively expanding and thus many districts once regarded as suburbs feel to be a part of the transformation of Milan. We are lucky to live in a city that is not too big, and can be walked through. The constant collaboration between institutions and business ensures that many people can be part of the change. With the history of Superstudio the direction is obvious, let’s just think of how districts we live in have changed and contributed in the evolution of Superstudio. The challenge of Barona and Moncucco is probably the culmination of this issue, as it is a district that is already changing and will change more thanks to Superstudio Maxi, also because it is focused on young generations. These are the same purposes as the Municipality of Milan tha..
The importance of dialogue between the public and the private. “I thank Superstudio for sharing this risky business and courageous choice with the Municipality of Milan. It is the continuous widening of unique history remembering that Superstudio was the first to invest in a former abandoned industrial area, attracting new skills and scattering a viral experience such as the Fuorisalone. Once the success was achieved, this story did not stop, as often happens. The widening of Tortona district towards Famagosta is recognition and sharing of what the Municipality of Milan is doing to the suburbs. Thanks to Gisella they did not rest on their labels, and today Tommaso’s debut proves that the torch can be passed on to the next generation. I like to remember how Gisella and Tommaso came to present us the idea of Superstudio Maxi, in the pre..
How many times does a blackout in the area, an unexpected breakdown, a tropical storm that occur increasingly often in Milan, a connection error on the network that make electricity go out during an event, or worst, a live television show? Rarely, luckily. However those many or few minutes of blackout may cause countless and irreparable damages. Continuing the upgrade and improvements, Superstudio Più points out an important news: starting from September 2019, the large venue of via Tortona 27 will be equipped with an emergency generator that will give power to the spaces for events and will get rid of all risks connected with low voltage and lack of electricity. The greater electricity consumption and the consequent increase of the interruptions of the supplies suggest an urgent implementation of a backup system that can guarantee conti..
Global industry of digital design is continuously growing and absorbs constant innovations in harmony with new technologies. Facing such variety of aspirations and interactions, our way of learning, knowing and communicating has been shaped and so has the approach to reality, now increasingly “open-source” and cooperative. The Digital Design Days is focused on examining this landscape, offering a unique experience of research and inspiration, in a three days event summoning thousands of professionals from all over the world. And so, Superstudio is turning into the house of some of the most creative and brilliant minds of the field, welcoming innovative International brands committed to make business grow through digital design. 50 speakers, visionary storytellers and innovative thinkers ready to inspire and guide the public towards di..
In this liquid, or better said gaseous world, where disciplines, professions, visions intersect one another, creating new professions still difficult to frame and define, the digitalization, robotization, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, dematerialization, advanced technologies and other extreme forms defined by algorithms and other crazy ideas, become the keys to enter the future where everything mixes, contaminates, regenerates. Generations that coexist and produce ask themselves: where will we end to? Enlightening is the position of sociologist Francesco Morace Chairman of Future Concept Lab Research Institute and creator of “Festival della Crescita”: «to combine the best way culture of the project and commerce 5.0- it is necessary to elaborate a new sense of enterprise, where converging in a balanced way the machine le..
The most striking news in the last two seasons of Man Fashion, the White Street Market on stage at Superstudio Più with a unique cocktail of fashion, street style, sportswear. Urban culture, environment integrity, street art, events, talks, videos and installations that have covered the topic of plastic recycle. The recipe by Max Bizzi founder of WHITE is innovative and brave: not only top brands and companies, not only the usual commitment to attract the most important international buyers, but a fashion village that makes Sustainability the real essence of every project on show. “Buy less, choose well, make it last”, says Vivienne Westwood, special guest of the latest edition, in her manifesto. “We are at the beginning of a route leading to the renovation of men fashion week” - claims Bizzi, founder of WHITE - “and I am happy..
With three questions to Alvise Braga IIIa, founder and chairman of the company TXT e-solutions and of the start-up Sense-immaterial Reality, we discover how new technologies will bring more beauty around us. Design, fashion, art, digitalization and innovation. How can/should these elements dialogue with each other? The boarders among art, design, fashion, technology, in all their forms and for everyone’s taste and culture, will continue to lessen until they disappear. Can we oppose to these transformations? Of course not, we must navigate in the new ocean, with courage, as well as with competence and creativity.What is it going to change over the next ten or twenty years?I think there will be an end to the most extreme forms of “I produce in excess, I sell at diminishing “price points”, I place the rest on alternati..
Having Japan in our heart, we couldn’t not visit the new spectacular Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless. Created by the Japanese collective teamLab including architects, engineers, mathematicians, artists and musicians, located in the artificial technological island of Odaiba in Tokyo, the museum fascinates for the ability to combine figurative art and technologies of virtual reality. There are no art works to admire, you immerse yourself in the art work and interact with it inside light waterfalls, expanses of roses that transform into sunflowers and butterflies, mutant animals, enchanted forests of lamps, trees to be climbed, marine landscapes, symphonies of futuristic leds. Not just projections but unique sceneries that transmit a continuous emotion. And, moreover, labs for children and a tea house where you can ..
An ambitious project by CLEVERCities: to promote and create between today and 2023 green infrastructures and innovative natural solutions. Superstudio has been pioneer of times, and in 2014 hosted on the Roof the first large urban vegetable garden in Milan, a green project by Fondazione Pistoletto, with the permanent “Third Paradise” installation by the well-known artist. The project continued on the occasion of Expo2015 with the first paddy field on roof by Coltivare la Città association. The Roof Tour supported by CLEVERCities ends right at Superstudio: on 14th June a guided visit from 5pm by Ambiente Italia in collaboration with ROOF-matters and Ordine degli Architetti of Milan. Info:
Taking care of our planet. For Superstudio this is a priority at the base of many business decisions that have marked the year's innovation. 100% sustainable power: in consideration of the large consumptions, moving from traditional to ecofriendly power has ensured a much improved ecological impact on environment. Smart air-conditioning: in large and industrial spaces heating is one of the items that mostly affect costs and, even more, pollution. The newly installed digital system allows to control temperature in the various spaces according to what is hosted, with a remarkable saving. A vegetable garden on the roof: if in Tokyo having a garden on the roof is a legal obligation, in a city with so much cement like our Milan it is not a popular habit. Since 2014 we have created a vegetable garden and a lawn covering..

She is the most famous, esteemed and the most sought-after. She is the curator of Architecture and Design sector of MoMa of New York, where she arrived very young answering a job-posting on a newspaper, but also of the Broken Nature exhibition at Triennale of Milan where she points the finger at the environmental disaster. Gisella Borioli met her on the occasion of Lexus International Design Award. 

Your professional history is emblematic, especially in Italy. Is America always America?
I would rather say that New York is always New York. MoMa was an exceptional starting point. If you do something at MoMa, everyone sees it. There are extraordinary curators in the world that have not the visibility and opportunities that I have. However things are changing. There are many Biennials, Triennials, Design Weeks that are becoming popular, in Indiana, Istanbul, Beijing for example. Curators search for innovation. Nothing better than having the opportunity to discover other cities.

A subtle fil-rouge, at Superdesign Show 2019, connects proposals and research that are the basis of today’s design-thinking. Over these last few years’ creative bulimia, a lot of excesses displaced us and made us forget the great masters’ lessons, cultures embedded in our DNA, undeniable traditions, environmental risks and fears which, everyone, from now on, must face. On the another hand, the aesthetic changing trend does not stop, it feeds on invisible inspirations, welcomes cryptic messages, destroys and creates trends, interferes with desires, creates new consumption models. And a third aspect, technology moves with extreme acceleration transforming our own lives but is increasingly human-tech. The theme of this edition of Superdesign Show is Innovation&Tradition, born from the awareness of the co-existence of these three in..
On its third edition, Smart City is increasingly active and destined to grow in time. And its beginning on 13th March along with the Digital week, with the presence of Council Member Roberta Cocco, has a precise meaning. “It is human friendly Information technology that communicates with design” explains Emilio Genovesi CEO of Material ConneXion Italia and creator, with Chairman Rodrigo Rodriguez, of the exhibition. Technology must communicate with humans and Smart City is a reflection on topics of the future, on how to live urban areas. However, it does not want to propose an example of a sustainable city such as the ones that already exist in various countries, but points out a “latin way” to smart cities. Therefore a city that adjust to change, but just like Italian design adjusted to times, besides being functional, it has ..
Unreal but real, is the unreal yet real exhibition, to see only through your smartphone or tablet. The immaterial Toys by Flavio Lucchini, large sculptures of overlapped cubes like huge colourful toys, punctuate the whole path of Supedesign Show. Sculptures are photographed with the inevitable smartphone and are immortalized forever, but in reality they don’t exist as the space remains empty: they are born as small real maquettes designed by the artist but they transform themselves into unreal monuments through the technology of Sense - immaterial Reality, the latest evolution of augmented reality. All you need to do is download the App Flavio Lucchini Art, identify outside or inside of Superstudio the art-markers that indicate the points where the art works are located. Therefore frame the surface indicated by the art-markers and a scu..
The season of memorable events has just ended, at Superstudio Più, that has seen great players of technology, culture and international economy alternating in large halls with the presentation of their next goals. The demonstration, once again, that this location is by now the undisputable pole of Milan for prestige, quality, interest of its events. After Smart City, exhibition and conference on the theme of the future city organised by Material ConneXion with the Municipality of Milan for a whole month, among others we recommend the presentation by Iliad, new French phone company arrived in Italy with a low-cost offer capable of revolutionising the market. Moreover, the Xiaomi, Chinese company that in a few years has become the third manufacturer of mobile phone devices, sold exclusively online, that has presented its first Italian sing..
Great interest was raised for the first “New Materials for a Smart City”, an interactive exhibition/cultural space, organized by Material ConneXion in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and Superstudio during the last Design Week. An exhibition that explained through products, projects, simulations and words all the inventions that exist or will soon, to make our cities more intelligent and citizens happier. Thanks to hyper connections, advanced technologies, artificial intelligences, augmented reality, data transmissions, virtual assistants and other extraordinary performances, Milan (but not only) heads towards being an urban experimentation field that increases performance, security, civic service quality, intercultural relations. The preparation for the second edition is going on now, ready to gather the latest challe..
Beautiful is useful Once again this year we got some of the spaces floor repainted. The building’s original floor, that was in fact made by small industrial tiles, has been over the years renovated with a special industrial outdoor paint, that requires constant maintenance. Waiting to finally replace tile floor with a more modern resin - intervention planned within the next 12 months - we have given back uniformity to the luminous pearl grey floor. Furthermore, while working on the wiring on the ceiling, the now redundant 400 kg of electric cables have been removed, thus clearing out the spaces; now the area to install wiring in height is all available.The band is coming! Since the creation of Superstudio Events, our first target was to increase the Internet connection as much as possible, favouring the clients that chose our spaces...
There is no doubt that the Emirate’s most effervescent one is a futurebuilding laboratory where all challenges, trends and visions become true. Few visitors, beyond futuristic skyscrapers, technological and spectacular urban settlements, islands and artificial “palms”, get to know the most “soft” projects, and yet daring, people-oriented, projects focusing on both art and recycling/sustainability. In this sense, the area of Alserkal Avenue is very interesting, a quadrilateral old warehouses of metal sheet panels used in time to recover the necessary material and structures to build the city. It was thanks to the knowledgeable work by the Alserkal family, who for the last ten years has imagined and created a small district dedicated to creativity and intersection among artistic and industrial languages, unused storages have been ..
The multiplicity of artistic languages, disciplines crossing, technology and aesthetics interaction, opening of new markets, new production techniques, new sale channels, new working methods, new creative breeding grounds: all this completely changed, in a few years, the world design landscape, the way of thinking, making, communicating, distributing the objects that, changing our house or working place, change our life. Just think of the revolution brought by e-commerce, by 3D printers, by co-working, by self-production, by eco-friendly thinking, by art-design, by limited editions, by re-using, by countries which use to manufacture for third parties and are now creating ideas, by self-communication through web, facebook, instagram and much more in a click, and there is no doubt that the grounded world of big brand designers and archi-sta..
Extraordinary project involving ecology, architecture, food, de-sign, art. SuperOrtoPiù is a 750msq large urban vegetable gar-den, a project by Michelangelo Pistoletto-Cittadellarte on Superstudio Più’s roof. The installation will be working regularly all through Expo 2015. Cultivate the city is the essential condi-tion to go back living happily in communities that integrate ag-riculture in the urban environment. The Third Paradise, the sign created by the artist to promote the contact between nature and human activities, which overlooks the installation, is be-coming a symbol of regenerations of the places and territories that host it. The event, by Fortunato D’Amico, in cooperation with N.O.V.A. Civitas and AIAPP Piemonte and Valla D’Aosta section, host artist’s installations, exhibitions dedicated to landscape and propo..
It is a great honour to bring to Downtown Design, staged for the first time in the heart of Dubai (29 October -1 November), the Temporary Museum for New Design, highlight of the Fuori Salone during the Design Week in Mi-lan, the historic capital of international design. Launched in 2001 by Superstudio Group, at Superstudio Più, its spacious cultural and exhibition cen-tre dedicated to innovative events spanning the fields of art, fashion and design, and revamped in 2009 with the format ‘less fair and more museum’, the Temporary Museum explores the new confines of global design, paying great attention to research and quality, to new talents, to technological progress and crossovers with art. In its galleries international brands, great architects and young designers present their new creations with exciting and interac-tive install..
Coming in the Middle East with your Temporary Museum what expectations would you have of the region?I think the Middle East market, after so many economic, architectural and cultural progresses, is now ready to appreciate the most innovative and smart design, which values quality and research, not only evident luxury. I personally witnessed, in the last seven years, an improvement in taste both in the field of arts and design, adding new values to an increasingly mature region.Why did you decide to participate in the Downtown Design event?First, it has been love. I fell in love with Dubai since the first time I visited it, in 2006. I was struck by its history, its energy, its courage, the mix of nationalities, ethnicities, religions, cultures, the Oriental-Occidental lifestyle, the re-spect for tradition coexisting with the future visi..
What does Contemporary Design represent at this moment in Dubai and what is the outlook?Dubai is changing profoundly, and showing a great interest in design. The last few months have seen the opening of showrooms by Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Cappellini, Armani House and B&B and stores like The Ikon House with brands such as Vitra, Fritz Hansens and Comptoir 102. Dubai is a hub for the whole of the Middle East and Africa, one of the regions that have seen the fastest growth in the number of hotels and air-ports.Why have you invited Superstudio to bring its “Temporary Museum” and what are the prospects for the future?Superstudio is the “cornerstone” during Milan’s Salone del Mobile and we believe that it’s important to offer our visi-tors an international perspective. For us it is a great privilege to present the Temporary Mus..
What is the difference between the Temporary Museum and other design fairs?Temporary Museum aims to be a ‘receptacle of ideas and tendencies’ proposed by designers and manufacturers from various parts of the world. It doesn’t matter whether the designer is a star or a novice taking his or her first steps in the field or the manufacturer is a large multinational or a small workshop. What matters is the quality of the ideas. This is what makes it different from trade fairs that often take in everything without any kind of selection process.What are the lines of your art direction that make a difference?Clarity, coherence, simplicity and internationality are the guidelines I follow in my art direction of the Temporary Museum. Installations with a powerful emotional impact reach the end consumer as well as operators in the sector in a q..
In just a few years Slide has become a leading manu-facturer of plastic furniture produced using the technology of rotational moulding. How did this sensational growth come about?We were the first in the world to have the idea of de-veloping a complete range of luminous furniture that com-prises tables, seats, bar counters, vases and decorative objects that have made it possible to change the setting of events, public establishments and gardens. Before we started on our production, luminosity was limited to flood-lights, spots and other light sources that were not part of the furnishings and served only to illuminate. With the new luminous furniture the atmosphere has become ‘magical’.Alongside industrial production, you personally oversee a section of contemporary art with sculptures entrusted to famous architects or artists that oft..