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The new edition of White Show opens tomorrow. A full return to the usual mission of international research looking to the future.

The renewed format, a crossover of art, design, culture and technology, where the new venues of fashion are explored and special installations are created, sees White’s founder Massimiliano Bizzi working together with Beppe Angiolini, founder of Sugar concept store, who says “The paradigm of post-pandemic stores is destined to change and evolve. A wish for newness has strongly emerged, retailers need to go back to research activities and find stronger and stronger identities carrying their own style. White represents the reference platform for research and SMEs, as well as an important showcase where Made in Italy is supported...


Veronica Magni, a 29-year-old girl, wrote to us and aroused our interest. During the pandemic, she created a collection of bags, all unique and different from each other, focusing on diversity and tradition as core values.

“This was my favorite game ”. Veronica uses these words to remember the entire days spent with her grandmother to create bags with bolts of fabric. A game that one day became a mature project and today is a real profession that gives her the chance to create fashion bags with a vintage touch, thanks to the particular choice of thick fabrics, colors and leather. Costumers themselves are involved in the creative process of always unique and different pieces “just like any woman with her own unique personality”. Following this logic, Veronica’s project is detached from fast-production, entering the narrow and aware circle of small craftsmen. Recently she inaugurated her brand, Magni Collection, officially becoming a free and brave professional.


Daring combinations of extraordinary charm have paraded at the fashion show of Istituto Secoli on Thursday, July 8 at 5.30pm. The Academy made visible the collections of 27 designers at the end of their career on the official website ( in live streaming. Among its students there are three in particular who, having been identified as the best ones in the school, opened the parade, set in the large daylight of Superstudio, with real experiments on fabrics.

Among the different spaces of our structure, Istituto Secoli decided to set its “fashion tale” in the daylight that with its neutrality lent itself well to the presentation of the different collections made by the young emerging talents who brought the realization of their dreams right here on the catwalk at the end of a three-year course of study.  Behind the realization of the garments there is the study of the digital and virtual world through the different arts that generates, as it is suggested by the name of the inspiration concept “GE.NE.RA”...


In order to keep itself solid over time, a brand must rediscover, reinvent, but above all it  must be able to tell about itself. C.P. Company, our tenant for three years, has always managed to do and still keeps doing so. We knocked on the door of this new neighbor, driven by the curiosity to know him…because it is also thanks to these protagonists that Superstudio Più keeps breathing.

There are many realities concentrated here in the district of Tortona. Among these, there are some that have chosen to grow or develop further at Superstudio Più. A big space that Lorenzo Osti - the founder’s son of C.P. Company and the current president of the famous sportswear brand - defines as “a container whose beauty consists in its neutrality”...


Fashion can be passion, inspiration, art. This is how Flavio Lucchini, who has long been a fashion protagonist, celebrates it with an amazing sculpture.

Flavio Lucchini, as well as an architect, publisher, enlightened entrepreneur, is a refined and visionary artist. His great sculptures draw on his editorial background in the fashion world as creator of the most important magazines and they have become the evident symbol characterizing the three important creative hubs he founded in Milan, Superstudio 13, Superstudio Più, and, the last one, Superstudio Maxi.
DIVINE, an incredible golden evening dress, shines in all its gigantic size (9 meters) in front of the entrance of Superstudio Maxi and lights up Via Moncucco...


Wearable Art, the creative power of Fashion and Art come together to rethink artwork’s concept on its own, a phenomenon able to give life to indomitable works living and evolving with those who exhibits-wears them. Just like the recently announced collaboration between the internationally well-known writer Flycat and the street Broke Clothing brand.

It was the last art exhibition at Superstudio just before pandemic's great shock. Among the first writing philosophy's artists in Italy, Flycat celebrated his 50th birthday and 36-year career in MyOwnGallery with a significant solo exhibition. Kisses, greetings, hugs, toast… A crowded vernissage with more than 500 guests just in one evening.
And then everything closed, exhibitions, galleries, theaters, the previous life becomes a distant and faded memory...


Fashion winds discreetly among design avenues. Considered by some to be a minus, by others a plus. Totally ignoring judgment, fashion with its trends joins living choices, surfaces colors, coverings textures, interventions on shapes.
Fashion and design face market developments and changes together, adapting to the new needs that 2020 has highlighted even more. That's how Fashion responds.

Technology acceleration is ready to influence, distorting it, the next millennium also with regard to fashion. Fabrics will play a leading role...


Once the first Digital Fashion Week was over, the feeling was that Covid made a further victim: the fashion system. And all that goes with it. A reflection in cold blood on a half-successful event and on how to bring back the fashion trend.  

With great sorrow, I witnessed the last inexistent Milan Fashion Week of June, moved to July, spent among virtual attempts, calls on the web, mega-screens in the deserted city, digitalized presentations, the “missing” White, the most brilliant fair, with its experiments of Street Market and addressing eco-fashion and Fashion Revolution and its innovative men fashion proposals. An empty Tortona district, which used to be buzzing with fashion shows, events, hot show-rooms, restaurants full of creatives, for the sadness of residents and regulars. And the rest of the city, of course...


We asked an exceptional testimonial: Massimiliano Bizzi, founder and beating heart of White Show, the research fashion show that has become the most important contemporary fashion event  in Italy. He settled at Superstudio in 2002 , from that moment he began an incomparable growth and success. With White during  Fashion Weeks  fashion invades the whole Tortona area: more than 500 companies bring their message of creativity always with increasing attendance and interest.  And now? In this short video Bizzi gives voice to everyone’s concerns: less fashion but smarter, more attentive purchases  to people, sustainability as a primary value.

The post Covid-19. "I think that fashion must accelerate a process of innovation, which had already started before: that of mega production, of fashion that no longer has the ability to excite the final consumer. The fashion of the past, elegant, that made you dream, has become a fashion instrumental to marketing, somehow closed in on itself...


Is fashion art photography destined to succumb in front of the advance of mobile phone photos or realized for the fast communication of the web? Giovanni Gastel, photographer, artist, poet and number one of artistic fashion and top quality image replies. His photos live on the most important international magazines and in the museums that talk about contemporaneity.

The fashion world and its way of communicating, how will they emerge from this period of world blockage? Certainly it will be necessary to think deeply about the ways and times of fashion communication but also the message of fashion itself will have to change profoundly.
Print media, for a century, the only «communicating voice of fashion» suffers from a deep crisis given by the increasingly modest contribution of advertising. The magazines themselves close their doors as a result of this «a dog chasing its own tail»: no advertising no magazines no advertising. The imagined entry into the communication of the web is struggling to recover because of the terrible lack of poetry that these media convey...


“La Moda in altro Modo” lands on Youtube, images and testimonies on the golden years of Italian fashion in which Flavio Lucchini has been creator and protagonist as art director and creator of magazines. Project by Gisella Borioli with direction by Giovanni Gastel, the film is a visual and complementary story of the autobiography “Il Destino - dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda (e non sono uno stilista) by Lucchini. A fascinating journey marked by social, costumes, taste and socio-politics changes transformations which Lucchini interpreted through his magazines and his art. Fundamental steps. The 50’s of New Look by Dior: Lucchini creates Fantasia. The 60’s between Haute Couture and Beatles: Lucchini designs Amica and transforms Novità to Vogue...



For its vocation, Superstudio intercepts trends that collects and retransmits, through its events, the changes of society in different fields, but in particular and periodically, in fashion, in design and in communication. We have asked big representatives of theses fields an opinion on how much technology is going to influence their work.
GIORGIO ARMANI: A DISCREET TECHNOLOGY THAT RESPECTS VALUES. A rare coherence that didn’t keep him, always being himself, from moving in harmony with times and align to innovations, Giorgio Armani became the Greatest and undisputed fashion creator acclaimed all over the world. “When I started working, everything was much different. Communication tools were the traditional ones, the bond between fashion and innovation were still at an early stage. Things have changed today: social media are extremely popular, and it is necessary to keep pace with them, bringing one’s own thoughts and personal vision on the most followed platforms. At the same time, big brands and big companies show always more interest and attention towards innovation, pointing more and more towards anathic and correct approach, complying with the environment and worl..
2019 has been a year of great innovations for one of the most appreciated sportswear brands, along with the strengthening of the bond between Superstudio and the world of fashion. A permanent show-room of seven hundred square meters at Superstudio Più, C.P. Company, well-known brand founded by Massimo Osti in 1970 - third year in the Tristate group today, listed in Stock Exchange of Hong Kong- begins a new journey of renovation and growth that, starting from Via Tortona 27, foresees in three years new retail openings in Italy and abroad, including Holland, China with a particular focus on London. The company, whose’ success began long ago from the study of army uniforms made urban and “garment dyed”- the dyeing of an item of clothing, even of different materials, at the end of the manufacturing process, not using previously dyed te..
Perfect as a top-model, visionary as an all-round creative, cosmopolitan as a successful manager, charismatic as an opinion leader 4.0, famous as a diva, a media figure as a rock star, multitasking as a millennial, nice and pleasant as any girl, Chiara Ferragni often celebrates her success as an influencer and businesswoman with photo shootings and videos at Superstudio. Here she is in the latest performance in the Day Light space of Superstudio Più to immortalize her collection on socials. The following day she flew to Venice for the presentation of the documentary “Chiara Ferragni, Unposted” directed by Elisa Amoruso, that encourages to reflect on this young woman who, began from Cremona with a blog and became a global phenomenon.
The most striking news in the last two seasons of Man Fashion, the White Street Market on stage at Superstudio Più with a unique cocktail of fashion, street style, sportswear. Urban culture, environment integrity, street art, events, talks, videos and installations that have covered the topic of plastic recycle. The recipe by Max Bizzi founder of WHITE is innovative and brave: not only top brands and companies, not only the usual commitment to attract the most important international buyers, but a fashion village that makes Sustainability the real essence of every project on show. “Buy less, choose well, make it last”, says Vivienne Westwood, special guest of the latest edition, in her manifesto. “We are at the beginning of a route leading to the renovation of men fashion week” - claims Bizzi, founder of WHITE - “and I am happy..
Purists of design, promoters of the Fuorisalone as a phenomenon of widespread creativity, don’t appreciate this. They don’t appreciate that Fashion, with all its strength, has sneaked in, among small and big furniture brands, among manufacturers of supertechnological devices and designers in search of visibility, subtracting spaces and attention. After years of investments and hard work to create an event that involves the whole city and that made Milan the world capital of design, here, among companies pride of Italian creativity but with turnovers that don’t withstand the competition, among the many pioneers and experimenters, among universities of the world and young talents that still struggle among insufficient budget and unreachable locations, appear on the same stage and at the same time the Great Fashion Designers and f..
Among the interviews along with the numerous tributes to Flavio Lucchini’s anniversary, we propose an excerpt of the one published on Domus, that briefly retraces his professional story. You have been one of the most influential people in publishing in the 60’s/70’s/80’s. How (and when) have you discovered your vocation for fashion? As Giorgio Armani says, I was not born with the vocation for fashion as happens for many young ones from an early age. At primary school I was good at drawing. At high school I definitely wanted to be an artist. Fashion came working. After studying Architecture in Venice and Art at Accademia di Brera, you decided to dedicate yourself to fashion publishing. My experience in the graphic design began in Milan, where I moved in early 50’s attending Politecnico and, later on Accademia di Brera. I t..
The 90th anniversary of Flavio Lucchini and his long journey in fashion as creator of the most important magazines, art director, publisher, artist. At La Triennale di Milano a night dedicated to Lucchini's birthday, "Ricomincio da 90", celebrates the fruitfulness and continuous creative attention of an innovator who has left his mark in the fashion world in Milan. Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 9 pm we celebrate with a private event in the Hall of Honor with the movie LA MODA IN ALTRO MODO (project by Gisella Borioli, with the contribution of Oliviero Toscani and Giovanni Gastel, directed by Giovanni Gastel) and the presentation of book-autobiography IL DESTINO - dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda (e non sono uno stilista) in the presence of famous testimonials. To do the honors Stefano Boeri, President of the T..
An effervescent autumn in Superstudio 13 photographic studios, among new international advertising campaigns, global product launch and secured sets with unreachable celebrities. Cosmopolitan shot here its October cover with the curvy model Iskra Lawrence (in the photo) #bodypositive activist, queen of Instagram (4,2 million followers) and Ted Talk motivator. Rita Ora is a regular in our studios, she posed for Cosmopolitan, to then rush to the XFactor stage who attended her as international special guest. In addition, fashion week saw Tomorrow as protagonist, international multi-brand showroom, a small miracle as Italian management spread also in London, Hong, Kong, Paris and New York, a platform of sale, consulting, financial and communication services for consolidated and emerging brands. Simultaneously, a ton of beautiful models ani..
Celebrities visiting Superstudio 13 make no news anymore as everyday, well-known personalities in fashion, design, art, industry, economy, shows, sport are around the spaces. Here are some that have been with us in the last season: Stella Maxwell and Hiandra Martinez, Versace Resort 2019, photo by Lea Colombo. Manuel Agnelli and the Afterhours for Rolling Stone, photo by Fabio Leidi. Chiara Ferragni for Marie Claire Spain, photo by Gianluca Fontana. Patrick Cutrone for Icon, photo by Christophe Meimoon. Chloe Grace Moretz in Fendi for L’Officiel Paris, photo by Wulff Myro. Beatrice Vendramin for Gioia Magazine, photo by Andrea Gandini. Cate Blanchett, Armani dresses for Vogue Italia, photo by Tom Munro. Paola Egonu, video and photo for Red Bull. Alessandro Cattelan, new single hit presentation Street Clerk.
It was certainly not easy to rebuild Fiorucci’s history, that so much influenced the new generation’s style, just a few years after his death, and yet so many years after the ordeals that estranged him from his creation, depriving him even of the trademark. “Epoca Fiorucci” exhibition, open at Ca’ Pesaro in Venice until the 6th January, mends in a certain way the past to the present, reaching the phenomenon’s roots starting from the philosophy of the shops, real shop windows of his style. His world and his passions collided in these spaces: avant-garde fashion from swinging London onwards, post-modern design with the contribution of great innovators such as Sottsass, Mendini, Branzi, De Lucchi, pop and street art with the participation of standing artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol. Original dé..
Every month a new theme and a new subheading. However the recurrent title for the whole 2018 “I start over at 90”, recalls Flavio Lucchini’s long artistic itinerary, thirty years of experimentations in atelier, after forty years as art director and protagonist of the fashion publishing world. At ninety years old Flavio Lucchini takes a challenge with the exhibition of his essential work of his history as sculptor, many unpublished and never on show before ones divided by themes. “I start over at 90”, along with artist’s proof, preparatory sketches, maquettes, drawings, artist’s books and catalogues, press releases, memories, meetings, revisits, initiatives abroad, recounts an artist’s life that gave a strong contribution to the city’s continuous cultural growth. “In 1919 Duchamp used to say that art is dead. Thousands ..