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2002/2022. Twenty years of the White Show, from a small corner in the Fair in 2001 to the most influential and international independent contemporary fashion show that has reached the goal of more than 500 quality exhibitors. Each time an event not to be missed for the high rate of creativity and that has been able to expand exponentially keeping an eye on the "signs of the time". Let's go over, together with Massimiliano Bizzi, its brilliant inventor, this adventure that took off from Superstudio...

1. How did White become White?
White was born almost by chance, but it is no coincidence that it has become the most important reference show for womenswear in Europe...


The new edition of White Show opens tomorrow. A full return to the usual mission of international research looking to the future.

The renewed format, a crossover of art, design, culture and technology, where the new venues of fashion are explored and special installations are created, sees White’s founder Massimiliano Bizzi working together with Beppe Angiolini, founder of Sugar concept store, who says “The paradigm of post-pandemic stores is destined to change and evolve. A wish for newness has strongly emerged, retailers need to go back to research activities and find stronger and stronger identities carrying their own style. White represents the reference platform for research and SMEs, as well as an important showcase where Made in Italy is supported...


@AT and all of us at Superstudio take two weeks of well-deserved break from the problems of all kinds that this terrible year has thrown on us. In fact, even if we are physically distant from our Milan, the thought will be constantly connected with the improvements, changes, investments that we continue to make on our venues and for our activities, trusting with optimism in a recovery that allows us to start from where we were left. In order not to lose sight @AT remains available online in all its parts and comes back on paper and digital versions at the beginning of September.

Despite the never-ending health emergency, the closed pubs, the empty hotels, the journeys under observation, the contradictory numbers that you don't know if they must scare us or calm us, the wait for the miraculous vaccine that still doesn't exist, the economic downturn that has affected companies of all sizes, despite everything, we want to be optimistic. Let us try to look at our home by picking up those first movements that indicate that the path goes forward, as we wish you all...


We asked an exceptional testimonial: Massimiliano Bizzi, founder and beating heart of White Show, the research fashion show that has become the most important contemporary fashion event  in Italy. He settled at Superstudio in 2002 , from that moment he began an incomparable growth and success. With White during  Fashion Weeks  fashion invades the whole Tortona area: more than 500 companies bring their message of creativity always with increasing attendance and interest.  And now? In this short video Bizzi gives voice to everyone’s concerns: less fashion but smarter, more attentive purchases  to people, sustainability as a primary value.

The post Covid-19. "I think that fashion must accelerate a process of innovation, which had already started before: that of mega production, of fashion that no longer has the ability to excite the final consumer. The fashion of the past, elegant, that made you dream, has become a fashion instrumental to marketing, somehow closed in on itself...


In conjunction with the last days of Fashion Week in February, the health crisis has also dramatically affected fashion. In Milan, fashion shows behind closed doors, virtual fashion shows, fashion shows cancelled were the first responses of the fashion system that since then is frozen: shops, companies, orders, shopping it's all quiet, all closed. A very serious situation for this fundamental voice of national GDP and employment. From the first message of a retailer to thousands of emails received in recent days, came the spontaneous and viral movement "TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER" that has become a free association without charges, composed of small and medium-sized enterprises and craft businesses that sees firsthand the White fair and Confartigianato. An association set up to tackle the current situation in a cohesive manner and ...

At China International Import Expo (CIIE) large fair in November, at National Exhibition and Convention Center of Shanghai, developed by the Minister of Commerce of China and by City Council Government, Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Economic Development represented Italy, accompanied by one hundred seventy Italian companies. Next to the Minister, in the photo, Brenda Bellei Bizzi, Chief Executive Officer of M.Seventy and soul of White Show, the important contemporary fashion fair hosted at Superstudio Più and protagonist of the Milanese design weeks.