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Not just skyscrapers in the futuristic backdrop of the capital of the Emirates. Amidst the dunes of the pristine Saadiyat Island, the Cultural District houses the museums of great masters of Western architecture and, recently, the Abrahamic Family House as well, more than a stunning architectural structure: it is a work of art symbolizing harmony among diverse cultures and religions coexisting in our global society. This extraordinary example of design not only aesthetically embodies unity but also serves as a tangible bridge between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. A possible path.

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Architecture and design celebrate the desire for green with urban re-qualification projects and futuristic urban rooftop gardens...

The fact that the cultivation of a vegetable garden in the city has become cool is clear for all to see: for years now, there have been a growing number of areas managed by the residents of Milan who want to eat "zero km" food, real self-sufficient spaces in which to grow fruit and vegetables with low environmental impact in which the producer is also the final consumer. The fact that gardening on the terraces and roofs of buildings has become a question of design is evident from the important names in the world of architecture who have been involved in the creation of innovative and functional gardens in the heart of the Lombard metropolis.
And if the Bosco Verticale by Studio Boeri (2009) can be considered the noble "prototype", we must remember that since 2014 the roofs of Superstudio have been the experimental site for one of the first...


One opening, one project. Once again, the Tortona District in Milan is looking ahead. Thanks to Luxottica and Armani...

Those who remember how via Tortona once looked, from the point where it crossed with via Bergognone where today's Piazza delle Culture is, until its outer ring road, understand how much it has changed since then. With its two hubs, Superstudio 13 in via Forcella (opened in 1983) and Superstudio Più in via Tortona (opened in 2000) Superstudio has brought back to the area design, fashion, art, and communication, which have gradually occupied old laboratories and factories in decay, such as the big Post Office Building (now Deloitte) and the former Ansaldo (now Base). The very multifunctional cultural center at the Base began its transformation through the intervention of Gisella Borioli, who was a member of the Strategic Council at the time. This was created by Letizia Moratti, who suggested and led the passage to its new function as a street for creativity...


Technology is magical and fantastical, it challenges our most rooted habits, creating new opportunities out of them. For example, conventional table salt, whilst still associated with kitchens and food preservation, is currently undergoing a paradigm shift in its usage, with engineers and designers increasingly employing it to construct buildings of the future...

Salt has an ancient past: used to preserve food as early as 10.000 years ago, later among the Romans it was a currency to pay soldiers, hence the term “salary”. 
Today, salt is mass-produced also thanks to its adaptability and cost-effectiveness. Nonetheless, the amount of wasted salt has grown in recent times, resulting in the intensification of collective research to find creative recycling solutions...

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Curator, architect, designer, Luisa Bocchietto stands out for her particular sensitivity to creative women, as reflected in her 2008 exhibition DcomeDesign, in which she cast light on women's design, in her own particular way. Luisa Bocchietto has been President of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design, of the World Design Organization, and a member of the Italian Council for Design of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Through the artistic contributions of women in the fields of architecture and design, Superstudio is back in 2022 to promote women’s talent once again. Luisa Bocchietto, one of the contemporary protagonists of Italian design, discussed with us the current state of Italian women design...

The Triennale di Milano opens in rapid succession two exhibitions that pay tribute to two great and eclectic protagonists of Milanese and international culture: Giovanni Gastel and Ettore Sottsass, indeed, stands out for their extraordinary creativity and vision through which they were able to range in the most disparate fields, from writing to photography, architecture, graphics, philosophy, often merging languages. "Two great characters who have accompanied us with their genius for a long part of our lives" recall their friends Lucchini and Borioli...

The first event (1 December 2021 – 13 March 2022) is a tribute to the recently perished photographer Giovanni Gastel (Milan, 1955 –2021) through two exhibitions: The people I like, in collaboration with the MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome, and The Jewels of Fantasy, in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The people I like, curated by Uberto Frigerio with a production by...

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"Man is a biophilic animal" one could say paraphrasing Aristotle. Also, adding: «who in 2021 lives around a ficus» . The idea of Carlo Ratti – Carlo Ratti Associati based in Turin, New York and London – and Italo Rota – Italo Rota and Partners in Milan – of a house developing around a tree became the project for the private home of Francesco Mutti, CEO of Mutti Italia, which is located in the heart of the so-called Food Valley, just 100 m from the company of its owner...

We are located in Montechiarugolo, a town of 10,000 inhabitants in the Parma area, which for the beauty of its paths and its castle was included in 2020 list of the most beautiful villages in Italy...