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The FLA FlavioLucchiniArt Museum within Superstudio Più, 2000 m2 of space, which highlights the great creativity and profound background between fashion and design of the founder of Superstudio, has recently added The Lab, a small laboratory among many dedicated art-room by Lucchini, where from time to time a young artist is "special guest" with a specific personal exhibition in dialogue with everything that surrounds it.
The COLORFUL event which opens in conjunction with Milan Fashion Week and White Show, showcases Davide Paglia for the first time with his personal "Energie" exhibit: impulsive colors that explode in space, alongside the latest "Hair" series by Flavio Lucchini, one hundred portraits of women defined without features but only by colors.



In the Trussardi family, art and beauty breathed naturally at all times, ever since Nicola brought a breath of innovative creativity to the world of 1980s fashion, the first example of a global brand and immediately welcomed among the protagonists of the newspapers directed by the Lucchini/Borioli duo. Fashion entrepreneur who drew sap from the artists he surrounded himself with, nurtured his family and in particular particular his beautiful daughters who grew up with art in their blood. The FondazioneTrussardi became a reality three years before his death and the moral and material of Beatrice, the eldest daughter, who returned from New York after studying art, as president renewed her with a revolutionary project, together with  Art Director Massimiliano Gioni and the most important, and discussed, international artists.
From raid to raid in unpredictable places in Milan, the Fondazione Trussardi commemorates its 20 years of nomadic activity tomorrow with the exhibition Abstract by Diego Marcon in the small puppet theater Gerolamo, through June 30. In this enchanted space, with his films, videos and installations, Marcon constructs mysterious chamber dramas in which puppets, children and creatures move suspended between the human and the post-human. Mixing melodrama and special effects, he imagines a new humanity agitated by deep moral doubts and trapped in distressing actions that are endlessly repeated. Installed in this theater-bomb, the works spin on themselves like dancers in a hypnotic music box, evoking the
micro-worlds of Joseph Cornell and the fantasies of Carlo Collodi and Lewis Carroll.

Fondazione Trussardi. Abstract, di Diego Marcon. A cura di Massimiliano Gioni Teatro Gerolamo - Cesare Beccaria 8, Milano 5 – 30 June 2023
In its 20th year of nomad activity, the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi presents a new intervention in the city of Milan: the first institutional exhibition in Italy by Diego Marcon (Busto Arsizio, 1985), from June 5 to 30, 2023 at the Teatro Gerolamo, the puppet theater famous as "the little Scala" for its miniature size and fine architectural details designed in the 19th century by Giuseppe Mengoni, the same architect of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, where the Foundation's began the Foundation's traveling tour in 2003.

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… created by a group of students from the Tourism, Management and Culture Course at IULM, entrusted to Professor Manuela De Carlo, as part of the “Destination Management” workshop held by Professor Giuliano Gaia and resulting from a project by MuseoCity. The desired result was achieved thanks to fourteen teams of students who "explored" with video and photographic images as many museums, artist archives and cultural associations. Starting input and common thread that bind the visual documentations to each other: to make known the hidden beauty in the many, small/large "places" in which it becomes indeed art, culture, history, but also technology. The team which chose to narrate FlavioLucchiniArt Museum has created a sort of immediate, fast but exhaustive virtual path, set up with agility that winds through the labyrinthine spaces totally dedicated to the artist's work, inside SuperstudioPiù, at Via Tortona 27. Guiding and supporting this "speed tour" are the Gisella Borioli’s word - curator of the museum, co-founder with Lucchini himself of the hub, heart of the Tortona District, where art, design and culture have been at home for forty years – which punctuate the video and clarify the interpretation of fashion by Flavio Lucchini "... an extemporaneous fact, a cultural datum, a means of expressing oneself".



On the occasion of "Orticola", the traditional Milanese event dedicated to botany, and of the Milan Flower Week, Flavio Lucchini also offers the city a view of its flowers, in the Art Box of the hub at Via Tortona 27. Here are his unexpected, large “Flowers”: original, unreal, sketched, in reinforced plaster or resin. Some of them delicate and sweet colors like those of marshmellows. But the most part lack color, "because you can't compete with nature", because "their purity and beauty is forever". And so, the "Flowers" remain candid and smile at passers-by, inviting them to discover also the FLA, Superstudio's Museum where other works and flowers are on display. The artist's vision of the floral world recalls what the Belgian author Maurice Maeterlinck, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1911, expressed in his work "The intelligence of flowers", dated 1907: "The plant world that seems so peaceful, where everything appears acceptance, silence, obedience, is on the contrary the place where the revolt against destiny is the most vehement and the most stubborn."



The Milan Design Week and the 2023 edition of the Superdesign Show are underway. La Repubblica Milano puts it on the cover. 
A special thanks goes to the journalist Teresa Monestiroli!


In the renovated space of the FLA Museum inside SuperstudioatVia Tortona 27, Flavio Lucchini presents in preview part of his new works created in 2023 with the exhibition “Preview. My Memories”, a series of one hundred…non-portraits, if anything of faces, in which color – but also the graphic clarity of black and white – intentionally replaces the detailed definition of features.
From 11 April on the occasion of the Milanese Art Week, which also sees the opening of miart, from 2 to 6 pm and from 18 to 23 April on the occasion of Superdesign Show 2023 from 11 to 21 (the exhibition continues even after the Milano Design Week from 14 to 18 or by appointment).



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Two dark, large, deep, attentive female eyes, accentuated by a mass of equally dark hair that falls free alongside an imaginary face: this is the interpretation that Flavio Lucchini offers, in the context of the collective art project "Vision 47”, to two textile armchairs from the Pila 47 series, conceived by product designers Paolo Emanuele Nava and Luca Maria Arosio and made by Rubelli.

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After the debut at Superstudio Village "Art against violence - World with Women", an exhibition of interactive contemporary art made in Ukraine is going to move from 12 to 17 November to the Villa Reale in Monza, with all its emotional fullness, the horrors of war, memories and hopes expressed by photographs, paintings, installations, performances. A great part of the involved artists are women, the first victims of violence, who responded with powerful and, at times, poetic images and visions. Not to be missed.

 The exhibition curated by Giorgio Grasso is part of the "Ukrainian Art in Italy" project, conceived  by the associations VITAUK, Let's Do It Ukraine and Let's Do Italy, which, as mentioned, has already been proposed  - as an absolute preview in Italy -  the first week of last October at the Superstudio Village at Via Negrotto in Milan, a space which is going to become our fourth hub in the city, hosting Ukrainian refugees with their children since the beginning of the conflict. It was a significant and intense week, in which the exhibition of works by contemporary Ukrainian artists was connected with moments dedicated to fashion, prose and poetry, music and testimonies on what we want to define "open wounds" even today, nine months after the outbreak of hostilities.


Speaking of restless women who have left their sign, in the cultural world of Milan and beyond, journalist Maria Grazia Mazzocchi is one of those who have been able to influence the city and innovate radically in diverse sectors, from publishing to education to design to music and, recently, clearing the "cold shoulder" of museums and introducing them to an increasingly wider public. On the occasion of InTour, a fall event of MuseoCity, of which she is chairman, let's get to know her better

-  To talk about MuseoCity I would start by introducing the woman, who founded it and leads it after numerous experiences. How was born and how does " Mrs President" Maria Grazia Mazzocchi rise between publishing, journalism, design, music, culture, training always experienced with the same amount of enthusiasm?

   Indeed, life has led me to deal with very different topics, but always related to the world of art, and it seems to me that this has been a great gift, completely undeserved. From the editorial staff of Domus to Domus Academy to the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory to MuseoCity, I have had the opportunity to get to know different types of Arts and many really special designers and artists. I confess, however, that I sometimes regret that I did not become a pediatrician, as I dreamed of when I was young... sometimes I wonder if I would have been able to treat children properly?



Milan is the first Italian city for wine consumption and the fourth worldwide. A fact that alone justifies the success of the great event (now in its 5th edition) Milano Wine Week, capable of activating many experiential initiatives dedicated to the customer and satisfying the needs of the sector specialists. This year's partnership with Slow Wine will see the presentation of the prestigious 2023 guide and will allow 205 wineries to engage with the public (1000 seats available). Three imaginary "Regional Islands" will be set up, managed by Fisar (Federazione Italiana Sommelier Albergatori Ristoratori - Italian Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Sommeliers) certified sommeliers who will guide visitors on a unique journey through the best Italian bottles.

Slow Wine, Saturday, October 8, 2-6 p.m., Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27, Milan. Admission 49 euros (39 euros for Slow Food members), 1000 places available.

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After Mondrian, Chagall arrives at the Mudec, just a stone's throw away from Superstudio Più. "A tale of two worlds" exhibits more than 100 pieces of art curated by the Israel Museum of Jerusalem. On view is another Chagall: not the artist of the series “the lovers”, but the illustrator of Vitebsk and of private family memories, blending love and Judaism, is brought to light. Meanwhile, you can discover another legend on display: Henri-Cartier Bresson...

Undoubtedly a magnificent and not-to-be-missed exhibition. The Mudec discloses a private Chagall this time, the one that depicts his native village, Vitebsk (currently in Belarus), with winged charriots flying through the city's avenues in the background, and baggy skirted women walking with their umbrellas and hats down the roads. He shows us his house, a crooked hut, so miserable and crumbling that it looks as if it is going to collapse on itself along with the jewellry shop...

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Thanks to the extension of "Angela" until 3 April in MyOwnGallery at Superstudio Più on the occasion of the Miart, you can learn more about the artist's production through the video edited by Cinzia Malvini for the Magazine The Collector...

This is what art is about: starting again from ourselves, from our intimate and secret soul and bringing life back to the world. Angela Carrubba Pintaldi has returned after a long period of reflection, which was exacerbated by the Lockdown months, to express the strength and shapes of nature in each of her works.
"Angela", curated by Anna Imponente, under the...


The following are the protagonists of Angela, the exhibition of the artist Angela Carrubba Pintaldi opening tomorrow, 8 March, right on International Women’s Day, in MyOwnGallery. As usual, under the artistic direction of Gisella Borioli...

No better occasion to introduce our readers to the team of the exhibition, an all-female one. Starting from Angela Carruba Pintaldi. Of Siracusa, her native land, she has the intense energy and earthy vibrations of an endless world, the silent beauty of her passion, exuberance and pathos. Then, the curator, Anna imponente: she has been “Director of the Ministry of Culture until 2020, dealing with the promotion and enhancement of museums and cultural places”. Last but not least, the author of one of the poems on display: Maria Francesca Merloni...

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“A city of arts and culture is springing up alongside the ruins of a millennial city expected to become the first 2030 tourist hub in the area”, says our correspondent from the desert of Al Ula (Saudi Arabia), Mariella Dolci. As soon as a tourist arrives at the airport, a sculpture by Manolo Valdès welcomes them. Then, out in the open desert, against the backdrop of pierced rocks shaped by the wind, the interplay of mirrors of the Maraya Center impressively multiplies the natural scenery...

As part of Saudi Vision 2030, Al Ula will be the first region to open to tourism. The past is here, the future yet to be written. Hotels, restaurants for the most refined palates, cultural paths, horse races, and polo competitions are being built...


Angela Carruba Pintaldi is well-known for her jewel-sculptures torn from the earth and the sky, made of raw, precious stones and meteorites, for her large paintings made of pigments clumped on canvas, for her exciting installations, but also for her being an all-round artist, the central character of each of her works. After a long artistic pause, she returns to MyOwnGallery with an exhibition showing her latest works accompanied by stunning photos by Giovanni Gastel that reveal her many identities.

"Angela", an exhibition staged at MyOwnGallery in Superstudio Più from March 8th to 20th 2022 in Milan, is a story of and about Angela in her different identities, and it wants to be, first of all, a tale about who Angela really is in her different realities as an Artist.


In 2009/2010 the Taliban in Afghanistan seemed a danger removed, and the more evolved women were included in a new society where they could study, work, move and dress as they wished. The obscurantism of the burqa seemed to be buried. Forever. Instead… 

The cover of DRepubblica of February the 5th dramatically invites us not to forget what is happening now, after the first indignant reactions of the West. With the usual prophetic eye that looks beyond the present, through the lens of art, ten years ago Flavio Lucchini reflected on that burqa heritage of the past...


There is only a short walk from the Mudec to Superstudio Più. They share an industrial past in common: before the Museo delle Culture in Milan was transformed from a former Ansaldo factory to a contemporary building designed by David Chipperfield, the Superstudio had already been launched as a multicultural center for events and artistic interaction. However, rising on the site of the former General Electric, it has always retained its original nature as a factory. Having visited the Armani/Silos exhibition space, a few members of the Mudec headed to the FlavoLucchini Art Museum, another must-see attraction in the Tortona district where art and fashion combine. They include: Massimo Navoni, once assistant to Franco Maria Ricci (the founder of FMR), now he is cultural manager at Mudec; Daniela Piuzzi...

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Once again, Mario Balotelli makes headlines. Italy's most acclaimed yet controversial goal scorer will return to the national team for a three-day training camp to help prepare for March's match against Macedonia. Mario is a bit of a devil who can fly high as Flavio Lucchini depicted him in the 2012 digital painting Devil Balotelli...

It had been a while since Balotelli dropped out of sight. This happened despite his habit of making the news in the past decade, leading to what's known as the "Balotelli phenomenon". Super Mario has turned into a true bad boy icon over the years, so that his actions have meant he just can’t help getting into trouble, defined as "balotellata" in the Treccani Dictionary. The player was described as possessing...

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The inauguration of the Atelier Lucchini is the last stage, yet the most important, of an artistic path that has been carefully created through the buildings of Superstudio, a path to welcome visitors and professionals in a surprising environment.

The history of Superstudio is strictly related to contemporary art, as much as it is related to fashion and design as well, three disciplines that mutually benefit from this proximity in an endless circle of mutual contamination.This relation between Superstudio and art is not just limited to temporary contents brought by the various seasons of events and happenings, but thanks to the vision of the founders Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli it has been built a permanent system...


Bérénice Debras, travel journalist, is writing a fashion-oriented itinerary for the French magazine Ideat. After visiting Armani/Silos, just a few steps away she encountered the newly-opened FlavioLucchiniArtMuseum at Superstudio Più. This place is just the latest iconic address on the Milan fashion and art map...

Author of Le Figaro travel feature and the Tourism column for Ideat, co-author of the guidebooks series Un Gran Week-end à, Bérénice, together with the independent photographer Ludovic Maisant, Bérénice is writing a piece about Milan fashion must-see places. After her visit to the stunning Armani/Silos museum, she reached in a few minutes Superstudio Più, which is the core of the fashion industry in the Tortona area and...


Playful, jaunty, full of life, colourful. Those are the shoes that Carla Foca, born in Messina but Milanese by choice, has been creating since 2010. A Sicilian feeling stems from the exuberant palette: the blue of the sea, the yellow of the lemons, the red inside of the watermelons. From the first clay maquettes to the unique and fanciful objects in which art meets fashion (and viceversa), Carla Foca’s production is refined and uses the highest quality leather...

Carla Foca observes nature’s richness with simplicity: «the flora, the fauna inspire me endlessly...

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A must-see is a visit to the Piet Mondrian. Dalla figurazione all’astrazione exhibition at the Mudec in Via Tortona 56 just a stone’s throw away from Superstudio Più. This exhibition is not only a rare opportunity to see the artists' body of work – there are only five artworks by Mondrian in Italian art collections and the majority of those on display are from the Aja Kunstmuseum Den Haag – but also the setup itself is highly original, with "Mondrian space" taking shape within the museum...


A dozen contemporary art institutions - museums, galleries, photographic archives, artist's dwellings, house-museums, and business museums - will open their doors during the seventeenth Giornata del Contemporaneo on December 11th. The aim of this event is to promote the heritage of private collections in our country, which are unfortunately too often hidden from the public eye. The Giornata del Contemporaneo is promoted by AMACI – Associazione dei Musei d'arte contemporanea italiani – with the support of General Direction for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture. This is a rare opportunity to visit places that are otherwise inaccessible. The FlavioLucchiniArtMuseum is one of them...


The street-artist TvBoy (alias Salvatore Benintende) presents an exhibition at Mudec that traces his artistic journey from the streets to the museums with icons of media personalities and even former enemies who ended up as friends. As Mudec and many publications did, we are pleased to present his exhibition. Despite the enthusiasm, we owe it to our readers to make it clear that this is not his first show: his "first time" in an art-space was in 2010 at the Art Point at Superstudio Più with Mash Up. After 11 years, it was good to see him again in via Tortona...

As a result of launching the My Own Gallery concept gallery at the entrance of Superstudio Più, the ArtBox display case in Via Tortona, and the ArtPoint event hall for the first time, Superstudio Più opened its doors in 2006 to semi-unknown artists, original artistic languages, and creative fusions of all kinds, while offering free...


A prize, an exhibition, a project. Flavio Lucchini's work spans from Milan, and Dubai to Tokyo, showing an extraordinary life path, that does not cease to amaze...

This is a fecund period for Flavio Lucchini as a creative and artist, recalling a particular moment of the beginnings of his career when, in 1967, he was art-director of the newborn Italian Condé Nast, and together with the already famous graphic designer Giancarlo Iliprandi and other young advertisers, they founded the first autarchic version of the Art Directors Club, a yearbook of art directors and of their most significant works, which in 1985 gave life to the current, official, recognized organization Art Directors Club Italia.This year, Lucchini received the most desirable award from ADCI, the Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award, which was attributed to a man who was the master of generations of graphic designers, journalists, photographers, creative talents, being at the same time...

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What happens when a system fails? Or when a single cell sticks to a frame, and art merges with life? How does man invent infinity and go beyond himself? What kind of landscape welcomes all the possibilities? These are some of the questions posed by some of the works on display in the collective Osservatorio X, organized for the first time in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Through a selection of artists who learnt their skills in the painting classrooms of the Academy, we show off the art which is now exhibited into our basement. It's a shame not to bring it into the light...

Let's start from the beginning. From the life of bacteria and single-celled organisms. We are with Andrea Barbagallo, his production wants to introduce life in the artistic material. In the exhibition we find Osedex series: «Osedax which in Latin means "bone eater" indicates a particular type of bacteria that feeds on the bones of whales: undergoing such a dismemberment the whale does not die, but transforms into...

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I know a lot of things but I cannot speak, I pass from hand to hand, this weekend is totally mine. Who am I? What a riddle! We are referring to the book, of course. The Salone della Cultura kicks off on November 20th at Superstudio Maxi, with the participation of 220 exhibitors, independent bookstores and antique dealers from ten different countries. Variety is the keyword: ancient books along with modern and second-hand ones with the aim of restoring the image of the publishing sector. What follows are the innovations of this edition: six thematic exhibitions and the collaboration with BookCity...

«The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries» said René Descartes: the conversation changes, the actors alternate, but the idea is always the same, the need to know. The new combination Salone-BookCity expresses the need to know through book lovers and writers...


A collaboration between the Accademia di Brera, Superstudio and the FlavioLucchiniArt association allows young artists – both undergraduates or post-grads– to exhibit their artworks. Osservatorio X is the title of the exhibition that brings paintings, drawings, installations, performances – representing the latest trends – to the spaces of via Tortona 27. Open from 18.11 to 18.12...

X is the number of the edition of the project brought together in the two years 2007/2008, this currently involves 44 alumni and students enrolled...

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The fair, the queen of art markets: a place where since the Middle Ages human beings have not only done their business but also updated, interacted, and exchanged ideas, cultures and languages. In February 2020, the world was unconsciously approaching what has been called the "most serious crisis faced by postwar governments". Culture will be exiled from its places, including the fair. After the first uncertain reboots of the summer, with the Milanese contemporary...


We gladly publish this beautiful story by the journalist and blogger Angus James MacDonald from his RETRO MODERMISM site. This video provides evidence that the new Flavio Lucchini’s "personal fashion/art museum" has definitely enriched the artistic and cultural contents of Superstudio Più, by opening a mysterious space and a new path for art and beauty in the area. FlavioLucchiniArt’s atelier association and museum hosts hundreds of artworks by Lucchini, the Superstudio founder, as an artist, being a new fixture with creativity, adding to the other cultural spaces clustered in Via Tortona: Armani/Silos, MyOwnGallery, Base, Mudec...


A temporary "house" for Italian entrepreneurs visiting ExpoDubai2020. Where to explore business possibilities, fasten new relationships, organize confidential and convivial dinners for the entire period of the great universal exhibition. At the Hotel InterContinental in Dubai Marina a magnificent Penthouse that speaks Italian between art and design awaits you.

An intelligent and sophisticated project has been installed in the many rooms of Penthouse number 3801 of the InterContinental Hotel in Dubai Marina. Created by the Polytechnic and Polytechnic Foundation Milan with Lombardy Region, it has transformed every space into a room or a living room where you can accommodate "at home" with the warmth and refinement of Italian hospitality new contacts and exploring new possibilities...


The first fashion/art Museum of Flavio Lucchini has officially opened after the crowd of the first days of Design Week at Superstudio, with an evening between friends representing the bridge of command and the intelligentsia of Milan. The artist crowned thirty years of work in art.

the personal Museum FLAVIOLUCCHINIART was inaugurated yesterday with an exclusive evening invitation to the presence of the artist. A real small museum of fashionart where hundreds of works of the artist/founder of Superstudio made in the last thirty years are collected...



Superstudio entrusts the pandemic symbol to art with the Oblong exhibition that presenting the sculpture by Stefano Bombardieri that shows the superhuman effort of a child and an elephant. With an engineering program, Marta and her friend tell you their story over the phone. Just scan the QR code at the base with your smartphone…

This September, in Milan, at Superstudio Più, a surprise awaits us: a piece of contemporary art will “speak” to us, allowing us to participate in a surprising sensory experience.
The 1: 1 scale installation of “Marta and the Elephant” by the artist Stefano Bombardieri – which in its majestic size will welcome visitors at the entrance of Superstudio Più, becoming its symbol during the Design Week 2021 – will come to life...



To Ettore Mocchetti, historical director (for forty years!) Of AD, the prestigious magazine of the Italian Condé Nast, the task of introducing the presence of the Oblong gallery and its artists at Superstudio with the exhibition "Surprise! Art tells ", of which he is the curator.

When Emanuela Venturini and Paola Marucci, volcanic owners of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery with Art Galleries in Dubai and Forte dei Marmi, approached me and asked me to take care of Superstudio Più during the days of the next Fuorisalone taking place in Milan - in this period, I would rather call it “The Recovery” Salone - an exhibition of contemporary sculpture and painting, I immediately asked myself: why me? Is it because of the friendship that has binded us for so many years. Or is there more, maybe some of my concepts of interior design conceived (also) as a "stage for the arts"? And then, why a display of artists of the caliber of Stefano Bombardieri and Flavio Lucchini, to name just a few, who act as a precious corollary of a great event entirely focused on furniture design? ...



For a couple of years, a lively and innovative gallery has appeared on the international scene with its great artists, with the careful proposal of new ones, with its three venues in Forte dei Marmi and the large gallery in Dubai on Blue Waters artificial island.

For the first time in Milan, in MyOwnGallery’s spaces during the Milan Design Week at Superstudio, it brings two exhibitions, one of which is very special curated by Ettore Mocchetti: “Surprise! Art tells” with works by Stefano Bombardieri including the sculpture of a life-size elephant that flies held by a child, in addition the group exhibition with Manu Alguerò, Mario Arlati, Pablo Atchugarry, Tiziana Lorenzelli, Flavio Lucchini, Antonio Signorini, Gustavo Velèz...


The terrible news of the recent events in Afghanistan, with the corollary of deaths, injuries, violence and especially women denied and violated in their rights, cannot fail to reopen a wound in the whole world and also in us. 

For this reason we recall the work of Flavio Lucchini who already in 2010 denounced desires and dangers under the Afghan burqas with a series of works inspired by them, presented during the 54th edition of the Venice Art Biennale, 2011. Then, there was curiosity, investigation, irony, hope. Today no more. With the opening of the new FlavioLucchiniArt Museum at Superstudio Più, the mystery and the message of the female dress, from Haute Couture to Burqa, is again in the foreground, with the complicity of art...

Posted by: Serena Mormino

Since yesterday, Museo del Parco of Portofino has a permanent guest among the many works of well-known artists: the white Doll by Flavio Lucchini, a white version “special edition” of his colorful newpop dolls. This is one more reason to visit this charming garden, a place of art and culture, overlooking the small square and the marina of the famous locality in Liguria. “White Doll” has been welcomed by the museum’s founding director Daniele Crippa and its curator and art critic Serena Mormino, along with several guests. The curator will tell you the story.

Entering Lucchini’s world is like entering a special of 50 years of contamination between fashion, art and design; immersing yourself in the Italian history admired by the whole world and that today is reinterpreted more than ever, with the feeling of being really involved, so much strong is its involvement and tangibility. What I define “The essential vitamin of Life” has been administered by Lucchini in its most complete form… 


In the famous "Park’s Museum” of Portofino, among the many artworks of great artists, a white “Doll” made by Flavio Lucchini enters permanently. An event that honors him, almost in conjuction with the opening of his “personal museum” in September in Milan.

The International center of Outdoor Sculpture is visited every year by thousands of tourists fascinated by the botanical treasure kept in the promontory and is set up in the terraced garden of the Castle of Baron von Mumm, giving life, since the 80s, to the Park’s Museum of Portofino.
It hosts important works, donations of many international artists who have left a mark creating an original place where culture is breathed in the middle of nature with the view of the sea and the magical setting...


The laying of the huge sculpture Divine by Flavio Lucchini, occured in recent days at Superstudio Maxi, was such a fascinating adventure that it deserved a video documenting the event.
Divine, that was conceived in 2007 for a city project that did not materialize, was however created by the artist and built next to his atelier waiting for the right occasion. This happened with the opening of the new big exhibition space Superstudio Maxi, in Via Moncucco in Milan. As for the other venues of Superstudio group, also to the latest location is destined a spectacular and favorable artwork about fashion, design, art and beauty...


What are the origins of sculptures? According to Flavio Lucchini it certainly arises from an idea that turns into a sketch, than into a design, materializing itself in a painting, eventually occupying the space in its three dimensions. The exhibition “FLAVIO LUCCHINI: PAINTINGS & MORE” in MyOwnGallery (Superstudio’s gallery) illustrates this path behind Toys sculptures. The photos have been taken by Angelica Cantù Rajnoldi, a young photographer of great sensivity. There are also other paintings, never exposed to the public, and small sculptures in addition to an immaterial experience to live with your own smartphone. 

Paintings: only the soul of dresses Switching from the graphics of his first works to the art-direction of fashion magazines, he was stunned by the change of the femininity ideal...


Fashion can be passion, inspiration, art. This is how Flavio Lucchini, who has long been a fashion protagonist, celebrates it with an amazing sculpture.

Flavio Lucchini, as well as an architect, publisher, enlightened entrepreneur, is a refined and visionary artist. His great sculptures draw on his editorial background in the fashion world as creator of the most important magazines and they have become the evident symbol characterizing the three important creative hubs he founded in Milan, Superstudio 13, Superstudio Più, and, the last one, Superstudio Maxi.
DIVINE, an incredible golden evening dress, shines in all its gigantic size (9 meters) in front of the entrance of Superstudio Maxi and lights up Via Moncucco...

Posted by: Carlota Calvi

On the Art Point building first floor there’s a Milan-style lounge which has made contemporary art its cheerful moment, to share and debate creativity. Hangar21 is the company that inaugurated its new space at Superstudio with two female projects on show until the end of May.

Empowered and free women, allowed to have a new look, to be a voice, also and especially through Art which has always been one of the privileged, independent human expression forms and narration with its most opaque nuances. The women’s Concrete Freedom exhibition has launched Hangar21 space, a digital production company by TMP Group. Some of the artists’ works involved in the workshop and publication of concrete poetry made by BBDB Studio in collaboration with Women For Freedom are exhibited...


During the pandemic, when the world of art and performance had its vent almost exclusively in digital, acute artist Anna Scalfi Eghenter, grasped the moment of suspension creating "Interim Measure": an extremely active and physical work at the Teatro Sociale in Trento.

Anna Scalfi Eghenter’s works weave art, performance, social themes in a carefully designed warp. It is necessary to have great experience, a universal and at the same time peculiar vision, a good spirit of self-denial and clear ideas to produce works such as "Surrendering army", a series of 3D printed soldiers, posing for surrender and presented in 2015, long before the Black Live Matters made the US police American knelt or Gaptransfer, an artistic and participatory project that turns the gender pay gap into a discount for women...


Art and politics together in Dubai. It’s not often that these issues meet. However, thanks to an Italian art dealer, an art enthusiast politician, a minister interested beyond official commitments and some "expats", Oblong, the most beautiful gallery in the Emirate, was a very promising visit’s stage.

The prestigious Oblong, our reference art gallery in Dubai, a cultural bridge between West and the Middle East, exclusive representative on site of great Italian and international artists, including "our" Flavio Lucchini, received the Minister Di Maio visiting Dubai and the Italian pavilion in progress at Expo 2020/2021 which will open in October...


Wearable Art, the creative power of Fashion and Art come together to rethink artwork’s concept on its own, a phenomenon able to give life to indomitable works living and evolving with those who exhibits-wears them. Just like the recently announced collaboration between the internationally well-known writer Flycat and the street Broke Clothing brand.

It was the last art exhibition at Superstudio just before pandemic's great shock. Among the first writing philosophy's artists in Italy, Flycat celebrated his 50th birthday and 36-year career in MyOwnGallery with a significant solo exhibition. Kisses, greetings, hugs, toast… A crowded vernissage with more than 500 guests just in one evening.
And then everything closed, exhibitions, galleries, theaters, the previous life becomes a distant and faded memory...

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The battle against air pollution increasingly involves production and in particular fashion and similar. The American shoe brand Converse has launched a public art initiative aimed at actively combating air pollution in cities around the world, as part of its current advertising campaign “City-Forests”.

The central concept of the project is the idea of "planting trees" where otherwise they could not grow, having local artists create a series of murals that absorb pollution and that attract and convert air pollutants into harmless nitrates.
These murals are made with a specific paint, called KNOxOUT...


An avant-garde multimedia artist, a famous illustrator of the nineteenth-century, the greatest poet of all. Felice Limosani has animated the incredible engravings by Gustave Doré for Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy with digital technology for an immersive exhibition that will take place in Florence on September 14th in Complesso Monumentale di Santa Croce. Save the date: this video is the impressive "taste" of “Dante the Eternal Poet” that we offer you in preview on the Dante Alighieri National Day.

"The digital revolution currently underway, on one hand, opens up new stylistic horizons drawing on new languages and, on the other, is changing the way culture is represented, used and promoted..."

Posted by: Carlota Calvi

The French-Algerian artist Neïl Beloufa on show in Milan with “Digital Mourning” curated by Roberta Tenconi. After Trisha Baga and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Pirelli HangarBicocca continues the research path among  new aspecs of video and digital art, tracing the contemporary ranks through artists who have made cutting-edge devices their own form of discussion and experimentation.

In 2014 Art had already predicted a Pandemic outbreak and the digital human response, with an Artwork/TV series. This is how Neïl Beloufa welcomes us to his first Italian monographic exhibition. The Screen Talk interactive installation opens the show and invites the audience to choose which premonitory episode to watch in the maxi screen just in front of him...


With Marina Pugliese, curator and leading figure in the field of art, put in charge of the new office to promote and enhance public art in the city, Municipality adds an ambitious goal to its vision of Milan 2030. We talk about street-art, which has already conquered many public and non-public walls, but not only. The project also includes high-impact urban installations and sculptures capable of enhancing suburbs by bringing all services and opportunities, including art and culture, to 15 minutes from each home. Project evolution can be followed on « Art in public space » Municipality's web page or by contacting the office in charge of. Works installed on open squares but also in private places will enter the catalog and among these we would gladly see Superstudio’s Art Garden...


We knew that our "Unreal but Real" exhibition with Flavio Lucchini artworks in augmented reality was avant-garde, but we would not have imagined even prophetic. A new way of enjoying contemporary art that Superstudio had already guessed almost two years ago. A trend that today becomes a necessity. 

Presented in April 2019 at Superstudio Più with the brand new technology created by Sense - immaterial Reality, the virtual exhibition allowed you to enjoy an emotional journey through the mobile phone and a dedicated app of Flavio Lucchini's large sculptures and installations, which interacted with visitors and they could also be photographed as well as shared on social media...


The first project that Superstudio dedicates to female creativity, IN WOMEN'S HANDS, strongly desired by Gisella Borioli. ends. For over a month the exhibition hosted 13 talented artists and designers, confirming itself among the top appointments of Milan Design City and Interni Designers Week.

More than 1600 visitors and over 100 press and TV releases, including RAI Tg1 and RAI Tg3 with a dedicated service, national Corriere della Sera with piece by Silvia Nani, La Repubblica, Il Giorno, Interni, Elle Decor ...
Special thanks to Isabella Angelantoni Geiger, Vera Belikova, Mavi Ferrando, Francesca Gasparotti, Adriana Lohmann, Ilaria Marelli, Paola Navone, Elena Salmistraro...


In the former printing house in via Assab, Milan, where books, art catalogues and encyclopedias were once printed, the art world exploration continues through the many languages in which it is expressed today, thanks to the passion of Elena Quarestani and her team of collaborators always open to new contributions. We recommend the new three-part exhibition 1+1+1/2020 open until November 24th.

For the fourth appointment with 1+1+1 at Assab One, the comparison between different artistic expressions returns, based on a project by Elena Quarestani under the curatorship of Federica Sala. An event outside the circuits, the rules, the market that nevertheless offers a glimpse of important research that invites you to reflect and a corner of the old Milan that is unexpectedly nourished by art. An independent space and a no profit association that moves for the pure pleasure of art, among the first to open after the most acute crisis of the pandemic...


The first of the projects dedicated to female creativity including art, design, architecture and craftsmanship which will reach its peak during the April Design Week with a completely dedicated pavilion, starts in MyOwnGallery.

"Nelle Mani delle Donne" ("In Women's Hands") - a title that says it all - aims to investigate, lightly, carefully, with irony, with foresight, into the world of creativity and begins with two small but significant exhibitions in MyOwnGallery, the Superstudio gallery always open to challenges, trends, new languages. Established artists and architects and young creatives talk about themselves with their work and a talk in the evenings dedicated during the exhibition time...


An original initiative by Oblong, the gallery recently opened in Forte dei Marmi and Dubai as a bridge between Italy and the Middle East, asked ten of the artists represented, including Flavio Lucchini, to specifically create a unique about "Thirty for Thirty" dimension work, that is also a tangible thought about what Covid-19 left us. Opening Saturday August 8 in Forte dei Marmi.

Numerology is said to be infallible. Three is a golden number, sacred, which encloses the extraordinary powers of energy, creativity, the ability to regenerate and grow. And Three are the sides of the triangle, a geometric figure with ancient meanings, a metaphor for the encounter between Heaven, Earth and Man.From the Mayan civilization to the symbolic universes closest to us, the references recur frequently and often return analogous, even if in disparate places and contexts. Must such ancient wisdom be linked today to a contemporary art exhibition? Perhaps not. Or maybe yes, if we consider the art and the gesture that underlies it, bearers of timeless values...


Among top Italian artists who have reached important international goals with their monumental art works there is of course Maria Cristina Carlini, rare feminine presence in a masculine world: she brings out the soul from iron, soil, logs, shaping with her hands majestic ancestral sculptures that dialogue by contrast with contemporaneity. Her artistic presence starts in the 70’s, from California, leaving a mark in America, Asia, Europe, in squares and museums, until “the new city that grows”, which becomes a symbol of the Expo in Milan. At Superstudio, in 2013 she experimented the interaction between art and design. Her last exhibition “Geologie, memorie della terra” is set up in the former Church of San Sisto in Milan until 8th September side by side with the art work by Francesco Messina. The “strength” of a dedicated woman talks more than a thousand words.

What “strength” made a woman artist establish herself in a field so controlled by men such as monumental sculpture?
The “strength” lies in the need to express myself, in the desire to create an art work, an impulse that I can ignore and that most of the times drives me to create monumental sculptures...


After the exhibition in MyOwnGallery in 2019 that marks his return in Italy after 30 years, the Korean artist Kim Seung Hwan is designing a great installation of monumental sculptures and a furniture collection that we will see during Milan Design Week 2021, at the Superdesign Show which continues its museum-like contaminations. From August 22, however, a new solo show in Udine.

You began your artistic career in the 90’s, in Pietrasanta. You won the Critic Award during the very first edition of MiArt. How has this all-Italian beginning influenced you?
I was inspired and influenced by the works of modern Italian sculptors. While I was working in the atelier in Pietrasanta, I met several International and Italian artists and I am pleased to have seen some of the finest marble works. I was also excited about thinking of Michelangelo working in the same place as me...

Posted by: Ilaria Marelli

"My research on women dresses with generous volumes, was born a bit for fun during the lockdown period, when the word "physical distancing" was repeated over and over by every media. Researching inside beauty something able to exorcise the moment of both collective and of course personal anxiety has been a kind of therapy for me... "


In MyOwnGallery, two exhibitions in one, Superstudio’s gallery in via Tortona 27 bis. On stage under the unifying title of "FASHION SHOW by Flavio Lucchini" the virtual experience of UNREAL BUT REAL where his little Toys become big immaterial Totems through a smartphone with technology by Sense. The original MADE IN ITALY mural sculptures of the Dress Memory series pay tribute to the beauty of the most precious and creative fashion.
A visit to the gallery is also an opportunity to visit, by appointment, Flavio Lucchini’s majestic art work archive, a little solo museum preserved in Undergallery in the Basement of Superstudio. A journey through thirty years of an incredible dialogue between art and fashion, filled with many tributes to designers who created the Made in Italy. An opportunity to take home a valuable art work at a special price, that will be donated in support of those most affected by the pandemic...


Nanda Vigo, a light artist who collaborated with the greatest artists of the 60s and 70s, died in mid-May, leaving the mark of her strong personality. The last exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan was a late and in the same premonitory tribute to her greatness.

I remember a beautiful and lively blonde girl who, while I was looking at my first experiences as an editor, first in Ottagono and then in Vogue, in the second half of the 60s, turned the more traditional Milan upside down by bringing you with her teammates, Piero Manzoni, Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani, and the great Gio Ponti, the effervescent wind of the avant-garde. It was with Fiorucci, a pioneer of all new things, that I met her, with a mixture of awe and admiration. She was strong, ironic, combative, in years when women still struggled to emerge in environments considered male. Artist, designer, architect? Each qualification was reductive for her. I found her in Nanda Vigo Light Project, the beautiful exhibition at Palazzo Reale curated by Marco Meneguzzo (summer 2019), the first anthological retrospective finally dedicated to her in Italy, after more than four hundred exhibitions around the world...


In the postcovid-19 world nothing will be as before, it's said. And certainly myths and values that have so far been overwhelmed by ephemeral and often inconsistent characters and trends that occupy the covers of magazines and the pages of newspapers will return to the surface. A revolution that has just begun.

We need competence, commitment, quality against appearance, superficiality, improvisation, the supposed talents from Talents Show. We need people who know how to take responsibility for bringing the world to a saving, better horizon. Of new heroes that cloud false myths. To better know and appreciate doctors, scientists, researchers, engineers, anthropologists, chemists, physicists, architects, urban planners, computer scientists, artists who can take us out of the ford and give us back security...


Even art against the terrible Covid-19. Artists and galleries offer their works for a fundraiser that combines beauty with generosity. Flavio Lucchini is among them.

"Beauty will save the world" wrote Dostoevskij in one of his famous novel, and never as in this moment of fear and uncertainty our eyes would like to be filled with beauty, whether it be a natural landscape, an exotic journey, a work of art…
Emotions that only partially the virtual world can evoke.
When the desire for beauty is combined with the desire to help the forces in the field that fight against the virus that has upset our lives, the marriage is perfect. As for the initiative of Blindarte, gallery and auction house based in Milan and Naples, which launched the "ART to STOP COVID-19" project, an online auction where you can buy at very attractive prices a rich selection of art works both contemporary and modern, antique paintings, art design, drawings, also photography and graphics.
All proceeds support the Lombardy region or the Pascale Institute of Naples, to be chosen by the purchaser...


Oblong Contemporary Art is the new contemporary art gallery based in Forte dei Marmi and Dubai opened at the end of 2019 by gallery owners Paola Marucci and Emanuela Venturini. International vision, bridge between the West and the Middle East, famous artists, quality works. Among the artists also Flavio Lucchini, president of Superstudio Group, but a refined sculptor from thirty years. For this strange cloistered Easter, the best wishes from friends for whom art is the reason for living.

Watch the full video:


“La Moda in altro Modo” lands on Youtube, images and testimonies on the golden years of Italian fashion in which Flavio Lucchini has been creator and protagonist as art director and creator of magazines. Project by Gisella Borioli with direction by Giovanni Gastel, the film is a visual and complementary story of the autobiography “Il Destino - dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda (e non sono uno stilista) by Lucchini. A fascinating journey marked by social, costumes, taste and socio-politics changes transformations which Lucchini interpreted through his magazines and his art. Fundamental steps. The 50’s of New Look by Dior: Lucchini creates Fantasia. The 60’s between Haute Couture and Beatles: Lucchini designs Amica and transforms Novità to Vogue...


The metropolis of oil, of daring skyscrapers, of finance, of Expo, of expats, of health tourism, of desert, of future, and of hundreds more clichés, that often do not tell the whole truth. Along with Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, Dubai is growing as art city, as focal point of Arab Emirates responsive to visual contemporary creativity, with festivals, exhibitions, museums, galleries, exhibiting centres, urban installations, international calls for public and private projects. The arrival in the capital of Ida Zilio Grandi from Venice as director of the “Istituto Italiano di Cultura, the opening of Oblong Contemporary Gallery on the Bluewaters island with Paola Marucci, Emanuela Venturini and the Galleria Contini, the new designation of Giuseppe Moscatello as art-consultant with many prestigious assignments including ...

“I am 50. Hard for me to believe it, I say this because I’m still the same, I still have my Dodgers baseball cap, coloured hands... I still get excited when I am given a new Hot Wheels as a present, I still get emotional when I look back at photos of my friends who have gone away too soon; this is the spirit that guided me up to now and it’s the same one that brought me back to MyOwnGallery of Superstudio, with my solo exhibition...”. “THE PIECE (PEACE) MAKER” it is not just an exhibition, but a celebration of “Underground Culture” by Milanese artist Flycat, an indisputable forefather of the first generation of Writing and Hip Hop culture in Italy. To celebrate his 50th birthday and 36 years of artistic career, 100 art works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and much more, narrate the story and philosophy of the ..
Artist, sculptor, cultural businessman, and over the last ten years, designer, it is hard to define Kim Seung Hwan in only one discipline. “Organismi & Harmonie” presents a hybrid collection between sculpture and design, thus defining the new aesthetic direction taken by the artist. The exhibition curated by Martina Corgnati, highlights artifices and nature, modernism and archaism that reconnect to the geometric and mathematical laws and underlines the impeccable control by Korean sculptor of plastic materials, from bronze to polystyrene up to stone. Kim Seung Hwan begins his career in the nineties at Pietrasanta where he attends the Carrara Accademy, and then continue his journey in Asia. In 2008, together with his wife Lanki Jung, he founded, on the outskirts of Seoul, the large centre for contemporary art Dio Art Center that..
A large gallery mainly dedicated to sculpture is born in Dubai on the recently built artificial island Blue Waters, a luxury and peaceful oasis right in front of the chaotic Dubai Marine. Oblong, 300sq.m and large window glasses that give light, is born from the will by Mara Firetti, Paola Marucci, Emanuela Venturini, three passionate women who have dealt with art all their lives. The gallery in Dubai arrives a few months after the one of Marina di Pietrasanta. They both offer an accurate selection of art works by top level either very well known or less known artists, including Igor Mitoraj, Manolo Valdés, Flavio Lucchini, Mario Arlati and more. Info:

"Man on the Moon” exhibition will be the protagonist in June, it recalls the Ghost Book theme, a new editorial and multimedia project on Italian art photography, founded by Giorgio Racca. Pier Paolo Pitacco, art-director and well-known artist at Superstudio for his numerous collaborations, in charge of graphics and contents explains: “Ghost presents original and uncommon stories, alternating great names and emerging young ones. The number 5 volume, just like the exhibition, is indeed dedicated to the 50th anniversary since the Moon landing. About ten authors describe their personal vision of the satellite with their photographs. An evocative and fascinating exhibition and a step to create a community that shares research of quality and that finds itself in a class publication”. 

Having Japan in our heart, we couldn’t not visit the new spectacular Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless. Created by the Japanese collective teamLab including architects, engineers, mathematicians, artists and musicians, located in the artificial technological island of Odaiba in Tokyo, the museum fascinates for the ability to combine figurative art and technologies of virtual reality. There are no art works to admire, you immerse yourself in the art work and interact with it inside light waterfalls, expanses of roses that transform into sunflowers and butterflies, mutant animals, enchanted forests of lamps, trees to be climbed, marine landscapes, symphonies of futuristic leds. Not just projections but unique sceneries that transmit a continuous emotion. And, moreover, labs for children and a tea house where you can ..
Alessandro Mendini, a Master and a fundamental and unforgettable personality in the post-modern design panorama, since the creation of Alchimia in the late 70’s, has been close to Superstudio not only as a friend but also as an author of various exhibitions and installations in addition to the “heart plate” designed for the Municipality of Milan. His ironic and disenchanted vision, his poetry and eclecticism, his openness and his vision, have been instructive for many designers who became famous. His pieces are now icons kept both in houses and many museums. Among the thousands of unforgettable works, the Proust armchair and the museum of Groninger in Holland. We honour him, with this last interview to Gisella Borioli. Thank you Alessandro.What changed, since 2000, and what will change? In these twenty years, the world has become di..
An ambitious project by CLEVERCities: to promote and create between today and 2023 green infrastructures and innovative natural solutions. Superstudio has been pioneer of times, and in 2014 hosted on the Roof the first large urban vegetable garden in Milan, a green project by Fondazione Pistoletto, with the permanent “Third Paradise” installation by the well-known artist. The project continued on the occasion of Expo2015 with the first paddy field on roof by Coltivare la Città association. The Roof Tour supported by CLEVERCities ends right at Superstudio: on 14th June a guided visit from 5pm by Ambiente Italia in collaboration with ROOF-matters and Ordine degli Architetti of Milan. Info:
The Triennale, with Stefano Boeri as chairman, never stops surprising with its increasingly interesting activity. After a long period of design annual theme exhibitions curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, it is now hosting a more classic and permanent form of exhibition. At the same time as the not-to-be-missed Broken Nature exhibition curated by Paola Antonelli, the Museum of Design curated by Joseph Grima, is now located, filter-free on the ground floor. A way to respond to a basic demand of culture and knowledge - in connection with the museum of ADI and the regional companies museums - and to ensure visibility to the Triennale’s heritage with unique pieces by great masters. Finding domestic objects, that quietly entered our houses such as Valentine writing machine by Sottsass, the inflatable armchair by Zanotta, the unfailing foldable..
A subtle fil-rouge, at Superdesign Show 2019, connects proposals and research that are the basis of today’s design-thinking. Over these last few years’ creative bulimia, a lot of excesses displaced us and made us forget the great masters’ lessons, cultures embedded in our DNA, undeniable traditions, environmental risks and fears which, everyone, from now on, must face. On the another hand, the aesthetic changing trend does not stop, it feeds on invisible inspirations, welcomes cryptic messages, destroys and creates trends, interferes with desires, creates new consumption models. And a third aspect, technology moves with extreme acceleration transforming our own lives but is increasingly human-tech. The theme of this edition of Superdesign Show is Innovation&Tradition, born from the awareness of the co-existence of these three in..
Unreal but real, is the unreal yet real exhibition, to see only through your smartphone or tablet. The immaterial Toys by Flavio Lucchini, large sculptures of overlapped cubes like huge colourful toys, punctuate the whole path of Supedesign Show. Sculptures are photographed with the inevitable smartphone and are immortalized forever, but in reality they don’t exist as the space remains empty: they are born as small real maquettes designed by the artist but they transform themselves into unreal monuments through the technology of Sense - immaterial Reality, the latest evolution of augmented reality. All you need to do is download the App Flavio Lucchini Art, identify outside or inside of Superstudio the art-markers that indicate the points where the art works are located. Therefore frame the surface indicated by the art-markers and a scu..
Igloos doesn’t come unnoticed, the extraordinary exhibition that welcomes visitors in the immense Hangar Pirelli Bicocca in Milan, open until the 24th February 2019. A dreamlike village that gathers conceptual “shelters” created by Mario Merz (1925-2003), master of Arte Povera, throughout the years with natural materials or ones that life provided him, pieces of woods, concrete rebars, faggots picked up in woods, broken glasses, metal sheets, words turned into lights with neons. Igloos in particular, visually reminiscing primordial homes, for the artist become the archetype of the inhabited places in the world and the metaphor of the different relations between indoor and outdoor, between physical and conceptual space, between individuality and community. An exhibition project curated by Vicente Todolí and created in collaboration ..
Among the interviews along with the numerous tributes to Flavio Lucchini’s anniversary, we propose an excerpt of the one published on Domus, that briefly retraces his professional story. You have been one of the most influential people in publishing in the 60’s/70’s/80’s. How (and when) have you discovered your vocation for fashion? As Giorgio Armani says, I was not born with the vocation for fashion as happens for many young ones from an early age. At primary school I was good at drawing. At high school I definitely wanted to be an artist. Fashion came working. After studying Architecture in Venice and Art at Accademia di Brera, you decided to dedicate yourself to fashion publishing. My experience in the graphic design began in Milan, where I moved in early 50’s attending Politecnico and, later on Accademia di Brera. I t..
The 90th anniversary of Flavio Lucchini and his long journey in fashion as creator of the most important magazines, art director, publisher, artist. At La Triennale di Milano a night dedicated to Lucchini's birthday, "Ricomincio da 90", celebrates the fruitfulness and continuous creative attention of an innovator who has left his mark in the fashion world in Milan. Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 9 pm we celebrate with a private event in the Hall of Honor with the movie LA MODA IN ALTRO MODO (project by Gisella Borioli, with the contribution of Oliviero Toscani and Giovanni Gastel, directed by Giovanni Gastel) and the presentation of book-autobiography IL DESTINO - dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda (e non sono uno stilista) in the presence of famous testimonials. To do the honors Stefano Boeri, President of the T..
The contemporary art museum that contains art work of the private collection of Miucia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli has just opened. The beautiful, candid, disquieting “Torre” designed by Rem Khoolaas. The construction completed the artistic offer of Fondazione Prada in Milan placing a futuristic architecture in the complex of old and new buildings dedicated to contemporary art, already an unmissable destination of the cultural Milan. The floors of the tower have irregular heights, from 2,7 meters of the first floor up to 8 of the upper level and containing collections of different origins and inspirations. Every space overlooks to a breath-taking glass wall hunched forwards on emptiness, on an original panorama of the Milanese suburb that extends up the city’s limits. The most admired space, an unmissable fairy-tale, the enormous ..

If Milan has become the first example of city where fashion determines character, design is a global phenomenon, creativity talks the languages of the world, urban fabric is spotted with temporary-locations and the Fuorisalone has become a model imitated in many capitals, maybe thanks a bit to destiny, in addition to its illuminated pioneers. This is, at least what Flavio Lucchini claims, founder and president of Superstudio Group, but also editor and artist, protagonists of the creative Milan since 1960, whose yesterday’s choices have contributed to the Milan of today. This is what Lucchini describes, as author, in his last book “IL DESTINO – dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda (e non sono uno stilista)”, a first person path through the golden years of fashion and the encountering with great fashion designers, intellectuals, well-known photographers, artists of the time, social revolutions. How and why are born from his background as journalist and art-director, Superstudio 13 large hub for photography and fashion image, Superstudio Più for design, creativity, innovation, big events.

It was certainly not easy to rebuild Fiorucci’s history, that so much influenced the new generation’s style, just a few years after his death, and yet so many years after the ordeals that estranged him from his creation, depriving him even of the trademark. “Epoca Fiorucci” exhibition, open at Ca’ Pesaro in Venice until the 6th January, mends in a certain way the past to the present, reaching the phenomenon’s roots starting from the philosophy of the shops, real shop windows of his style. His world and his passions collided in these spaces: avant-garde fashion from swinging London onwards, post-modern design with the contribution of great innovators such as Sottsass, Mendini, Branzi, De Lucchi, pop and street art with the participation of standing artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol. Original dé..
Every month a new theme and a new subheading. However the recurrent title for the whole 2018 “I start over at 90”, recalls Flavio Lucchini’s long artistic itinerary, thirty years of experimentations in atelier, after forty years as art director and protagonist of the fashion publishing world. At ninety years old Flavio Lucchini takes a challenge with the exhibition of his essential work of his history as sculptor, many unpublished and never on show before ones divided by themes. “I start over at 90”, along with artist’s proof, preparatory sketches, maquettes, drawings, artist’s books and catalogues, press releases, memories, meetings, revisits, initiatives abroad, recounts an artist’s life that gave a strong contribution to the city’s continuous cultural growth. “In 1919 Duchamp used to say that art is dead. Thousands ..

If the exhibition arranged by Oroblù, lingerie and hosiery leader, was meant to celebrate its thirty years in collaboration with Giovanni Gastel and Flavio Lucchini that resulted in an exhibition combining the photographer’s magical clics with the art work splendours by the artist, just finished in MyOwnGallery, is to a book curated by Gisella Borioli, that Oroblù asks to immortalize the magical encounter and thank all those who have contributed and participated to the success of the company and event. “Inspiration” is a precious publication, with golden cover, in limited edition, presents inside a little slipcase, that marks a new Oroblù path towards palpable renovation and placement in the highest and most yearned for category of the market. With works by Lucchini and famous poets’ quotes that highlight the feminine beauty.

A little sophisticated exhibition of drawings by Fabrizio Sclavi, is back on show, where colorful ceramics and glasses by Ettore Sottsass float in calm and luminous water. Superstudio’s tribute to the great architect, an unforgettable friend of the Lucchini-Borioli couple, who often collaborated with their initiatives. At the same time, presentation of the biographical book of Fabrizio Sclavi, journalist, fashion expert, illustrator, and more memories. An initiative in line with the “Ettore Sottsass There is a Planet” project by Barbara Radice at the Triennale of Milan from 15 September until 11 March 2018., 2-31 October 2017. Via Tortona 27 Milan.
It will be the next Moscow Design Week special event, in October, the DRESS-TOTEM exhibition by Flavio Lucchini, Chairman of Superstudio in the Altagamma gallery, invited to exhibit his art works that best illustrate the bond among art, fashion, design and architecture. The artist Lucchini comes from a long experience as an art director and creator of fashion magazines, who chose the obsession/admiration for the women dress as the base of his artistic research. The dress-totems on show are small cor-ten steel, painted metal, brushed steel, rusted iron sculptures, meant to be developed on large scale and set into a landscape where influences of fashion, design masters teaching, and his background as architect are visibleMOSCOW DESIGN WEEK, 10-15 October 2017. The exhibition continues until 15 January 2018 in the Altagamma Gallery. www.mosc..
It’s a trip back home for Flavio Lucchini, who left very young for Milan, where before he became art-director, inventor of many important fashion magazines (Amica, Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue, Donna, Mondo Uomo, Moda etc.) and successful artist and after, at the same time founder and president of Superstudio Group. With a large corten steel sculpture, a tribute to fashion and its origins, Lucchini enters the court of honor of the Curtatone Municipality (in the photo), where he was born, invited by the mayor Carlo Bottani who wanted to celebrate the famous citizen with his particular “obelisk”
How can we classify certain objects whose forms free from any constraint seem closer to sculptures or collector’s items than to mass-produced pieces of furniture? They are proposals of art-design, original pieces able by themselves to characterize a setting and able to talk about the person who has chosen them and uses them more than a thousand words. Their creators are often designers who have let their imagination run wild, choosing to produce one-off pieces or limited editions, or artists intrigued by the possibility of using their works in different ways.ISLAMOPOLITAN (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)ISLAM+COSMOPOLITAN. CONVERSATION BETWEEN ISLAM AND DESIGN COLLECTIVEAn initiative of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq).Curated by Khalid Shafar and Giuseppe MoscatelloThe extraordinary exhibition Islamopolitan arrives from ..


On Superstudio’s Roof the great installation “Terzo Paradiso - Coltivare la Città” (Third Paradise - Grow the city) by Michelangelo Pistoletto. Born from a project by n.o.v.acivitas, turns an urban vegetable garden into a paddy eld that will narrate, through conferences, panel discussions, workshops, performances the relationship among design, nourishment, architecture and sustainable consumption. Artists and creative, architects and designers, world star personalities in-volved in promotion of sustainability and of social changes, will be committed, all through the duration of Expo, into an ed-ucational path having as symbolic focus and revolutionary seed precisely the rice grain.
Extraordinary project involving ecology, architecture, food, de-sign, art. SuperOrtoPiù is a 750msq large urban vegetable gar-den, a project by Michelangelo Pistoletto-Cittadellarte on Superstudio Più’s roof. The installation will be working regularly all through Expo 2015. Cultivate the city is the essential condi-tion to go back living happily in communities that integrate ag-riculture in the urban environment. The Third Paradise, the sign created by the artist to promote the contact between nature and human activities, which overlooks the installation, is be-coming a symbol of regenerations of the places and territories that host it. The event, by Fortunato D’Amico, in cooperation with N.O.V.A. Civitas and AIAPP Piemonte and Valla D’Aosta section, host artist’s installations, exhibitions dedicated to landscape and propo..