Colors that pierce you, disturbing eyes that scrutinize you, fantastic faces poised between joy and amazement, naive traits and imperious brush strokes. Fabio Bellotti, creative of the fabric that has made his imagination since the 70s on the most beautiful Italian silks, in maturity has made a generational leap found youth and a liveliness never tamed. "In Your Eyes", his little, very intense, amazing exhibition at the Galleria Jannone gathered his friends ever and new fans. Flavio Lucchini, who has been and is a great admirer from the golden times of the first Vogue Italia and the L’Uomo Vogue he himself created, so he recalls the man and the genius who contributed to the update of Italian fashion.

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It’s running strong the most stunning exhibition of the moment has a presentation facing the street thanks to hundreds of technicolor balloons which seem to want to submerge the iconic PopDolls sculptures by Flavio Lucchini, in a perfect match of colours. All that takes place in the Art Box, a real "showcase" of Superstudio Più, in Via Tortona 27 in Milan, the open minded cultural hub always open in its multi-tasking spaces to events of different spirit and inspiration. The Art Box set-up is the welcome and presentation ticket for the "Pop Air" exhibition, organized by the "Balloon Museum" and dedicated to "inflatable art", which had an enormously successful première in Paris and a first Italian debut , equally striking, in Rome, and which now arrives in Milan, right in the 7,000 sqm exhibition space of Superstudio in the heart of the Tortona District, from 23 December 2022 to 12 February 2023. Entirely instagrammable, this is the most "social" exhibition at the turn of the year.

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After Paris and Rome, the most extraordinary traveling museum of recent years is coming to Milan. It is the Ballon Museum with the Pop Air exhibition that from December 23 to February 13 will occupy all the rooms of Superstudio Più, about 7,000 square meters filled with “light” and amazing art installations creat- ed by 18 international artists using thousands of inflatable balloons. A physical and digital environment for lovers of art and dreams. Both adults or children.

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Thirty black-and-white works shot on film and printed in large size that are "the intimate portrait of Keila Guilarte through the faces and gestures of others" (Gisella Borioli) will be presented on Nov. 29 at the exhibition event presenting the book MI Tierra.

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In a spirit of coherence of intentions, themes and art proposals, Superstudio gives once again voice and visibility to the "female subject" as well as  to her essence, to the problems she has to face in the contemporary world, but also to the timeless glamour and the potential for fascination connected with its identity. The next representation of this dimension is offered by “Aldo Pallanza. Al femmiinile”, the exhibition curated by Fortunato d'Amico, scheduled from 17 to 27 November,  thefirst one personal exposition in Milan dedicated to the creator/designer/artist from Vigevano, which also becomes an occasion of celebration of the centenary of his birth.


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Both. That's the unmistakable answer provided by Egyptian filmmaker Ali Ali's photo exhibition "Rockin' Mamas," offered at Superstudio Più's art gallery from Oct. 13 to 18. The reason for this thesis is perfectly clear: "White nights made of excess and unruliness: today, the real rock stars do not perform on a stage, but go on stage every day in our homes...," the director explains.

The exhibition in MyOwngallery reconfirms the attention that Superstudio's lines of thought and activities constantly pay to the feminine "living, doing and feeling" in our time and in our world, on the aesthetic and cultural as well as the ethical and social level. Superstudio's own reading of this theme is developed with great consistency, articulating itself, however, in proposals and projects that are very different from each other, always proposing original and not infrequently highly.


“Richard Avedon: Relationships” is the extraordinary exhibition promoted by the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with Skira which opens on 22 September at Palazzo Reale in Milan and celebrates perhaps the most legendary fashion photographer in the world. From his fashion images that have accompanied the success of Vogue America for many years to the extraordinary campaigns for Versace in the 80s to the portraits of the major protagonists of the century, this exhibition was born that speaks to us of absolute beauty. Flavio Lucchini with Avedon had to deal from the beginning ...


Milano celebrates its illustrious citizen. The prestigious context of Palazzo Reale hosts the most ambitious exhibition ever in Italy, fully dedicated to Oliviero Toscani, to whom it pays tribute on the occasion of his 80 years of life and career, he kicked off precisely thanks to the support by Flavio Lucchini, turning his production into art beyond photography...

The exhibition, open to the public until September 25th, offers across the rooms of Palazzo Reale 800 pictures he has taken from the 1960s to the present mounted through no spikes nor frames, but pasted on the walls like street posters, presenting the iconic traits of his work through less known pictures...


MyOwnGallery from May 12 to 22 will be the stage of a special exhibition that brings together memories of the past and the present, vintage photos and videos and recent paintings, melancholy and even painful languages and the colors of hope. It is LIFE, a journey between war and peace discovered by Elena Chioccarelli Denis among the memories of her grandfather, an explorer in Africa at the time of the Second World War, and that have greatly influenced her training as an artist. A truly different exhibition in which to be moved, reflect, smile, rediscover the feeling of family and start again...

There are family ties, the happenings of history, the events of the war. There are places, changes, departures, returns, affections. There are pages and pages of diaries and letters found, rearranged, and transcribed. There is an immense baggage - as she recounts - behind the works of VITA. The past seems to translate into awareness, belonging, feeling...