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Not just impossible skyscrapers, international business, extreme luxury, and entertainment for all. Culture is becoming increasingly important in Dubai (and in Abu Dhabi and the Emirates), as if knowledge, learning, and the preservation of traditions are another source of energy to fuel its vision of the future. The incredible Library, the latest stunning and daring work commissioned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and bearing his name, is a monument to the book, to all books, going beyond the world of the internet which leaves little room for other forms of information, and recovering the power, beauty, and depth of books and reading. And it does so in many ways: utilizing the latest technologies, with an infinite archive and a great exhibition that starts from the oldest and rarest manuscripts. Absolutely worth seeing.


In a town-state where the major expression of public art are the increasingly more daring and futuristic skyscrapers, in D3-the Design District specifically created to unite a community of architectural firms, furniture showrooms, avant-garde stores, the school of design and various creatives-once a year, in November, sculptures and installations appear everywhere in the neighborhood streets and add meaning to the open vision of the beauty, the new, the talented.


"Creative melting pot between Italian heritage, UAE traditions and international influences..." is how Marangoni, among the best-known and most prestigious expanding fashion and design schools, puts it to introduce itself in Dubai with a new educational institute that aims to enhance creative talents locally and establish new cultural paths. An ambitious and well-modulated program. Giulio Cappellini, the school's consultant and an undisputed personality in design, will attend at the Nov. 9th opening.

Posted by: Mariella Dolci

Leaning on green hills in Dubai's finance district, the majestic Museum of the Future has everyone's attention with its spectacular shape, the lightness of the covering, and the contrast between its horizonality and the surrounding vertical skylines. The inside is even more impressive…

This futuristic icon was created by an architect studio led by visionary Killa and Buro Happold using robotic technologies and algorithms. With a height of 77 meters, a surface of 30,000 square meters, and 7 floors, the Museum of the Future is a self-supporting building covered in stainless steel and glass shaped in soft lines. The structure hides many symbolic meanings: its shape resembles the eye, signifying the ability to see; its emptiness symbolizes the greater unknown that remains to be discovered; and its Arabic calligraphy (artwork of outstanding craftsmanship) encapsulates three mottoes by Sheik Mohammed bin...


A temporary "house" for Italian entrepreneurs visiting ExpoDubai2020. Where to explore business possibilities, fasten new relationships, organize confidential and convivial dinners for the entire period of the great universal exhibition. At the Hotel InterContinental in Dubai Marina a magnificent Penthouse that speaks Italian between art and design awaits you.

An intelligent and sophisticated project has been installed in the many rooms of Penthouse number 3801 of the InterContinental Hotel in Dubai Marina. Created by the Polytechnic and Polytechnic Foundation Milan with Lombardy Region, it has transformed every space into a room or a living room where you can accommodate "at home" with the warmth and refinement of Italian hospitality new contacts and exploring new possibilities...


Last night at the inauguration of the Italian Pavilion of ExpoDubai2020 among all the "authors" I was there to celebrate this large space without walls and full of meanings: beauty combined with technology, sustainability with craftsmanship, married recycling to architecture, the memory of the past with the eyes of the future. It is no coincidence that on the first day it was the most visited and immediately awarded pavilion.

Meanwhile: the ExpoDubai area is immense, 4.38 square km, the largest ever built, and 198 exhibitors, the highest number of nations ever seen. The space stolen from the desert and built in a few years brings imposing buildings, imaginative structures, plays of shadow and light obtained with the famous...


An “FuoriExpoDubai2020” to get to know each other and make yourself known, open new connections and markets, but also a laboratory of ideas to generate innovation and business, before and after the tour at the universal exhibition. This is the Innovation House project created by the Polytechnic Foundation and the Lombardy Region in the Pentahouse of the InterContinental Hotel in Dubai Marina. Re-furnished with the best brands of Italian design, Flavio Lucchini was asked to be the only artist to bear the sign of art with his works.

The history of Flavio Lucchini with Dubai dates back more than ten years. Born with a tourist trip, it is enriched by the fascination of that cell of the future that experiments with new architectural, urban planning and coexistence method, it affirms itself with the decision to spend a few months a year analyzing their lifestyles and, finally...


Art and politics together in Dubai. It’s not often that these issues meet. However, thanks to an Italian art dealer, an art enthusiast politician, a minister interested beyond official commitments and some "expats", Oblong, the most beautiful gallery in the Emirate, was a very promising visit’s stage.

The prestigious Oblong, our reference art gallery in Dubai, a cultural bridge between West and the Middle East, exclusive representative on site of great Italian and international artists, including "our" Flavio Lucchini, received the Minister Di Maio visiting Dubai and the Italian pavilion in progress at Expo 2020/2021 which will open in October...


Dubai proudly starts 2021 on a positive note welcoming the UAE community and its tourists to be the first to visit Expo 2020 Dubai’s Terra-The Sustainability Pavilion, a few months in advance the official opening scheduled for October 1, 2021.

The new roads leading to the Expo site, the impeccable welcoming by young Emiratis and the dreamy atmosphere of beautiful landscaping and special evening lights make the experience really exciting with the privilege of being among the first visitors.
In an unparalleled time in our history that has brought with it a pressing need to rethink the way we live, Terra- The Sustainability Pavilion di Expo 2020 Dubai, explores the opportunity to come together as a global community...


The metropolis of oil, of daring skyscrapers, of finance, of Expo, of expats, of health tourism, of desert, of future, and of hundreds more clichés, that often do not tell the whole truth. Along with Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, Dubai is growing as art city, as focal point of Arab Emirates responsive to visual contemporary creativity, with festivals, exhibitions, museums, galleries, exhibiting centres, urban installations, international calls for public and private projects. The arrival in the capital of Ida Zilio Grandi from Venice as director of the “Istituto Italiano di Cultura, the opening of Oblong Contemporary Gallery on the Bluewaters island with Paola Marucci, Emanuela Venturini and the Galleria Contini, the new designation of Giuseppe Moscatello as art-consultant with many prestigious assignments including ...

A large gallery mainly dedicated to sculpture is born in Dubai on the recently built artificial island Blue Waters, a luxury and peaceful oasis right in front of the chaotic Dubai Marine. Oblong, 300sq.m and large window glasses that give light, is born from the will by Mara Firetti, Paola Marucci, Emanuela Venturini, three passionate women who have dealt with art all their lives. The gallery in Dubai arrives a few months after the one of Marina di Pietrasanta. They both offer an accurate selection of art works by top level either very well known or less known artists, including Igor Mitoraj, Manolo Valdés, Flavio Lucchini, Mario Arlati and more. Info:
The contemporary art museum that contains art work of the private collection of Miucia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli has just opened. The beautiful, candid, disquieting “Torre” designed by Rem Khoolaas. The construction completed the artistic offer of Fondazione Prada in Milan placing a futuristic architecture in the complex of old and new buildings dedicated to contemporary art, already an unmissable destination of the cultural Milan. The floors of the tower have irregular heights, from 2,7 meters of the first floor up to 8 of the upper level and containing collections of different origins and inspirations. Every space overlooks to a breath-taking glass wall hunched forwards on emptiness, on an original panorama of the Milanese suburb that extends up the city’s limits. The most admired space, an unmissable fairy-tale, the enormous ..
Increasingly well-known as city of business, metropolis of the third millennium, place where anything can happen, spot where to experience the future, Dubai is growing at high speed. Artificial islands whole districts, infinite skyscrapers are built in record time, like the incredible crystal building by Santiago Calatrava, exceeding the 828 m high Burj Khalifa. With shops, apartments, villas, offices, various spaces that still need everything. While preparing its futuristic Expo 2020 with 20.000.000 expected visitors, the government is already planning the after-Expo and the changes that will lead to 2030 when the foreseen astonishing number of 6.000.000 inhabitants will be reached. A growth not only in Dubai, that opens perspectives in the Emirates and the close-by counties where many opportunities are already envisaged. Not easy areas:..
It will be the next Moscow Design Week special event, in October, the DRESS-TOTEM exhibition by Flavio Lucchini, Chairman of Superstudio in the Altagamma gallery, invited to exhibit his art works that best illustrate the bond among art, fashion, design and architecture. The artist Lucchini comes from a long experience as an art director and creator of fashion magazines, who chose the obsession/admiration for the women dress as the base of his artistic research. The dress-totems on show are small cor-ten steel, painted metal, brushed steel, rusted iron sculptures, meant to be developed on large scale and set into a landscape where influences of fashion, design masters teaching, and his background as architect are visibleMOSCOW DESIGN WEEK, 10-15 October 2017. The exhibition continues until 15 January 2018 in the Altagamma Gallery. www.mosc..
There is more than one analogy between the birth of the d3, the design district in Dubai and the Tortona Fashion and Design District. The two most innovative districts of the two capitals of creativity were created many years apart, thanks to the enlightenment and the passion of the first pioneers and investors, accomplishing in each metropolis effervescent and progressive urban hubs having an influence on the development of the two cities. As Superstudio has been able to start off the transformation of a suburban district of abandoned factories in the beating heart Milan, Tecom, headed by Amina Al Rustamani aimed for the rebirth and metamorphosis of a Dubai district dedicating it entirely to design, fashion and creativity. Strong development of all activities also thanks to the growing number of creatives of the regio..
There is no doubt that the Emirate’s most effervescent one is a futurebuilding laboratory where all challenges, trends and visions become true. Few visitors, beyond futuristic skyscrapers, technological and spectacular urban settlements, islands and artificial “palms”, get to know the most “soft” projects, and yet daring, people-oriented, projects focusing on both art and recycling/sustainability. In this sense, the area of Alserkal Avenue is very interesting, a quadrilateral old warehouses of metal sheet panels used in time to recover the necessary material and structures to build the city. It was thanks to the knowledgeable work by the Alserkal family, who for the last ten years has imagined and created a small district dedicated to creativity and intersection among artistic and industrial languages, unused storages have been ..