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While the construction site of Superstudio Maxi, Superstudio’s new and third space, is in the finishing straight and our team is working on design of projects that will animate the space such as, for example, the DnaDesignNatureArchitecture exhibition format, we open a window on a theme which we are increasingly hearing about and that is an integral feature of the spirit and architecture of Superstudio Maxi: the LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. We talk about it with the architect Riccardo Hopps, an expert in LEED protocols. 
Widespread in Italy mostly among office properties, the LEED protocol...


2021 starts off great bringing design and creativity back to the center of the scene. The Milan Design Week in April is also an opportunity for Superstudio to present new and exciting projects in the new venue Superstudio Maxi in via Moncucco, that joins the historic locations in via Forcella and via Tortona with their long-awaited projects "only the best" as always. 3 locations and 3 projects await exhibitors and visitors on a total area of about 22.000 square meters confirming Superstudio as the city’s largest and most innovative private hub. The selections for the participations are open, spaces available with multiple possibilities.


@AT and all of us at Superstudio take two weeks of well-deserved break from the problems of all kinds that this terrible year has thrown on us. In fact, even if we are physically distant from our Milan, the thought will be constantly connected with the improvements, changes, investments that we continue to make on our venues and for our activities, trusting with optimism in a recovery that allows us to start from where we were left. In order not to lose sight @AT remains available online in all its parts and comes back on paper and digital versions at the beginning of September.

Despite the never-ending health emergency, the closed pubs, the empty hotels, the journeys under observation, the contradictory numbers that you don't know if they must scare us or calm us, the wait for the miraculous vaccine that still doesn't exist, the economic downturn that has affected companies of all sizes, despite everything, we want to be optimistic. Let us try to look at our home by picking up those first movements that indicate that the path goes forward, as we wish you all...

Posted by: Dario Negri

The tsunami of coronavirus that hit events and in particular the Design Week and all related events, seems to have found help from the Italian government in favor of Made in Italy. We point out here the opportunity to take advantage of straight grants and thus be able to participate more easily in the exhibition projects of Superstudio April 2021 in Milan, which next year will develop on its three locations: Superstudio Più, Superstudio 13 and the brand new Superstudio Maxi.

2020 was a particularly tough year for the trade fair system and for any company that uses trade fairs to promote itself: Superdesign Show (and the events related to it) as well as enjoying numerous awards from professionals also benefits from some institutional awards including being part of the calendar of the International Fairs of the Lombardy Region, an extremely rare occurrence in the panorama of the Design Week, except for the Salone del Mobile...


Almost 40 years after the birth of its first hub, 20 years after the establishment of Superstudio Più and passing through a series of events, evolutions, innovations, regenerations of post-industrial spaces, presentations of ideas and works around photography, design and creativity, Superstudio Group presents a new creature in a new space: Superstudio MAXI. Superstudio MAXI, is the new family member of Superstudio Group’s venues: Superstudio 13 and Superstudio Più. Together the three spaces will present during the next Milan Design Week a complete panorama focused on the theme of design innovation. The shows will encompass over 30,000 square meters on three locations within walking distance.

Superstudio MAXI will host a brand-new exhibition format: "DNADesignNatureArchitecture. The world of tomorrow". The show is based on a farsighted concept which, as event organizers and design week experts, we urgently feel the need to offer to visitors and to a precise cluster of exhibitors.
The perfect space to host DNADesign Nature Architecture. Superstudio Maxi is going to be the first Milanese building for temporary events provided with Leed certification. Completely revamped, luminous, grand and open location, powered by solar panels and renewable energy to embrace the lifestyle of the future and it is located in an extremely promising area of the city...