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Events evolve, develop. The world is increasingly connected.  Superstudio Events has caught the signs of change and currently strives to create new platforms for digital events endowed with "superpowers", in partnership with the specialist for the development of virtual solution AnotheReality...

Last year, we increasingly heard about  online events, streaming sessions, presence and distance. Physical and digital reality are no longer opposed...


The last-minute news after almost two years of closure to events is the recovery (at last!) of a top appointment on the 15th of July: the Awards Top Legal.

The first Top Legal Corporate Counsel &Finance Awards, which is a prestigious occasion to enhance the work of the company management for the success and the growth of the company business, will take place at Superstudio Più in Milan, thus beginning the recovery of the trade fair, conventions and events fields. The competition occurs every year following an objective and rigorous selection and evaluation criteria, adopted by TopLegal to recognize the work done over the course of the year by teams and individual professionals. In this way, the excellence of the financial, industrial landscape and that of the services of the main national and international companies on the market are celebrated...


For those who know Milan, Superstudio is a reference location for corporate and private events, which in recent years has become the ideal venue for small, impactful and innovative niche fairs and exhibitions, open to professionals or visitors, that stand out for their elengant environment and efficient and flexible organization.

Today we interview Tommaso Borioli, CEO of Superstudio Events for over 5 years, the new events division of the group. Eyes open over the world, beautiful mind, digital native, expert in economics as well as technology. Tommaso, with a young experienced team, advances the policy and renews the spaces of Superstudio Più dedicated to events.
Hi Tommaso, in 2016 you were entrusted with the new Superstudio Events division...


Forget the annus horribilis that has haunted us so far and, like the kids coming back to school, consider September the beginning of a new cycle of our life and our work.

Perhaps only this attitude can give us a positive restart, aware that among the many risks that we run every day since we were born, there is also this, the evil Covid-19, and we must live with it. Let us therefore enter the next few months with optimism, hope, awareness, as if it were another year, another decade, another century, another future where nothing will be as it was before and many broken pieces may, perhaps, fall into place...


Almost 40 years after the birth of its first hub, 20 years after the establishment of Superstudio Più and passing through a series of events, evolutions, innovations, regenerations of post-industrial spaces, presentations of ideas and works around photography, design and creativity, Superstudio Group presents a new creature in a new space: Superstudio MAXI. Superstudio MAXI, is the new family member of Superstudio Group’s venues: Superstudio 13 and Superstudio Più. Together the three spaces will present during the next Milan Design Week a complete panorama focused on the theme of design innovation. The shows will encompass over 30,000 square meters on three locations within walking distance.

Superstudio MAXI will host a brand-new exhibition format: "DNADesignNatureArchitecture. The world of tomorrow". The show is based on a farsighted concept which, as event organizers and design week experts, we urgently feel the need to offer to visitors and to a precise cluster of exhibitors.
The perfect space to host DNADesign Nature Architecture. Superstudio Maxi is going to be the first Milanese building for temporary events provided with Leed certification. Completely revamped, luminous, grand and open location, powered by solar panels and renewable energy to embrace the lifestyle of the future and it is located in an extremely promising area of the city...


Superstudio restarts with GoLive the new project for live, streaming and hybrid events.
The largest space of Superstudio Più, the 2,500 square meters Central Point, is set up with a 24x3 m stage, a large 24x5.5 m led screen with a 2.6 mm pitch and a control station. The seats are spaced for 200 people present and the rest in live streaming. Superstudio is ready to play this new game and you? 

A preview of GoLive, on our Youtube channel Superstudio Tweb.

To visit the space and information:


Dear customers, dear visitors, dear friends, 

today, in the world, 3.9 billion people are under lock down and struggling with some form of restriction on their lives. In this suspended time, where everything seems immobile and nothing has certainty or definition, we are committed to imagine a future for the world of events and also for us. Many things will change, there will be different ways and uses and different way of living experiences: for this, for you (and for us) we will take the opportunity to review what our work represents to us. The damages of virus will impact our economies and it will take some time to return to normality. The key issue is to avoid new infections and to prevent the virus from spreading again and nullifying the efforts made. For the foreseeable future, this will be the priority of all societies in the world... 

It is the award that Italian event-industry looks forward to all year long. The Bea Awards is the appointment that, for sixteen years now, elects the best services in several categories of events promotion of organisation. At the end of November, the announcement of the winners for 2019 on stage at The Mall in Milan. Surprisingly, for Superstudio: double first award to Superstudio Più both as best “venue” in general and as multi-purpose space. Valeria De Grandis and Martina Cinquegrana, two collaborators of Superstudio Events, have collected the two yearned for trophies. Career award to Daniele Zambelli, founder and CEO of Simmetrico, a net of creators with International branches that for years has its headquarter at Superstudio 13.
The history of forty years of the Milanese Superstudio, progressing at the same pace as the city change, often anticipating it, has been presented at the Triennale. In a space filled with personalities and guests, with greeting by the President of Triennale Stefano Boeri and speeches by the council members of the Municipality of Milan Cristina Tajani and Pierfrancesco Maran, the video-story described the transition of the culture and the art from the centre to the suburbs, that became, thanks to Superstudio, the new centre. So much mystery, hopes, and expectations in the change of decade of the current century: will the forthcoming years be the “belle époque” of the new millennium? The question opens an unknown world that will revolutionize our lives. Will adults of the ‘900 be unable to dialogue with digital natives, will the ju..
Forty years ago that was not the Tortona District, but an industrial inner suburb of Milan of the first Superstudio founded by the journalists-editors couple Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli (later on, after the exit of business partner Fabrizio Ferri, renamed Superstudio 13) that had as mission the image of fashion with photographic studios and all connected services. Twenty years after, a few steps away, Superstudio Più is born, a cultural/commercial hub open to fashion, design, art, innovation, the first of its kind in the city. Twenty years later, the third twenty years period of activity, responding to the creative need of the city, takes up the challenge of Milan 2030 including the suburbs, supported by the Mayor Sala and the local administration. 2020 will be year 0 of Superstudio Maxi, the new location that will be add..
From conventions to presentations, from meetings to entertainment, from gala dinners to educational and cultural moments, organising business events is by now an essential factor for companies that want to retain its staff and strengthen its presence on the market. The world of events, indeed went through an exponential growth in the last few years. 42% of the companies invest at least 20% of their budget on events communication. And events with a significant number of participants coming from abroad have come from 9,1% up to 9.9%. The numbers continue to grow. Indicators are all a positive sign. In fact, just in 2018, in Italy 400 thousand among conventions and events have been created, over 2.9% compared to 2017. Data from “Osservatorio Italiano dei Congressi e degli Eventi”. Milan, in addition to being the undisputable Italian capi..
At China International Import Expo (CIIE) large fair in November, at National Exhibition and Convention Center of Shanghai, developed by the Minister of Commerce of China and by City Council Government, Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Economic Development represented Italy, accompanied by one hundred seventy Italian companies. Next to the Minister, in the photo, Brenda Bellei Bizzi, Chief Executive Officer of M.Seventy and soul of White Show, the important contemporary fashion fair hosted at Superstudio Più and protagonist of the Milanese design weeks.
In Milan, Superstudio indicates an iconic place, actually two, that taxi drivers have known, by heart for years. The name, chosen as a tribute to the namesake Avant guard group of architects of the 70’s by the founders Gisella Borioli and Flavio Lucchini, points at Superstudio 13 the first hub for fashion photography and image created in 1983, and at the nearby Superstudio Più, the great centre for innovative events open in 2000. Thirty-five years after the first centre dedicated to creativity, Superstudio Group looks ahead with innovations both in its own and related companies’ activities, renovates the organisation, the offer and the team. A few examples? Art and community merge in the new “Fondazione Flavio Lucchini” project, NPO that will manage Lucchini’s art works heritage with the aim to encourage “special needs” you..
Superdesign Show is over, the peak moment of the FuoriSalone 2017 and spring, the time of big and small appointments continues in the two locations of Superstudio. White June, research menswear and womenswear preview is, as usual, Superstudio’s first appointment with a summer full of surprises, starting with the new International presences. Whereas at Superstudio 13, the historical photographic studios turn, for the Fashion Week, into Tomorrow’s location, trendy mega showroom that gathers many successful avant-garde brands. For the third time, the spectacular fashion show of David Fielden’s wedding dresses is back. The new organisation by Superstudio Events, operated by a team of young people totally dedicated to temporary events, is unstoppable and brings more, numerous new entries. The first edition of Italian Gourmet at Superstud..
It’s the festival dedicated to the world of events: now on its fourteenth edition, the BEA Best Event Award will take place at Superstudio Più on the 4th and 5th October. Created in 2004 by ADC group with the aim to value the event as an innovative and strategic tool in the companies’ communication activity. For this occasion a series of multinational agencies and professionals from the field of events, advertising and marketing will gather during the two days of the event to anticipate the latest technologies, trends, innovative projects and much more. Over 35 jury members, selected among the top communication, marketing and events areas of some of the most important Italian companies, will award the best Italian creativity. Along with the well-known Best Event Award is the Best Location Awards given to the best locations and venues..
7th December 2017: first day of the first year dedicated to the European Culture began at Superstudio Più, honoured to be part in such an important event, and in some sense, recognises also its key role in the city’s cultural scenario. A “parterre de roi” of ministers and delegates of Italian and foreign institutions have been summoned to discuss the future of Europe from the point of view of its immense patrimony of art works and invention well beyond those of any other country or union of countries in the world. The European Culture Forum 2017 hosted many enthusiastic and passionate speakers such as the President of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and Antonio Tajani President of the European Parliament and moreover Dario Franceschini Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of Italy, Tibor Navracsics Europ..