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We asked an exceptional testimonial: Massimiliano Bizzi, founder and beating heart of White Show, the research fashion show that has become the most important contemporary fashion event  in Italy. He settled at Superstudio in 2002 , from that moment he began an incomparable growth and success. With White during  Fashion Weeks  fashion invades the whole Tortona area: more than 500 companies bring their message of creativity always with increasing attendance and interest.  And now? In this short video Bizzi gives voice to everyone’s concerns: less fashion but smarter, more attentive purchases  to people, sustainability as a primary value.

The post Covid-19. "I think that fashion must accelerate a process of innovation, which had already started before: that of mega production, of fashion that no longer has the ability to excite the final consumer. The fashion of the past, elegant, that made you dream, has become a fashion instrumental to marketing, somehow closed in on itself...


While many wonder: but how will our life change "after"? we did not realize that we have already slipped into the uncertainty of tomorrow, anticipating a sea change, years before this happened naturally with all the  predictable  consequences.
If we think that as soon as we enter phase 3 of the emergency, social distancing, face masks, glasses, gloves, disinfectant, lockdown, are words to forget maybe we are hopeless  optimists. At least until a treatment or vaccine has been found for this insidious virus.
What are now annoying tasks have all the aura to became unwelcome habits that should be learned to live with even now. Let's dematerialize, forgetting hugs and kisses, laughter and karaoke, dinners and trips with friends. But also the reassuring visits of the family doctor, the pampering of the hairdresser and the beautician... 


Armani, Prada, Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Trussardi, Moncler, Zegna, Benetton ... and many many more. They are the big of fashion that we meet every day at Superstudio 13, our photo studio where they make their very blinding shooting. For once, all united in a generous gesture that wants to help Italy in the terrible situation of the coronavirus. King Giorgio was the first with a millionaire donation that showed the way to other brands and also among the first to reconvert all his companies to produce lab coats and medical devices for hospital workers because "all Giorgio Armani is sensitive to this reality and is close to all of you: from the stretcher bearer to the nurse, from general practitioners to all specialists in the sector. I am personally close to you". Prada donated two complete intensive care stations ...


We are all fine, with our hearts gripped by anguish every time news of the evolution of this terrible health situation reaches us. The world is locked, it's not know up to when. The hope and the desire to get back to life as usual keep us active, busy, focused, open to the new possibilities that the incredible reality that surrounds us today has shown us: forcing us to reinvent our lives and remodulate the scale of values. Family, affection, love in the first place. And consequently the house, rediscovered as the shelter that does not betray. Then, in random order, the work we have learned can be done on the couch, on a bench, on vacation, without fixed hours and physical chains, but mental stimulation only. Studies, which don’t take you away from teachers and classmates, only you see them in two dimensions, on the screen. Friends ...


In conjunction with the last days of Fashion Week in February, the health crisis has also dramatically affected fashion. In Milan, fashion shows behind closed doors, virtual fashion shows, fashion shows cancelled were the first responses of the fashion system that since then is frozen: shops, companies, orders, shopping it's all quiet, all closed. A very serious situation for this fundamental voice of national GDP and employment. From the first message of a retailer to thousands of emails received in recent days, came the spontaneous and viral movement "TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER" that has become a free association without charges, composed of small and medium-sized enterprises and craft businesses that sees firsthand the White fair and Confartigianato. An association set up to tackle the current situation in a cohesive manner and ...


A thought that Superstudio willingly addressed to many citizens who, needing them, do not find these medical devices  now essential for every movement and that will be required also in the early times of the post-coronavirus for the more normal activities. Imagining  operators who will accompany the doctors in the new hospital just inaugurated in record time at the Fair, and the many people who will not be able to get them, we have offered them to the Mayor Sala and to the Councillor of the Municipality of Milan Rabaiotti and to the Civil Defence...