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We are pleased to confirm to our exhibitors, suppliers, collaborators, visitors, journalists, communicators, fans and friends that Superdesign Show 2022 will be, as always, the highlight of the Tortona District and of the Milan Design Week in the city with its load of novelty and innovation. The appointment is from June 6 to 12 (with the open day reserved to the press on June 5 from 3 pm)...

SUPERDESIGN SHOW 2022 at the SUPERSTUDIO PIÙ will be the protagonist of the renewal and revival of the energy of Design presentations... 

Posted by: Luisa Espanet

Superdesign Show awaits its audience with its curatorial exhibitions touching the burning  issues of living. Just like Supercampus does: Furnishing accessories,sofas,containers, technical systems to be imagined in various contexts to live the daily space of work and relaxation in a new and flexible way,inside and outside, adhering to the new desire to work, study, live with maximum comfort where you feel better, without fixed and consolidated rules.

A path exhibition curated by Giulio Cappellini. Starting with the accessory, such as the tents of the Dane Kvadrat. Behind the project there is the creativity of designers like Erik Ole Jørgensen, Patricia Urquiola, Finn Sködt, but also attention to functionality, maintenance and, above all, the environment...


Sanitation includes all those operations necessary to make an environment healthy for people's lives, re-establishing a suitable climate in terms of temperature, ventilation and humidity. Far infrared heating system reduces the risk of viral diseases and allergies by lowering the presence of bacteria, spores, viruses, cutaneous fungi, mold, germs and parasites. Olmar 1957 now combines these requirements relying on research, technology and design, with the support of Giulio Cappellini.

With Olmar 1957, almost fifty years of experience in the heating world, a new chapter opens up for environments heating and sanitization.
An ingenious and sophisticated power supply system with far infrared rays, silver ion and air ozonation, in fact, allows these two different functions to be carried out with a single element that fits perfectly and smartly into classic or ultra-modern spaces.


We missed the possibility of traveling, visiting family and friends, discovering new places, returning to our favourite destinations so much. This way of life, almost a daily habit for frequent travellers, is becoming a real possibility again, together with one of our greatest desires: to pack our bags. 

Baulificio Italiano is a true point of reference in the world of luggage, a three generations family-owned company, whose creations stand out thanks to their excellence. Practical, durable, made with innovative materials and characterised by a linear stile to keep the pace with the ever-evolving trends, each Baulificio Italiano piece of luggage is an example of Made in Italy...


Wallpaper is a poetic, romantic element of great communicative power. If we see a room decorated with wallpaper, we’ll remember it for long. Intervening on walls is the most ancestral and immediate form of expression, from the Lascaux graffiti to the Pompeian paintings, the great baroque frescoes up to the South American murals and contemporary street art... 

Decorating the walls around us is a creative necessity, present in our DNA since we are children, and that now Or.nami and its creative director Gabriella Fusillo, sublimate through a series of mural artworks...


It's a known fact that discerning consumers prefer iconic, designer products able to excite. A trend that today involves everything and everyone. Brushing your teeth with Starck, cooking with Urquiola or Konstantin Grcic, wearing Jean Nouvel or Kartell, traveling with Marcel Wanders or Giovannoni represents the latest design act for everyone.

Until yesterday fashion, or rather fashion designer, was a magic word capable of giving added value and consumer-appeal to many different things, luxury or mass-market products, branded beyond belief and, for this reason, entered the international style circuit...


"Twenty years of experimentation, adventures, research. 
Twenty years of brave and often against the tide choices. 
Twenty years of presentations that have left their mark 
in the city and around the world. 
And above all... twenty years of passion for good design. 
These are twenty years spent with Gisella and her team. 
... and now Superstudio is ready for new challenges in the future. 
There is still a lot to do and to create!"

Giulio Cappellini, 
architect and Superdesign Show art-director


Real, virtual, nomad, shared: a new organisation of work and study. This is the concept of SuperCampus, the new project by Giulio Cappellini for Superdesign Show 2021 providing a time and space revolution where beauty, quality and social relations will be a possibile solution and concrete answer after covid.

The recent isolation period has emphasized a process already in progress: a new way of working and managing one’s own time. People used to work many hours at the office, investing then free time on hobbies, relaxing and living in their own home.
Later on, a less rigid behaviour began towards our own work: fewer hours spent in the office, working also from home, shorter meetings, less formal wear, relax in the work environment...


An interesting live broadcast, organized by Istituto Marangoni, remained visible only for the lucky few who followed it on Instagram. We were there and we propose the most important passages of Giulio Cappellini's interview with Rossana Orlandi, gallery owner and curator who in a few years has created with her Milanese space a focal point for the whole world of design, giving the possibility to young talents to exhibit alongside acclaimed artists and designers, a mix between art and design with strong contaminations, a multicultural language and always avant-garde ideas.

G.C. This period has changed our way of live, our attitude, how we need the interiors, that means how we live in our homes, how we're going to live in our showrooms, offices, and so and so. I really think that this period and more and more in the future can be a really big challenge for all the design world. So I think Rossana we have today to think about awareness , a new consciousness of design. So what do you think about this?

O.R. Absolutely. This experience, huge, incredible, unexpected, a lot of words we can see, change our life. During these times we realised what we need. When I talk with people everybody say: "Oh, for the first time I went out in my terrazza, uh my sofa is not comfortable, oh my house is pretty nice but I need...


He is the undisputed ambassador of Italian design and style in the world. Architect, designer, curator, he launched many young creatives who have now become international stars. With the Cappellini company he produced iconic pieces, still today "long sellers".

He is the art director of Superdesign Show and curator of SuperCampus who will present at Superstudio during the design week 2021.
Cappellini tells us in video how the Covid emergency has in fact created a new way of imagining and inhabiting space, of living and communicating. Renewed habits, smart working, an unprecedented concept of time that we will find in the SuperCampus project, with the best Italian and international design.

Watch the full video on Superstudio Tweb Youtube channel : 


“It is precisely in the most difficult moments that tension must not give way and creativity must always think of the future.
Superstudio Più in an open, eclectic space, always ready for new interpretations and transformations. And Superdesign Show, the Milan Design Week event that kicked off the Fuorisalone in the neighborhoods twenty years ago, will be full of surprises to the next appointment .
The new layout for the design event will have as its main theme red, which will connect, sometimes on the walls and sometimes on the floor, the different installations.
Suspended lights in the air will create a magical effect.
Never before has the task of design been to create beautiful projects but above all to make the audience dream!”
Giulio Cappellini, art director Superdesign Show



We know that Fuorisalone projects for every Design Week have a magmatic form and mysterious names that do not reveal much until the opening appointment of the exhibitions scattered in the city. Superstudio can anticipate something...
SUPERCAMPUS curated by Giulio Cappellini SuperCampus is a place for working, learning, meeting, recreation and relax. A space that could be anywhere in the world, where users may share the space in a free and flexible way. A place where, the most varied skills meet, in a co-working project. A space, always open, day and night, to fulfil the most different needs. You can work here, study, have lunch, a chat, organize meetings and presentations, relax and take care of your body. Large open and flexible spaces, warm, neutral and natural colours, a lot of green and no actual border between the various areas. Large work tables to share, small stalls for confidential phone or conference calls, large living rooms and no more rigid meeting rooms with just your own pc. Of course bookcases and football or ping pong tables and a fitness area where y..
Always focal point of Fuorisalone, since its very beginning, Superstudio, with the project Superdesign Show, Temporary Museum New Objects New Projects, has been working on quality. The long work of planning, coordination, communication, selection that foreruns every edition of Superdesign Show at Superstudio during the Fuorisalone has, right from the beginning, aimed at the top, always striving to bring the best of the global furniture and technology production in connection with the contemporary “savoir-vivre”, favouring great brands and the most innovative and intelligent proposals. The next edition of the project by Gisella Borioli, makes of ONLY THE BEST its manifesto. The new concept changes the general preparation and further highlights identities and varieties of the involved companies, invents a more impressive way to communic..
The Italian home, an eclectic and contemporary, elegant and creative location, seen throughout the large and bright spaces of an hypothetical SuperLoft where a large family loving design, beauty and comfort could live, work, study, play, relax and take care of the body and mind, with the help of the latest furniture proposals and accessories with the most advanced technology. Furniture and objects, tables, chairs, armchairs, couches, stools, wardrobe and containers, colors and wallpapers, lights and utensils, floors and rugs, smart devices and TV sets, electric appliances and domestics, kitchens and bathrooms, paintings, sculptures and collections, handcrafted pieces, table settings and textiles and everything that makes the house beautiful. An Italian home with an international flair, created in collaboration with the most interesting an..
Three years ago it seemed a crazy notion the idea of Gisella Borioli, CEO ofSuperstudio Group, to rename “Temporary Museum” the event, mainly devoted to busi-ness opportunities, which since 2001 has been hosting at Superstudio Più thosedesign companies that chose to exhibit in the Tortona area, turned into the exhibitionarea complementary to the “Salone del Mobile” held in Rho, Milan. It seemed crazy toplace a contemporary museum as a reference point to build an exhibition with severalbrands, each with a quiteprecise and different identityand ask them to make asacrifice by confining them-selves into long and myste-rious “galleries” instead ofopening into wide stands,by giving up the giant exter-nal logos and replacingthem with sober and uni-form signs, by committingthemselves to an artisticexhibition more likely tocause am..
Brief interview with the archi-tect Giulio Cappellini, whoknows very well the designevolution in Milan and in theTortona area, by being, sincethe beginning of the pheno-menon, one of its most bril-liant and daring protagonists. Milan is the capital of inter-national design?Milan has been representingin the world a reference point for the international designfor many years, the place where during the Design Week designers, architects, press, clients and opinion leadersmeet. You can check out the new trends and lay out anoverview of design and of the next future way of living.Via Tortona stands as the focal point of the Milanesedesign week? The fair area plays a major role but the events within thecity are the beating heart of all that’s happening. TheTortona area has been for over ten years one of the busiestand most lively areas, where ..