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Every year installations by Lexus during the Fuorisalone tell emotional visual stories with the contribution of top names of architecture and design. The car exists and doesn’t, revealing itself by means of symbols and representations of movement and of fluidity close to contemporary arts. The last performance, a show of dance, lights and technology, curated by studio Rhizomatiks, at Superstudio during the last Design Week, provided a unique and unforgettable experience. 

In the past thirty years, the automotive world has undergone a sensational transformation, making the creative element that was hidden behind the project part visible: industrial processes, social changes, new driving systems, a vision of motorized vehicle not as a symbol status anymore, still testimony of lifestyle but first of all an “aware object”. Design not as an aesthetic symbol element anymore but as research mainstay...


Her first approach to design was as a recent graduate at the inauguration of Design at Superstudio right beside Giulio Cappellini, who had sensed her talent. Step by step Ilaria Marelli has entered among the established contemporary designers keeping her fresh and curious approach to all the experiences that this entails, from the design of the object to the installations to the art direction, also touching fashion.

In your initial contact with Superstudio Design you were together with Cappellini for the first exhibition. What do you remember about that experience?
I remember perfectly well when we came to see the space - I was super adrenaline, it seemed to me an exciting challenge, many colleagues instead said "Giulio is crazy-how do you now two months from the Salone to put everything prepared back in play! "...well, he was right! Rivers of people in an area until then unknown to most, a wide-ranging setting and… there were also my first products! I remember the photo for the press together with Morrison, Wanders and Bouroullec, as if we were "au pair" designers, while I was a young graduate at the first approach to design… I still get excited about it!...


The first woman to enhance Polish design outside the borders of her Poland, her mentor was Alessandro Mendini with whom she has worked and collaborated for a long time. To the work of designer, sculptress, art-director she alternates the curatorship of exhibitions, such as those dedicated to his master in Poznam in 2004 on the occasion of the entry of Poland into the European Community and in 2014 in Wroclaw in the year in which it was the Capital of European Culture. At Superstudio she arrived in 2011 and many more times.

Dorota between Poland and Italy, how did this happen?
My studio has been located on the Alzaia del Naviglio Grande in Milan for years, but I arrived in the city over twenty years ago for an internship in the Mendini Atelier. I studied in Poland, at the University of Art in Poznań, Faculty of Design and Interior Architecture with a thesis on Biodesign. I won three awards for the best degree and so I had the opportunity to go abroad to deepen my studies. I chose Italy, for its cultural wealth, its ancient history, the beauty of its landscape of its traditions and its people. I traveled around Italy and landed in Rome, for me the most beautiful city in the world with its squares, fountains, gardens, with the wings of angels in the paintings and sculptures of Ponte dell'Angelo...


He is the undisputed ambassador of Italian design and style in the world. Architect, designer, curator, he launched many young creatives who have now become international stars. With the Cappellini company he produced iconic pieces, still today "long sellers".

He is the art director of Superdesign Show and curator of SuperCampus who will present at Superstudio during the design week 2021.
Cappellini tells us in video how the Covid emergency has in fact created a new way of imagining and inhabiting space, of living and communicating. Renewed habits, smart working, an unprecedented concept of time that we will find in the SuperCampus project, with the best Italian and international design.

Watch the full video on Superstudio Tweb Youtube channel : 



We know that Fuorisalone projects for every Design Week have a magmatic form and mysterious names that do not reveal much until the opening appointment of the exhibitions scattered in the city. Superstudio can anticipate something...
SUPERCAMPUS curated by Giulio Cappellini SuperCampus is a place for working, learning, meeting, recreation and relax. A space that could be anywhere in the world, where users may share the space in a free and flexible way. A place where, the most varied skills meet, in a co-working project. A space, always open, day and night, to fulfil the most different needs. You can work here, study, have lunch, a chat, organize meetings and presentations, relax and take care of your body. Large open and flexible spaces, warm, neutral and natural colours, a lot of green and no actual border between the various areas. Large work tables to share, small stalls for confidential phone or conference calls, large living rooms and no more rigid meeting rooms with just your own pc. Of course bookcases and football or ping pong tables and a fitness area where y..
Like every year, at the end of the Design Week of Milan, the same-old farce of figures (and visitors) takes place and whoever gives the highest ones, as in a fishing contest whoever catches the biggest one. No one makes a difference among typologies, substance, message, purpose of the events, as long as the biggest crowd is reported, and any means is legitimate. It is not important to make a distinction among operators and creatives and groups of youngsters full of beer (irregularly sold cheaply in the streets of design) or the parades with drums or irreverent masquerades like sumo fighters with huge fake bellies wandering around the showrooms. There are then the “easy-click” ones, attracted by spectacular installations such as the zipper on the facade or the pierced-woman-chair by Gaetano Pesce, that have a little to do with the desi..
Launched for Design Week 2019, a large videowall that points out the entrance of Superstudio Più and invites you in. On screens that take up to 40,5 metres, an alternation of names and activities of the permanent occupants, schedule of the forthcoming events, news images and previews, create an enormous moving newspaper wall. It is the first installation of a kind, created by Wave&Co, whose director described: “Tradition and innovation find the perfect bond in this gate that follows the entrance’s solid and pre-existing form and adds a technological element that encourages the image communication, grabbing passers-by attention.
Meeting with Claudio Luti, President of Salone del Mobile.The idea to liven up the presentation of design products with events between social and performance is more and more popular. Born along with Fuorisalone, then extended during the presidency of the Salone del Mobile of Claudio Luti, to the very own Salone. “The Fuorisalone is evolving with a wider offers and finds its strength in the large cultural and business machine of the Salone del Mobile. They both have a specific identity but represent two complementary entities. The Salone is the business place where companies exhibit new products, meet clients and conclude commercial agreements. The Fuorisalone has become the story of the culture of design, an overview of events that transform the city into a showcase where sharing the urban reality allows the contamination with other..
It will be the next Moscow Design Week special event, in October, the DRESS-TOTEM exhibition by Flavio Lucchini, Chairman of Superstudio in the Altagamma gallery, invited to exhibit his art works that best illustrate the bond among art, fashion, design and architecture. The artist Lucchini comes from a long experience as an art director and creator of fashion magazines, who chose the obsession/admiration for the women dress as the base of his artistic research. The dress-totems on show are small cor-ten steel, painted metal, brushed steel, rusted iron sculptures, meant to be developed on large scale and set into a landscape where influences of fashion, design masters teaching, and his background as architect are visibleMOSCOW DESIGN WEEK, 10-15 October 2017. The exhibition continues until 15 January 2018 in the Altagamma Gallery. www.mosc..
Great interest was raised for the first “New Materials for a Smart City”, an interactive exhibition/cultural space, organized by Material ConneXion in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and Superstudio during the last Design Week. An exhibition that explained through products, projects, simulations and words all the inventions that exist or will soon, to make our cities more intelligent and citizens happier. Thanks to hyper connections, advanced technologies, artificial intelligences, augmented reality, data transmissions, virtual assistants and other extraordinary performances, Milan (but not only) heads towards being an urban experimentation field that increases performance, security, civic service quality, intercultural relations. The preparation for the second edition is going on now, ready to gather the latest challe..
It is a great honour to bring to Downtown Design, staged for the first time in the heart of Dubai (29 October -1 November), the Temporary Museum for New Design, highlight of the Fuori Salone during the Design Week in Mi-lan, the historic capital of international design. Launched in 2001 by Superstudio Group, at Superstudio Più, its spacious cultural and exhibition cen-tre dedicated to innovative events spanning the fields of art, fashion and design, and revamped in 2009 with the format ‘less fair and more museum’, the Temporary Museum explores the new confines of global design, paying great attention to research and quality, to new talents, to technological progress and crossovers with art. In its galleries international brands, great architects and young designers present their new creations with exciting and interac-tive install..
A storm of sounds, videos, lights, projections, holograms, 3Ds, augmented reality and special effects seems to be the ultimate great attraction chosen to display the new design during this Design Week. With the aid of visual-artists of great caliber and of state-of-the-art technologies, the object is almost dematerialized and ensues from the sound and visual emotions it complements, and not the other way around. Product histories are told through images, movies, words, evocation and interactivity. This year’s new trend invites to new sensations and questions, stimulating other curiosities beside the mere act of sitting down, opening a wardrobe or turning on a light. This trend embodies the main theme of the 2012 Temporary Museum for New Design, a project that succeeded in turning a fair event into an emotional exhibition, where all t..
Three years ago it seemed a crazy notion the idea of Gisella Borioli, CEO ofSuperstudio Group, to rename “Temporary Museum” the event, mainly devoted to busi-ness opportunities, which since 2001 has been hosting at Superstudio Più thosedesign companies that chose to exhibit in the Tortona area, turned into the exhibitionarea complementary to the “Salone del Mobile” held in Rho, Milan. It seemed crazy toplace a contemporary museum as a reference point to build an exhibition with severalbrands, each with a quiteprecise and different identityand ask them to make asacrifice by confining them-selves into long and myste-rious “galleries” instead ofopening into wide stands,by giving up the giant exter-nal logos and replacingthem with sober and uni-form signs, by committingthemselves to an artisticexhibition more likely tocause am..
Brief interview with the archi-tect Giulio Cappellini, whoknows very well the designevolution in Milan and in theTortona area, by being, sincethe beginning of the pheno-menon, one of its most bril-liant and daring protagonists. Milan is the capital of inter-national design?Milan has been representingin the world a reference point for the international designfor many years, the place where during the Design Week designers, architects, press, clients and opinion leadersmeet. You can check out the new trends and lay out anoverview of design and of the next future way of living.Via Tortona stands as the focal point of the Milanesedesign week? The fair area plays a major role but the events within thecity are the beating heart of all that’s happening. TheTortona area has been for over ten years one of the busiestand most lively areas, where ..