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“Materials have always been important to all human activities and to the design world. We are made of matter as well as thought, but also of soul, as someone could say. The solid side of our lives will always be important”.

With these words, Emilio Genovesi, the CEO and soul of Materially for many years, has photographed the key role of materials in the design culture. The solid side is coming back at Milan Design Week in 2021 in the Materials Village hosted by Superstudio. This year, there will be a Special Edition in terms of dimensions and meaning that will recall companies coming from different fields to work around a single theme: innovative and eco-friendly materials for daily life.
Dwelling has never been as liquid as during these last fifteen months. Home has become an office and a school, spaces have turned into gyms, private means of transport into private places, highlighting a trend that for many years saw airports transformed in shopping malls and hotels in spa and galleries...

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For more than a year, face mask has become an essential complement to our life. After the surgical, the reusable ones, the trendy ones, it's time for hi-tech protections made with materials with incredible performance.

Despite the progress in vaccine development, with the first distribution in Italy scheduled for January, the face mask is likely to stay with us for a long time to come. Not only because of the need to protect the unvaccinated before full coverage, which will take several months, but also because many have realised that the face mask can be a useful device regardless Covid19. In Asia, face masks are already used as a form of courtesy and consideration for others, even by people with a cold; as well as for protection against smog and fine dusts in cities...


We republish interview with Emilio Genovesi, a very important figure in the world of Design with important political, institutional and entrepreneurial positions, who passed away in recent days. His Materials Village at Superstudio Più has brought novelties, innovation, research, vision into materials world during Design Week for five years and other projects were underway.
We'll all miss him, but we believe his legacy will continue.

Material ConneXion, with its library of materials, with its presentations first at the Triennale and then at Superstudio, also represented in Italy an important step in the knowledge and enhancement of materials for architecture and design...

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Since the '70s, when the beginning of the debate on pollution began to have a slow grip on public opinion, the idea of protecting our person and our environments through invisible screens with soft shapes hovers in our minds. The man protected by the bubble, curved and welcoming, physically separates himself from the outside world, observing him through a filter from a privileged position.

The research carried out in those years by collectives such as the Austrians Haus-Rucker-Co focused on these issues.
Their installations and ideas may have seemed utopian at the time, but they prompted a reflection on the relationship between the person and the surrounding environment...


Breathing fabrics, air-purifying paints, tiles that kill bacteria, recyclable polymers, glass that repairs itself, bikinis that clean the sea, energy-generating tires, fabrics that light up and others that regulate body temperature , “circular” ecoplastics derived from orange or tomato peels… the endless search for new materials with unthinkable performances seems to be the key to every innovation. To the point that, through a direct line with operators, the international Material ConneXion network was born in America in 1997 with its very rich library. Just arrived in Italy it also created a “Materials Village” during the Milan Design Week for the last five editions at Superstudio. Emilio Genovesi, CEO of Materially and, first, of Material ConneXion Italia, tells us about it.

Material ConneXion, with its library of materials, with its presentations first at the Triennale and then at Superstudio, also represented in Italy an important step in the knowledge and enhancement of materials for architecture and design. How did it become part of the Salone and Fuorisalone circuit?
Traditionally, Material ConneXion's mission has always been to suggest new and original material solutions to product manufacturers or architectural designers. Obviously doing this has always led to a close relationship with materials manufacturers, especially those who bring innovative solutions...