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There is only a short walk from the Mudec to Superstudio Più. They share an industrial past in common: before the Museo delle Culture in Milan was transformed from a former Ansaldo factory to a contemporary building designed by David Chipperfield, the Superstudio had already been launched as a multicultural center for events and artistic interaction. However, rising on the site of the former General Electric, it has always retained its original nature as a factory. Having visited the Armani/Silos exhibition space, a few members of the Mudec headed to the FlavoLucchini Art Museum, another must-see attraction in the Tortona district where art and fashion combine. They include: Massimo Navoni, once assistant to Franco Maria Ricci (the founder of FMR), now he is cultural manager at Mudec; Daniela Piuzzi...

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The inauguration of the Atelier Lucchini is the last stage, yet the most important, of an artistic path that has been carefully created through the buildings of Superstudio, a path to welcome visitors and professionals in a surprising environment.

The history of Superstudio is strictly related to contemporary art, as much as it is related to fashion and design as well, three disciplines that mutually benefit from this proximity in an endless circle of mutual contamination.This relation between Superstudio and art is not just limited to temporary contents brought by the various seasons of events and happenings, but thanks to the vision of the founders Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli it has been built a permanent system...


After 25 editions, the Association DonneEuropee awards the 2021 "magic wand" to Gisella Borioli among the Milanese professionals who have managed to combine, not without effort, culture, business, family and social activities...

Here we report the words of the press release:
“After the pandemic break, the prize SoFare, conceived by the Association DonneEuropee, finally returns and goes to Gisella Borioli, journalist, art director and CEO of Superstudio Group. The award, an iconic magic ward...


A dozen contemporary art institutions - museums, galleries, photographic archives, artist's dwellings, house-museums, and business museums - will open their doors during the seventeenth Giornata del Contemporaneo on December 11th. The aim of this event is to promote the heritage of private collections in our country, which are unfortunately too often hidden from the public eye. The Giornata del Contemporaneo is promoted by AMACI – Associazione dei Musei d'arte contemporanea italiani – with the support of General Direction for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture. This is a rare opportunity to visit places that are otherwise inaccessible. The FlavioLucchiniArtMuseum is one of them...


A prize, an exhibition, a project. Flavio Lucchini's work spans from Milan, and Dubai to Tokyo, showing an extraordinary life path, that does not cease to amaze...

This is a fecund period for Flavio Lucchini as a creative and artist, recalling a particular moment of the beginnings of his career when, in 1967, he was art-director of the newborn Italian Condé Nast, and together with the already famous graphic designer Giancarlo Iliprandi and other young advertisers, they founded the first autarchic version of the Art Directors Club, a yearbook of art directors and of their most significant works, which in 1985 gave life to the current, official, recognized organization Art Directors Club Italia.This year, Lucchini received the most desirable award from ADCI, the Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award, which was attributed to a man who was the master of generations of graphic designers, journalists, photographers, creative talents, being at the same time...


A collaboration between the Accademia di Brera, Superstudio and the FlavioLucchiniArt association allows young artists – both undergraduates or post-grads– to exhibit their artworks. Osservatorio X is the title of the exhibition that brings paintings, drawings, installations, performances – representing the latest trends – to the spaces of via Tortona 27. Open from 18.11 to 18.12...

X is the number of the edition of the project brought together in the two years 2007/2008, this currently involves 44 alumni and students enrolled...

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This November, BookCity turns ten! The long-awaited event by the community of bibliophiles, passionate readers and mere curious people will disseminate through the city its agenda of unmissable events. Among these there is Salone della Cultura, which will be hosted at Superstudio Maxi on 20 and 21 November, as well as a series of dialogues with many authors animating the rooms of Mudec’s Auditorium and of  Spazio delle Culture...

18/11/2021 5.00 pm
Among the many initiatives of BookCity, we cannot ignore the debate – held at Mudec – Così come siamo. Donne che si prendono per mano...

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It’s been a few years now that this engaging initiative - born in 2017 from an idea of the journalist Cinzia Sasso, wife of the former Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia - invites fashion creators to open their magical ateliers to visitors, bringing them closer to this endearing profession. A surefire winne that spreads throughout Italy, involving fine craftsmanship and excellent productions. The 2021 edition also adds art, which definitely belongs to Superstudio Più. On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, the new FlavioLucchiniArt Museum will open its atelier and archives, revealing the secrets and wonders of Flavio Lucchini as both an artist and an entrepreneur, who chose beauty and fashion as the common thread of his life choices. Tickets for visitors were soon snapped up...

On 24 and 25 October, ApritiModa will be back as the opportunity (born four years ago) to...