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Posted by: Luca Mercatelli

Angela Carruba Pintaldi is well-known for her jewel-sculptures torn from the earth and the sky, made of raw, precious stones and meteorites, for her large paintings made of pigments clumped on canvas, for her exciting installations, but also for her being an all-round artist, the central character of each of her works. After a long artistic pause, she returns to MyOwnGallery with an exhibition showing her latest works accompanied by stunning photos by Giovanni Gastel that reveal her many identities.

"Angela", an exhibition staged at MyOwnGallery in Superstudio Più from March 8th to 20th 2022 in Milan, is a story of and about Angela in her different identities, and it wants to be, first of all, a tale about who Angela really is in her different realities as an Artist.
The exhibition, which for the first time brings together not just the most recent paintings, but also the famous jewel-sculptures of the last period, alongside the photos taken by and with Giovanni Gastel, has as its protagonist "Rinascita" (Rebirth), the last artwork made by the artist in Pantelleria in September 2021, accompanied by the video of the creative performance shot by director Juan Diego Puerta Lopez, with the music of Nacho Sotomayor.
It is not an anthological exhibition, since almost all the works exhibited are recent, but a real preview of unpublished pieces able to describe the Artist through her complexity of all-encompassing expressive languages.
Angela Woman, Mother, witness and actress straddling two centuries and two millennia in an era of strong changes, tells through her creations her vision of reality, her concept of transcendent beauty in every single work.
Free from technology, Angela looks at the past and the future with the same unique disenchanted and pure eye, renewed but always consistent, providing us once again with a synthesis of ancestral elements so as to live art in everyday life, and so that everyday life can be art.
The show, conceived as a path through linguistic and gender stages, opens with the words of Anna Imponente, curator of the exhibition, introducing us to Angela in her mystical way, with references to Greek mythology that open our eyes to the contemporary value of an expression of art finding there its most archaic roots. The installation of the last creation, realized on the shores of the Lake of Venus in Pantelleria - "Rinascita" - dominates the main room and is announced by the art video realized by the director Juan Diego Puerta Lopez with the music by Nacho Sotomayor during the performance, music that is itself part of the performance.
The first level of the show also hosts, to accompany us in the visit and knowledge of the work, a poem by Francesca Merloni written for the exhibition “Angela", for and about Angela and her artistic vision. On the notes of Nacho Sotomayor's music, which has always been part of the energy of the artist and of her work, the path leads us to the upper level, where paintings are located, canvases of different sizes almost entirely unpublished, flanked by the presentation of the latest collection of ancestral jewelry.
A selection of some of the best portraits of the artist signed by the master Giovanni Gastel, a great and close friend of the artist: Angela wears the ancient clothes of her precious collection, but also real disguises able to convey her inner strength revealing the real herself through an imaginary dance between sacred and profane.
Gastel's own words introduce this section of the exhibition, as a parallel story told with the voices and texts of the great artists and collectors that, over the years, have been able to appreciate and bring Angela's work to life.
Small phrases, letters, fragments, but also complex texts providing new interpretative keys to the artist's works, can be found in a large book in which Angela transcribes some of the most beautiful testimonies written by her friends and admirers though the years .
The "Black Angel", one of Gastel's most beloved paintings, together with a photo of Angela's hands and a suspended jewel sculpture, are the three elements, one for each section of the exhibition, that symbolically transform the Art Box in which they are contained, the window’s shop facing the street, into the imaginary ship of a "journey around Angela" that could have no better start than this show.

MyOwnGallery, from March 8 to 20, 2022. 3pm/19pm and by appointment
Via Tortona 27bis, Milan - for information:

Angela Carrubba Pintaldi, the Stone of Earth and Life
Angela Carrubba Pintaldi, Meteorite and Water
Angela Pintaldi, Masai
Angela Carrubba Pintaldi, Meteorite on Earth