We enter Milan Design Week, the most important and sparkling week of the year for our city, with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. The newfound normality of the post-pandemic and the bright prospects of a scientific future clash with the darkness of an increasingly threatening war and its frightening human economic political social consequences. Milan, attractive and forbidding capital of Italian creativity among grandiose building projects and countless small construction sites bringing luxury and green into the the suburbs, continues its mutation. What about design? Into the real world comes the unreal, what until yesterday seemed like pure fantasy. H.T. (Human Technology) is measured by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and desires are realized with the help of “tools” that bring into the shadows skills and crafts, to which tomorrow we will give other forms and other names. 

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Roberto Monelli, the 1957 born architect, journalist, publicist and copywriter tells it in his latest book “Tortona Solari. Milan in un quartiere”, published by Mursia. The work, created in collaboration with the Museolab6 association, was recently presented at the BASE cultural center. We can speak of a real guide, designed to create attention and curiosity in the reader for an area that has undergone numerous changes, perhaps among the most interesting and incisive of those that Milan has experienced from over a century ago to today. Individual episodes that create a map: the author moves through areas, streets, from house number to house number with the care and interest of a historian, the precision of a topographer/cartographer, even of a detective. Data, facts, anecdotes abound, some well known, others almost unknown to most, but no less engaging or less thoroughly investigated.


At the heart of the 7th edition of the main real estate market update event are the themes of responsibility for the planet and sustainability, which also resonate with the vocation of the chosen location, Superstudio Maxi, certified LEED Gold®, and therefore the only space for total green events in Europe.

The era of responsible retail: the common commitment for a better future is the leading message of the edition. Mapic is a moment of discussion and updating in the real estate sector, which intercepts the responsible nature of today's consumer towards the planet and knows how to adapt the offer to a rapidly changing market.

Posted by: Giorgio Re

… created by a group of students from the Tourism, Management and Culture Course at IULM, entrusted to Professor Manuela De Carlo, as part of the “Destination Management” workshop held by Professor Giuliano Gaia and resulting from a project by MuseoCity. The desired result was achieved thanks to fourteen teams of students who "explored" with video and photographic images as many museums, artist archives and cultural associations. Starting input and common thread that bind the visual documentations to each other: to make known the hidden beauty in the many, small/large "places" in which it becomes indeed art, culture, history, but also technology. The team which chose to narrate FlavioLucchiniArt Museum has created a sort of immediate, fast but exhaustive virtual path, set up with agility that winds through the labyrinthine spaces totally dedicated to the artist's work, inside SuperstudioPiù, at Via Tortona 27. Guiding and supporting this "speed tour" are the Gisella Borioli’s word - curator of the museum, co-founder with Lucchini himself of the hub, heart of the Tortona District, where art, design and culture have been at home for forty years – which punctuate the video and clarify the interpretation of fashion by Flavio Lucchini "... an extemporaneous fact, a cultural datum, a means of expressing oneself".



On the occasion of "Orticola", the traditional Milanese event dedicated to botany, and of the Milan Flower Week, Flavio Lucchini also offers the city a view of its flowers, in the Art Box of the hub at Via Tortona 27. Here are his unexpected, large “Flowers”: original, unreal, sketched, in reinforced plaster or resin. Some of them delicate and sweet colors like those of marshmellows. But the most part lack color, "because you can't compete with nature", because "their purity and beauty is forever". And so, the "Flowers" remain candid and smile at passers-by, inviting them to discover also the FLA, Superstudio's Museum where other works and flowers are on display. The artist's vision of the floral world recalls what the Belgian author Maurice Maeterlinck, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1911, expressed in his work "The intelligence of flowers", dated 1907: "The plant world that seems so peaceful, where everything appears acceptance, silence, obedience, is on the contrary the place where the revolt against destiny is the most vehement and the most stubborn."


Mixology Experience returns to Superstudio Maxi on Via Moncucco for an edition that aims to "go big."

      The beverage fair-event, organized by the circuit, returns to Milan from May 7 to 9 for three days of events and tastings, opening its doors to a diversified audience, from experts to simple enthusiasts, who will have the opportunity to learn more about techniques and new trends during masterclasses and meetings with top experts in the field. 


In his latest book "The Formula of Creation" Michelangelo Pistoletto offers us the opportunity to begin to re-consider the foundations of our existence, and calls us to a renewed responsibility towards ourselves. The formula in question is a discovery by the artist himself, of a mathematical nature which, however, he arrived at through artistic means, but no less true than those demonstrated by scientists, physicists and mathematicians. He talks about it with Federico Taddia, journalist and writer with an introduction by Fortunato D'Amico.


Starting from 28 June 2025, companies have to ensure that newly marketed products and services indicated by the European Accessibility Act are accessible. How to conceive tangible and intangible systems and products suitable for everyone? 
With Luca Lisci, Next Present managing director, Cristina Mussinelli, general secretary of the Accessible Italian Books Foundation, Riccardo Taverna, We-Glad chairman, Lucio Furlani, Newton partner. Leads Gianluca Cravera.