Round figure for a birthday that sees us on the run despite the world around us being in constant upheaval. No big party to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Superstudio in Milan but a constant commitment every day to be better, more attentive and on time to create opportunities to offer solutions and quality to those who choose to be part of our creative and professional community as clients, visitors, operators, collaborators or simply friends. With 4 locations in different areas, different specifications and numerous related service companies, with a solid editorial activity and new artistic and cultural projects, the Superstudio group greets the new year and thanks those who have been following us for 40 years and new followers.



Only three months, less than 90 days, a whiff as all those involved in the design world, from manufacturers, to designers, to agencies, to outfitters, and on and on zigzagged.
April's Milano Design Week coincides with the 40th anniversary of the founding of Superstudio Group in Milan (1983). This is a special edition alongside the return to the normalcy of life (finally) with pandemic in recess, open travel and-hopefully-peace instead of war. Taking back the threads of production, life-style, home and the objects around us requires energy, imagination, invention, challenges and a new way of understanding technology and sustainability. Superstudio is ready: with panorama of international proposals, with wow installations that take us into the future, with the best of our signature craftsmanship, with objects that amaze, exhibitions that intrigue, with big names that give us prestige and young people who open unknown horizons.
The theme of the year for Superdesign Show 2023? INSPIRATION INNOVATION IMAGINATION.Three words that tell all that is creativity, where no goal is too far away. Superstudio, as always, is waiting for you to surprise, inform, enchant, and transform the trip to the Land of Design into a wonderful cultural entrepreneurial and business adventure together.

SUPERDESIGN SHOW 2023 - at SUPERSTUDIO PIU' - VIA TORTONA 27 - MILAN 20144 - TEL+3902422501 - APRIL 17-23.
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A new volume, published by Rizzoli for Mondadori Electa, tells the story of the "gardener of fashion" and, in truth, not only of fashion: the American Ken Scott, who has been an eclectic character, an all-round creative and artist, fashion designer, creator of fabrics for clothing as well as for furnishings, painter, gardener, even writer.Scott certainly anticipates flower power by at least fifteen years, in more sophisticated and exclusive expressions. He is a free and curious spirit, almost a "global" genius of our Renaissance. Already a “green” painter in Indiana, where he was born in 1918, he arrived in Europe in 1946, first in Paris and on the French Riviera and then, in 1955, in booming Milan, to be discovered and appreciated primarily by Peggy Guggenheim.


A beautiful and visionary initiative desired by Councillor Alessia Cappello of the Municipality of Milan to open up possible future prospects for many girls. With the collaboration of established professionals who generously make their time and experience available in order to identify their talents and direct them in the right way toward the path best suited to their aptitudes. Among the 250 women called to mentor the 500 mentees is Gisella Borioli, who is happy to once again be ready to fly young women toward self-affirmation.

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It’s running strong the most stunning exhibition of the moment has a presentation facing the street thanks to hundreds of technicolor balloons which seem to want to submerge the iconic PopDolls sculptures by Flavio Lucchini, in a perfect match of colours. All that takes place in the Art Box, a real "showcase" of Superstudio Più, in Via Tortona 27 in Milan, the open minded cultural hub always open in its multi-tasking spaces to events of different spirit and inspiration. The Art Box set-up is the welcome and presentation ticket for the "Pop Air" exhibition, organized by the "Balloon Museum" and dedicated to "inflatable art", which had an enormously successful première in Paris and a first Italian debut , equally striking, in Rome, and which now arrives in Milan, right in the 7,000 sqm exhibition space of Superstudio in the heart of the Tortona District, from 23 December 2022 to 12 February 2023. Entirely instagrammable, this is the most "social" exhibition at the turn of the year.


With her book recently published by Rizzoli, Nika Zupanc, Slovenian and one of the most interesting designers of the last decade, has consecrated an unpredictable but consistent path to being a woman, turning male prejudices and symbols of femininity into icons. Which for her rhymes with freedom. Beautiful and proudly feminine, she tried her hand at common objects by treating them in pink, decorating them with bows, hearts, flowers, scallops, and other ironic frivolities while keeping the rigor of design constant in a continuous oxymoron.  The book "Nika Zupanc: Breaking The Rules" chronicles her dazzling career and her eclectic and gently provocative vision. Superstudio witnessed her debut during Design Weeks 2009 and 2010 by welcoming her into its Doll Houses with the elegant and surprising collections that contained them. The excerpt from the interview below (published in our edited book "Design Super Show") was already an inspiring invitation to follow her path. The continuation of the story is in the best bookstores


The 60th anniversary of Amica, coinciding a new revival under the direction of editor Danda Santini, is also an opportunity for a remembrance of the birth of the innovative women's weekly, as Corriere della Sera also pointed out (Wednesday, Nov. 30). Flavio Lucchini, president of Superstudio Group and artist, is the art director who created the original graphic design and set the revolutionary image of the magazine that, after a long incubation, saw the light in 1962. So in his book "Il Destino - dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda," Gedi edition (request at Superstudio or on amazon), Lucchini traces the start of that publishing adventure.

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After Paris and Rome, the most extraordinary traveling museum of recent years is coming to Milan. It is the Ballon Museum with the Pop Air exhibition that from December 23 to February 13 will occupy all the rooms of Superstudio Più, about 7,000 square meters filled with “light” and amazing art installations creat- ed by 18 international artists using thousands of inflatable balloons. A physical and digital environment for lovers of art and dreams. Both adults or children.


Open doors to tourism...

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… at the Flavio Lucchini Art Museum. On Sunday 20 November, the museum space inside Supersudio Più hosted a meeting of NEOS, the international of "travel" journalists and photographers. The place of art thus reconfirms its heterogeneous and articulated, vocation, as a meeting place, for discussion, for hospitality for anyone who dedicates his professional commitment to discovery and exploration, in the name of knowledge, culture and, last but not least, beauty.

Founded in 1998, NEOS joins  journalists and photojournalists specialized in travel reporting, in a highly articulated logic that includes environment, anthropology, adventure, culture, food, society, tourism. Particularly active in the field of travel publishing, the association offers: creation of travel specials, as well as magazines, guides and books, travel presentation with the support of images and videos; organization of phoographic exhibitions and dedicated events, workshops dedicated to storytelling and travel photography and much more.


The eleventh edition of BookCity,the initiative initiated by the City of Milan and the BookCity Milano Association in collaboration with the AIB (Italian Library Association) and the ALI (Italian Booksellers Association) has come to an end. Milan after four days full of dialogues and performances, readings and shows, meetings and workshops, but above all many presentations for readers of all tastes.

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Thirty black-and-white works shot on film and printed in large size that are "the intimate portrait of Keila Guilarte through the faces and gestures of others" (Gisella Borioli) will be presented on Nov. 29 at the exhibition event presenting the book MI Tierra.