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On the Art Point building first floor there’s a Milan-style lounge which has made contemporary art its cheerful moment, to share and debate creativity. Hangar21 is the company that inaugurated its new space at Superstudio with two female projects on show until the end of May.

Empowered and free women, allowed to have a new look, to be a voice, also and especially through Art which has always been one of the privileged, independent human expression forms and narration with its most opaque nuances. The women’s Concrete Freedom exhibition has launched Hangar21 space, a digital production company by TMP Group. Some of the artists’ works involved in the workshop and publication of concrete poetry made by BBDB Studio in collaboration with Women For Freedom are exhibited...

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Restarting, looking at the future, renewing: a common wish for us all, after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. MAPIC, the international retail property market event, shares this vision and launches its fifth Italian edition to be held on 14-15 September 2021 in Milan.

Founded in 1995 by the French organization Reed Midem, with the aim of facilitating the development of the commercial real estate sector, the show takes place every year in Cannes. Its success is such to make the event spread to other countries. National editions take place in Russia, India and of course Italy, where, since 2016, conferences, exhibition areas and spaces dedicated to networking represent the very heart of the event. 
During the last edition in 2019, Mapic Italy brought together over 2200 participants, including 850 retailers from 45 countries...


Let's begin to reveal the great venue which Superstudio will open shortly in via Moncucco in Milan, starting with accurate and made special details and extra spaces. Like toilets.

It’s difficult for bathrooms in places intended to accommodate crowds of visitors to be worthy of events they host. They are inevitably practical and functional, decorous and essential facilities spots, well-tended as much as is necessary, especially if they’re inside converted industrial spaces.
Perspective is overturned at the new Superstudio Maxi: even the bathroom must tell the story of a beautiful and comfortable place, where every detail has been fixed thinking about aesthetics and technology, comfort and sustainability, function and design.
In the wide spaces, Flaminia sanitary wares designed by Giulio Cappellini, topped with individual handmade mirrors, LED lights charming view of Slidededign by Giò Colombo Romano...


A well-known art dealer who is also an artist, writer, producer, musician, videomaker and Reiki and Tai Chi master. A graphic designer, illustrator, art-director, versatile conceptual and 3D artist, who was also lucky enough to meet Flavio Lucchini in his youth and become artistic director of his cult Mondo Uomo magazine and others. Authors experiment together with the relationship between image and word. Maurizio Zorat designs robots, Giorgio Cardazzo contrasts mirror short stories, which maybe have something to do with them or maybe not. Published by GArt Edizioni Milano, Mind Blown is part of a numbered art books collection.

In these days I received the latest book from a dear friend of mine, who was also my student in the editorial office. The title is: Mind Blown. Authors are two. Tales by Giorgio Cardazzo. Works by Maurizio Zorat. A volume different from the usual ones, which brings together two opposite and complementary feelings...


Tina Modotti, an Italian photographer, activist and actress, has left an indelible mark on the history of contemporary photography. Her famous shots, which make up the collections of the most important museums in the world, are the symbol of an emancipated and modern woman, whose photographic art is inextricably linked to her social commitment.
For via Tortona residents, visionary women and beauty lovers, the exhibition “Tina Modotti. Women Mexico and freedom ”(May 1st-November 7th) at Mudec has one more reason to be visited. It was in fact dedicated to Giorgia Martone, young manager of Magna Pars Suite, the hotel à parfum in via Forcella, created on the family perfume factory’s headquarters...


During the pandemic, when the world of art and performance had its vent almost exclusively in digital, acute artist Anna Scalfi Eghenter, grasped the moment of suspension creating "Interim Measure": an extremely active and physical work at the Teatro Sociale in Trento.

Anna Scalfi Eghenter’s works weave art, performance, social themes in a carefully designed warp. It is necessary to have great experience, a universal and at the same time peculiar vision, a good spirit of self-denial and clear ideas to produce works such as "Surrendering army", a series of 3D printed soldiers, posing for surrender and presented in 2015, long before the Black Live Matters made the US police American knelt or Gaptransfer, an artistic and participatory project that turns the gender pay gap into a discount for women...


Months of silence, yes-maybe-no-well yes weeks. The Salone Del Mobile special light edition is confirmed from September 5 to 10 and design starts again together with city’s economy. But let's not forget the Fuorisalone, at the forefront livening up Milan.

A support and hope machine has been set in motion, that’s good news. 
The great possible void left by Salone, which first suggested a "recovery" edition in September after two missed appointments in April 2020 and 2021 and then wavered for long weeks, will be filled up.
New format, new ideas, well-known curator/s, collective thematic exhibitions, simplified set-ups, probably lighter costs, more inclusive spaces are already on the way. Precisely the project on which Superstudio has already been working for some time for its Superdesign Show Special Edition. A coincidence that reassures us...


Looking at women as architecture and design protagonists, it immediately stands out that in addition to a very few world-renowned womankind archistars, many studios are conducted by a cosy couple where she’s completely equal and complementary to him. Business relationship, born out of esteem and love, whose success is due to the strange chemistry that this type of partnership generates, especially after many years of mutual cooperation. It can be found in elegant objects, creative consultancy, sophisticated interior projects by Palomba Serafini Associati studio... Ludovica (Serafini) and Roberto (Palomba) celebrated their 25 years together in Milan before the pandemic darkness with an exhibition of very important unique pieces between art, design and artistic manufacture. They tell their two-voice story for AT with complicity and joy...


Talking with Alain Prost, CEO of Ginori 1735 since 2019, we discovered a strategy that brings the iconic manufactory of Sesto Fiorentino at the centre of a broad and fluid world. It’s a New Humanism in which local craftsmanship is amplified by digital tools, creating a process capable to originate a universal beauty, involving many creative minds and a wider audience.

In the second year of the Covid the whole society has been overturned. How did you relate to the change?
We have accelerated our path of digitization and internationalization, with the aim of bringing our more than 100-years-old history to a clientele of young digital natives. Making the most of the opportunities offered by new technologies, such as WeChat or our e-commerce channel that allows us to reach 31 countries worldwide...



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