Despite the feeling of uncertainty among some business operators and the long wait for a statement by the Salone del Mobile, Design's Fuorisalone, the most important communication and creativity event that has created MILAN DESIGN WEEK and distinguished Milan for more than twenty years, in 2021 will take place. Promoters' leading group has already confirmed its intention to start again with a special edition in September. Superstudio, pioneer and founder of Design "movement" widespread in the Districts, increases its exhibition venues and confirms its commitment. Its Superdesign Show will be there in September. With R/evolution, the general title for an edition that will look far through different projects. With R/evolution, the general title for an edition that will look far through different projects. 


In recent days, the Italian government has further clarified its strategy for combating Covid-19 in the weeks to come, and the Italian and international design communities remains hopeful that it will be possible to hold the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in September as previously announced.

In the meantime, the Milan Fuorisalone, represented by a broad group of organisations whose activities have contributed to earn Milan the title of design capital and international point of reference, is pleased to confirm that its activities in and around the city of Milan will go ahead from the 5th to the 10th of September as planned, in full compliance with all precautionary measures necessary to safeguard the health of participants and the public...

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For more than a year, face mask has become an essential complement to our life. After the surgical, the reusable ones, the trendy ones, it's time for hi-tech protections made with materials with incredible performance.

Despite the progress in vaccine development, with the first distribution in Italy scheduled for January, the face mask is likely to stay with us for a long time to come. Not only because of the need to protect the unvaccinated before full coverage, which will take several months, but also because many have realised that the face mask can be a useful device regardless Covid19. In Asia, face masks are already used as a form of courtesy and consideration for others, even by people with a cold; as well as for protection against smog and fine dusts in cities...


It's a known fact that discerning consumers prefer iconic, designer products able to excite. A trend that today involves everything and everyone. Brushing your teeth with Starck, cooking with Urquiola or Konstantin Grcic, wearing Jean Nouvel or Kartell, traveling with Marcel Wanders or Giovannoni represents the latest design act for everyone.

Until yesterday fashion, or rather fashion designer, was a magic word capable of giving added value and consumer-appeal to many different things, luxury or mass-market products, branded beyond belief and, for this reason, entered the international style circuit...

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The battle against air pollution increasingly involves production and in particular fashion and similar. The American shoe brand Converse has launched a public art initiative aimed at actively combating air pollution in cities around the world, as part of its current advertising campaign “City-Forests”.

The central concept of the project is the idea of "planting trees" where otherwise they could not grow, having local artists create a series of murals that absorb pollution and that attract and convert air pollutants into harmless nitrates.
These murals are made with a specific paint, called KNOxOUT...


He is not an architect, a designer or an artist but he is certainly a creative man who calmly combines all the qualities of creatives people he works with and whose ideas he puts on the market. All treated lightly, with irony, in a life's view where the unknown, the surprise, the wonder, the different, the game are real values. His affinity with artists such as Maurizio Cattelan or Studio Job has then made kitsch like art and vice versa. Seletti stores represent a bit  what Fiorucci boutiques were many years ago: a fantasy place without formal and cultural boundaries.

During these twenty years, what has changed, and now what will change?
Everything, from the way you sit on a sofa to food culture.


Fashion winds discreetly among design avenues. Considered by some to be a minus, by others a plus. Totally ignoring judgment, fashion with its trends joins living choices, surfaces colors, coverings textures, interventions on shapes.
Fashion and design face market developments and changes together, adapting to the new needs that 2020 has highlighted even more. That's how Fashion responds.

Technology acceleration is ready to influence, distorting it, the next millennium also with regard to fashion. Fabrics will play a leading role...


Five iconic seats, a sustainable and controlled production process, an Italian cult brand. The synergy between these elements gives birth to Black is the new Green, the capsule collection by Driade that balances style and ecology, fantasy and simpleness.

Driade is the brand that since 1968 has marked the history of Italian and international design panorama throughout an “aesthetic lab” approach and a series of the collaborations with international design stars and inventiveness protagonists such as: Nanda Vigo, Enzo Mari, Alessandro Mendini, Philippe Starck, Tokujin Yoshioka...
Today, in a moment when expressing oneself through domestic furniture represents a comforting, expressive and creative activity, the eclecticism of Driade is concentrated in its new capsule collection Black is the new Green which consists of an iconic selection of the brand’s chairs and armchairs...




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An avant-garde multimedia artist, a famous illustrator of the nineteenth-century, the greatest poet of all. Felice Limosani has animated the incredible engravings by Gustave Doré for Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy with digital technology for an immersive exhibition that will take place in Florence on September 14th in Complesso Monumentale di Santa Croce. Save the date: this video is the impressive "taste" of “Dante the Eternal Poet” that we offer you in preview on the Dante Alighieri National Day.

"The digital revolution currently underway, on one hand, opens up new stylistic horizons drawing on new languages and, on the other, is changing the way culture is represented, used and promoted..."