12/04/2021 | EDITORIAL


Posted by: Gisella Borioli

Despite the feeling of uncertainty among some business operators and the long wait for a statement by the Salone del Mobile, Design's Fuorisalone, the most important communication and creativity event that has created MILAN DESIGN WEEK and distinguished Milan for more than twenty years, in 2021 will take place. Promoters' leading group has already confirmed its intention to start again with a special edition in September. Superstudio, pioneer and founder of Design "movement" widespread in the Districts, increases its exhibition venues and confirms its commitment. Its Superdesign Show will be there in September. With R/evolution, the general title for an edition that will look far through different projects. With R/evolution, the general title for an edition that will look far through different projects. 

Restart. Start planning again, collaborating with companies, professionals, consultants, workers and the whole animated world revolving around events and design. Thousands of people who have been stopped for a year (soon almost two) without any certainty of when it will be possible to carry out their cultural, economic, social tasks again.
Superstudio Group with its three operating and exhibition venues in Milan - Superstudio 13 in via Forcella 13, Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27, and the brand new Superstudio Maxi in via Moncucco 35 - represents an important reality which spreads creativity, innovation, communication, business in the city. During Milan Design Week it becomes the most developed and famous “design system” offering up to about 20,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition space in the three locations mentioned.
We think suspense has been too long and Design void in the city, only partially filled by digital initiatives, should be filled now, with care and courage. Prudence in following the pandemic wave and implementing necessary precautions, courage in deciding to break the glass ceiling keeping us stuck and daring an innovative Fuorisalone are necessary elements for an edition which is going to be different, renewed, more selected and professional, but perhaps the most interesting and top-quality ever. Able to restart the jammed engine that has taken away visibility and opportunities to companies and designers.
Giving up on April 2020 edition was a mandatory and very difficult decision for everyone, just a few months before Milan Design Week start, with everything already planned and set up. The digital “replacement” put in place by some companies and online communication platforms has partially fixed it but could not fill the energy circle that Fuorisalone generates and spreads around the world.
In October 2020 the Milan Design City experiment with meetings in showrooms and digital events, on one hand kept the attention on, but on the other it emphasized even more the lack of the great "physical" event with all its positive effects.
For April 2021, at first we were certain that pandemic would be under control, so it was not and at the latest restrictions for museums, fairs and events have been confirmed with a new daunting, and for many devastating, stop. Once again digital has partially filled the gap, but disappointment remains. Superstudio Maxi had already prepared for the April appointment CULT&MUST, an interesting exhibition curated by Giulio Cappellini to explore the best of recent years design production in a sort of contemporary museum. An event nipped in the bud by a new red zone and then moved as soon as possible. Will it be in June? Will it be in September? Will it be…? What's certain is that CULT&MUST will be there. At the earliest possible date, in compliance with government regulations.
SUPERDESIGN SHOW, the highlight of Superstudio, Fuorisalone and Milan Design Week will be back with strength and passion in September 2021, presenting a r/evolution project in its locations, considering all on-going changes.
Superdesign Show 2021, will look at made in Italy as well as the most international and Asian design significant expressions, habitat trends, hand made and sustainability. With the novelty of an entire pavilion dedicated to women's creativity, D&D, Women and Design. An architects and designers team of great interest and talent, selected in Italy and abroad in continuity with "In women's hands", a Superstudio project already started in 2020.
@AT-SUPERSTUDIO MAGAZINE will be present during design important moments with extended attention. A daily digital appointment to enter design world. From April 12 and throughout the month, in conjunction with what should have been Salone and Fuorisalone days, there will be interviews with designers and business leaders, product news and previews. In September, a large space will be dedicated to Superdesign Show protagonists, the most striking news, meetings, trends, opinions, visions of future both on the digital magazine and its monthly paper edition which can also be downloaded from website.


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