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For those who know Milan, Superstudio is a reference location for corporate and private events, which in recent years has become the ideal venue for small, impactful and innovative niche fairs and exhibitions, open to professionals or visitors, that stand out for their elengant environment and efficient and flexible organization.

Today we interview Tommaso Borioli, CEO of Superstudio Events for over 5 years, the new events division of the group. Eyes open over the world, beautiful mind, digital native, expert in economics as well as technology, Tommaso, with a young experienced team, advances the policy and renews the spaces of Superstudio Più dedicated to events.

Hi Tommaso, in 2016 you were entrusted with the new Superstudio Events division, with the aim of improving the supply and facilities that have already existed for 15 years. What did it mean, at such a young age, when you were only 25 years old, to manage such a prestigious and recognized brand on the Milan scene?
It meant a lot to me. It was a great, important responsibility they entrusted me with. I was born inside Superstudio: since I was a child I used to ride my bike among the courtyards, for me it has always been an intimate place. Then manage it with my own company it was a very empowering step. Take into account that 2 of us started in the office and after only 5 years we have quintupled the turnover. It has been a positive path, if I look back I am quite satisfied. I learned a lot and clearly it was an opportunity to be able to start from an already solid and well-known reality in Milan like that of Superstudio.

How important is it to be innovative?
Extremely. The main part of our work today is to be innovative, especially to always try to understand what customers need, listen to their requests and, whenever possible, adapt to new requirements. Innovation is also upgrade our facilities proposal, it is changing the way of thinking. This was definitely our key success. We started when we were all very young and we completely changed the events team and I must say that this helped us a lot: with new people, we kept what was good in the past but we also brought new ideas, new procedures and it's been a great achievement in the end. I believe that innovation today represents the most important part of our work, for every company, but above all of those who deal with events.

Compared to when you started 5 years ago, how customer demand has changed? What has changed?
We now have different care and attention for the customer who today is much more demanding. Meeting all his needs made the difference and the result of this was an internal production department development in order to offer customers and agencies a whole range of facilities that we did not have before and that they needed. We have expanded available spaces but above all we have “exploded” the services provided part related to events.

What was the weirdest request you got from a customer?
To land Pamela Anderson with a helicopter on the Superstudio rooftop. We didn't, it was organisationally complicated and it couldn't be done. The other was one of technology's big four which asked us to tear down walls for an event, in order to increase the venue's capacity and this too was not done.

Now tell us about your new project, "your child" Superstudio Maxi, which in a moment like this is really a challenge...
Yes, it is a challenge because this child is very big, a 10.000 square meters space. It is also very challenging and personally I found out later. The renovation and redevelopment of an industrial building is very difficult compared to the fact of rebuilding it from scratch. Technical problems were endless and even the period was not easy. There was a lockdown in between, which  came at a time when we invested in this project everything we had available and in the meantime the revenues from Superstudio events have collapsed and practically disappeared. With the lockdown then, we suffered delays in works and it was really very challenging but now we are on  the home straight, few weeks left to to work's end and the result seems to me very good. Every time I bring a customer for an inspection, the reaction is always “WOW” and this is a great satisfaction for me. It is a different space from Superstudio Più, it is a 10.000 square meters unique space where 7.200 sqm are covered. It is a single large venue, which lends itself to events other than the ones we do at Superstudio right now. We are talking about important congresses, with many people or big fairs. A large equipped exhibition area was designed and built. There is no such large structure in Milan today, reachable in 15 minutes from the city center, with parking, close to the subway and motorway access. These characteristics make it a unique and highly sought-after location. We are very happy with how the project was implemented, which we hope to inaugurate by the end of the year.

Superstudio Maxi
Superstudio Maxi
Superstudio Maxi
Superstudio Maxi