01/07/2022 | TRENDS


Wonder, fun, surprise, fantasy, imagination, fear, magic. Is there anyone who has never been to a luna park and experienced all these emotions recalling their childhood? It has always been a fantastic place where everyday life is suspended to enter a world of lightness and carefree living. The Superdesign Show at Superstudio Più for the Design Week this year went beyond furniture innovations, home and human-tailored tech, the vision of a more sustainable world, art and culture. Visitors were entertained and engaged, amazed and shocked by a design able to make them enjoy themselves. By looking back at recently closed installations, we can see a trend. 

Captivating, electrifying, light, rippling and colorful. These were some of the best adjectives to describe this year's edition of Design that more than ever has enticed the attention of its audience, by engaging them on a fun and unusual journey. In keeping with what, from year to year, seems to be turning into one of the leading design trends, that is the ability to amaze and shock, yet still engaging. Palazzo Reale, for example, invited visitors into a magic box of projections, while retrieving the amazing dimension of the early optical chambers, marvellous objects from the pre-cinema era; at the Opificio 31 the Spanish company FINSA restored a forest where visitors couold dwindle on swings and wicker chairs, swaying among objects of wood and diving into a pool of colourful balls. Yet, at the very entrance of Superstudio Più, the installations tell stories of the future and fun. A rain forest in the middle of the city, as outstanding as intriguing, with exotic bananas with lush, green leaves, and Jucca plants with tough tree trunks. A healthy and tidy Jumanji thought by Fondazione Biohabitat, a fresh oasis from the scorching heat surrounded by monumental re-edition of iconic vases by great names like Philippe Starck, Rodolfo Dordoni e Zaha Hadid. Next to it, the eye laid on a building resembling a steamer. Entering into it was like entering the sea with Rossinavi in a truly immersive experience: by descending into the darkness of abyssess people got to know a story about sea biodiversity and its wealth, which needs to be nurtured not omitted, and one of its most underestimated protagonists, phytoplankton, falling apart in bundles of light to move with our fingers. 
As the building aside, the swings by Lexus allowed visitors to sway back and forth while admiring the elegant skeleton of the new Lexus electric vehicle under the appealing lamps by Aqua Creations. 
A giant lying down Pinocchio at Piazza degli Eventi, much impertinent: it was Alcantara's provocative proposal, inviting the audience to question greenwashing and fake news about sustainability.
Many people flocked to the radical pop terrace, the latest temporary creation of the Milan-based group Toiletpaper, founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, where an enormous lipstick-like inflatable, like a spaceship just landed, towered for more than a week on the urban garden of Superstudio, between the permanent work by Michelangelo Pistoletto “Terzo Paradiso”.
A huge installation by Haier led by AI brought people to discover the house of the future through the use of light and illusion to remove each room's direction. Japanese mui Lab features a good, better virtuous, technology in the unfolding of day-to-day routine. Thus, many enjoyed writing their thoughts on the magic board (which is a contemporary notebook of shared thoughts) by transferring messages onto the walls of the house using IoT technology, or rubbing the surface to modulate lights and move objects to turn on the music. Three bizarre totems (designed by Istituto Marangoni's students), like machines of the future, revealed the trends of design to those wondering about the game of Tarot. From the renowned "hamster wheels" of the luna Park takes its inspiration the virtual simulator by Forum8: a long wait rewarded the most patient tourists who, seated and secured, began wheeling around on themselves to discover a 3D experience, a seemingly only imaginary, yet very vivid experience. Habits Design Studio make people dance in Kataklo contemporary dance school in synchrony with light and changing colors. In the break from a dance and the other, people in the group did what attraction asked for: to play and interact, entering and activating the magic illuminating with slight body motions. 
Sara Ricciardi then imagined a box of mirrors (like in a true luna park) for Glo, building a labyrinthine miniarchitecture: a disorienting experience but very "instagrammable", a dedalus that confuses the people inside, making them lose their sense of orientation.  
A Luna Park of ideas where design, in the spirit of the great architect Achille Castiglioni, brings a smile.

On the swing of one of the gates framing the new electric model of Lexus
The lipstick "landed" on Superstudio's urban garden. From an idea by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari (Toiletpaper) for Glo
The 3D simulator for a virtual experience by the Japanese Forum8
Un coinvolgente viaggio sott'acqua alla scoperta del ruolo del fitoplancton nella vita marina dell'azienda viareggina Rossinavi