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Posted by: Silvana Annicchiarico

A long roundup to find out where creativity goes through 20 selected international designers, over the other 11 already represented in the Alessi Museum and now at Superstudio. Also a proper tribute to 12 great architects, who have made the history of design and who are recently disappeared, will take place.

Compared to even a few years ago, the presence of women in the field of design has changed both in terms of quantity, because women are many more, both in terms of quality, because they are more aware of their role within a traditionally masculine discipline such as design. On some issues, such as sustainability, or reuse design, women are in the front row. They have a cosmopolitan vision, they talk to the world, they know no borders and they are very quick to identify the emerging problems that design can and must try to answer. The exhibition Donne&Design, curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, aims to witness this renewed presence by hosting women of different generations and backgrounds, with different cultures, stories and looks, but united by the desire to weave a fertile and fruitful plot that helps design to build a bridge in the future.

Who they are and what they do

Germana Scapellato’s journey begins in Sicily and brings her to Milan, the city where she has lived and worked for twenty years and where she met the world of design and architecture. In 2013 she founded Waiting for the bus, a platform where her passions lie, where art and home as a place of heart and hospitality meet. She presents a journey through the places of Italian craftsmanship, where ancient stories acquire a contemporary face in Caltagirone, Vietri and Milan ceramics. Extroverso, a creative network founded by Manuela Dello Strologo, celebrates a beauty made of local traditions, art, refinement and quality involving talented women. Designed by Chie Mihara the collection Libellula is a dedication to women and their free and elegant spirit that brings wonder. An accurate design that decorates with originality for the collection New Moon by Giannella Ventura. The entrepreneur Emiliana Martinelli, after completing her architectural studies, starts a fruitful and long collaboration with Martinelli Luce, the family company. Together with her father Elio, her great master, she develops the themes that will hold and distinguish the company of which she is also art director and designer. Nature and geometry inspire her simple illuminations, but with a formidable character. Born in the green Irpinia, Noemi Dotolo brings back to design the fascination for archetypes and symbolism learned from tradition. Graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin is now UX designer, who looks at design through the lens of subtraction, with the intent of simplifying to find the value of the origins. As in “Puozz’ Fiurì” (May you flourish). May Aryan majolica flourish, on the terrain of tradition, between past and present. Priscilla Salmi is a complete professional in branding, where she applies her composite training. A degree at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, a master’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in Accessory Design and a master’s degree in SDA Bocconi, conclude an iconographic research applied to branding. Aesthetic perfection and radiance in a sensory concept that expresses itself: fascinated by the Phinitens golden ratio, not just a container. Between the dress and the living. It is where the works by Adriana Lohmann, are born, designer of chandeliers and bright, glamorous and emotional furniture. Originally from Brazil, in 1989 she moved to Milan, the city of fashion. Influenced by studies in art, bio-design, Feng Shui and passionate about light, she creates bright objects with a strong visual impact, with exclusive and eco-sustainable materials. Like PerPlexi, a 100% recyclable plexiglass collection inspired by energetic colors and the magic of Brazil. Chiara Caramelli, is a product designer with a vast background in the world of design, university professor and consultant for several international brands in the luggage and leather. In 2013, driven by a strong interest in innovative materials and technologies, she founded Chiara Caramelli Design Lab, for a production with a simple and functional design. Like the Zoom Bags that make themselves small, folding when they are not used. Deanna Comellini studied art in Bologna, where she entered the world of design. She founded, in 1977, G.T.Design., of which she is designer and art director. Her design research focuses on the carpet as an important element for interior architecture. In Kama the archaic symbol becomes contemporary, the play of contrasts is based on the evocative power of color and matter: the first carpet designed to collect light is sumptuous and wild.•  Ilaria Marelli, architect and designer, lecturer at the Politecnico di Milano, promoter of the cohousing project in Italy, in her workshop of ideas Ilaria Marelli, takes care of design to 360º: art direction, product design, interiors and fittings, strategy and trend consultancy. She is known above all for the originality of her products, such as the Sediment vessels, forms in the making in which nature enters, for IVV. The architect Karolina Tylka, shows her work in several prestigious exhibitions. She still collaborates with the Polish studio DesignAtSource, of which she is co-creator, engaged since 2005 in the design and construction of architectures, interiors, exhibitions and products. The need for a coffee in the garden suggests her Coffee Bench: at the same time table and seat, structurally and modular according to needs. Licia Fusai, a material transformative, arrives at art after a journey made of fashion and architecture that enriches her creativity. In search of balance and harmony, she looks at nature as a source of inspiration and a means of expression. For her decorative “tables” she uses seeds, berries and other elements. A reflection on the aesthetic and nutritional qualities that makes art: Nature on Canvas, paintings of perfumes and flavors. Graduated with honors in architecture in Rome, Luisa Benato is committed to urban redevelopment, restoration and building design. But she doesn’t stop there. She founded in 2011 Forky by Luisa Benato&C. for the design and realization of design objects related to food. East and West come together in a multifunctional tool with an innovative design: Forky is born, the cutlery that allows you to grab and cut with one hand. The eclectic and famous Paola Navone is an architect, designer, art director and interior decorator, a curious citizen of the world that has created projects, events, exhibitions and installations in the four corners of the earth. Always looking for materials, shapes and structures from the past to the future, she is the most surprising testimonial of contemporary eclecticism. Last her fanciful installation of tables, chairs and metal lamps for MIDJ. Designer and craftswoman, Netta Ashery, has signed projects ranging from furniture to jewelry. She works and lives in Israel, where she graduated in 2016 in industrial design at the Holon Institute of Technology. With particular attention to the development of production methods linking crafts and industry to the natural characteristics of wood. A provocation to veneer that is resolved in a new aesthetic: Wood Couture. Yan Jiang is formed between China, Italy and Switzerland building a solid background in product design. After several years of experience in luxury brands Yan Jiang moves to contemporary jewelry with the same delicacy that is found in the design objects she realizes. She experiments with materials and simulates new textures making them wearable. A design that crosses the border of fantasy that transforms unobserved everyday objects into jewels: the collections Bubble Wrap, Rope, Link. Design in DNA with a father named Achille and the uncle Piergiacomo (Castiglioni), unforgettable masters of functional design and breakup: Giorgina Castiglioni, graduated with the great masters, inherited their fantasy and passion. Many exhibitions and different projects in her path, between design architecture experimentations and ecology. The “Mathematical Table” that presents as preview for Donne&Design, in two different essences, originates from a parametric geometry that is composed on the surface. Elena Salmistraro already well known for having brought an original geo-figurative decoration in her objects, such as prints, carpets, ceramics, containers, is one of the most sought-after authors of the trendy design. Elena Tamburini designs recognize the historical Tuscany craftsmanship. The ceramics are characterized by the smooth, earthy red terracotta handmade in Italy, ‘Le Trecciaiole’ aims to acknowledge and highlight the resilience and healing power of women.

Elena Manferdini,Fruttiera_Alessi 2005
Giannella Ventura. new moon armchair set. Extroverso
Germana Scapellato. Caltagirone Grammichele. Waiting for the bus
Emiliana Martinelli. Amica. Martinelli Luce