19/04/2021 | ARTS, FASHION


Posted by: Chiara Ferella Falda

Wearable Art, the creative power of Fashion and Art come together to rethink artwork’s concept on its own, a phenomenon able to give life to indomitable works living and evolving with those who exhibits-wears them. Just like the recently announced collaboration between the internationally well-known writer Flycat and the street Broke Clothing brand.

It was the last art exhibition at Superstudio just before pandemic's great shock. Among the first writing philosophy's artists in Italy, Flycat celebrated his 50th birthday and 36-year career in MyOwnGallery with a significant solo exhibition. Kisses, greetings, hugs, toast… A crowded vernissage with more than 500 guests just in one evening.
And then everything closed, exhibitions, galleries, theaters, the previous life becomes a distant and faded memory. Hard life for artists and virtual tours, virtual rooms, live streaming, phygital events are of little use, because art must be breathed, experienced, felt above and under the skin. Therefore, partnership are born, only apparently commercial, because with Flycat everything is deeply meditated and intimate artistic expression. That's why even a T-shirt is a canvas to communicate something unique.
FLYCAT X BROKE capsule collection, an international street wear brand, reinterprets 2 historical cult for street culture: the oversize t-shirt and workers' jeans, in 15 oz selvedge denim. 
Broke provided clothing that Flycat hand painted as if they were pictorial canvases: every mark, each tag has a story, a meaning, an emotion. "I've always loved painting on clothes I wore since I was 13 years old, that was my 'imprinting'; a moving body, armed with its own uniform, it's something able to distinguish it from everything else”.
The oversize "Rolling Y" T shirt is perhaps the most iconic and represents the Letter Racer, a sort of "letter-sculpture-toy-dragster" homage to the great artist Rammellzee, Flycat's master and "brother". On the back his Tag , 6 letter-elements of Flycat name: "My whole life is in those letters. For them I fought, suffered, rejoiced. Every morning I give a special thanks to my Name".
A high ranking collection that borders on "luxury" sector. A contradiction with street art? “No, on the contrary, Luxury for me is lust, the charm behind sin, my Artistry has always lived in full duality. I believe that the need to love each other, in the sense of ourselves first of all, it's crucial, being comfortable with ourselves is the key to being able to relate to others.
A piece of clothing created 'unique', as well as an artwork, can enrich wearer's spirit and soul. The road is not something you choose, it arrives, you are given birth to it, catapulted inside, you have to absorb its energy, follow its rules, road will provide you with the means to be able to leave it, because the road does not want you remain a slave, it can be a maternal embrace and at the same time a blow to the back. There are no gray scales, this is free will ”.

FLYCAT X BROKE capsule is on sale online from April 9th on the website

T-shirt oversized “Rolling Y” from FLYCAT X BROKE Capsule Collection.
T-shirt the B, FLYCAT X BROKE.
T-shirt Softie Broke and Roll pant, FLYCAT X BROKE.


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