21/01/2022 | ARTS, LOCATIONS


Posted by: Dario Negri

The inauguration of the Atelier Lucchini is the last stage, yet the most important, of an artistic path that has been carefully created through the buildings of Superstudio, a path to welcome visitors and professionals in a surprising environment.

The history of Superstudio is strictly related to contemporary art, as much as it is related to fashion and design as well, three disciplines that mutually benefit from this proximity in an endless circle of mutual contamination.
This relation between Superstudio and art is not just limited to temporary contents brought by the various seasons of events and happenings, but thanks to the vision of the founders Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli it has been built a permanent system of "art venues" in continuous evolution, with a look at the past but projected to the future, aligned with the Superstudio-philosophy.
And art is so important that the first dedicated venue we meet even before passing through the gates is the "Art-Box" -, a mini-container, two windows on via Tortona where selected artists and curators are going to be put in touch with the pedestrians and the people passing by, an occasion for mini-exhibitions or a preview for something greater that will happen inside Superstudio.
As we go through the entrance and we leave the Art-Box behind, we immediately meet the MyOwnGallery , a permanent space dedicated to art and art-events, a physical space, free and flexible, with a schedule that comes from research and from the idea to create an interaction between artists and guests of this non-conventional gallery.
Going through the path, following the oversized red flowers designed by Flavio Lucchini for Slide, we meet the Art Garden, the private garden inside Superstudio: a place that according to the philosophy of the Group combines temporariness and welcoming spirit with the personality of Lucchini's production  - -: architect, today an artist and Superstudio founder, in the past a top art director and father to the italian fashion publishing industry.
And the gigantic fashion-inspired Cor-ten sculptures that stand in the Art Garden are silently testifying the golden era of fashion, they symbolize a material reply to the original answer the Artist posed to himself: is fashion just a dress or is it a form of art? 
From the Art Garden to the Art Point building there are just a few steps: the green environment and the towering trees are left behind with a transition to the regular volume of the steel-and-glass building: the facade is reflecting the sky, bringing it down, closer to the viewer: how close? Well, just three floors! 
On the third floor of the Art Point building there is the Roof, a permanent 700 sqm green installation from the Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto: born from the casual meeting between the Artist, a design week and the adaptable structure of the building, the Roof is a roof garden created as an installation and at the same time as an outdoor space to be enjoyed freely,  or a venue for informal events, a green terrace overlooking the nearby buildings, populated by Flavio Lucchini's Dolls.
Coming down again to the ground floor, we just have to keep on following the red flowers to reach the most recent - and most important - space of all: the Atelier Lucchini.
A private museum inaugurated on sept. 2021, that is hosting the impressive and surprising production of Flavio Lucchini: more than 200 pieces that are going through several decades, underlining the historical moments of fashion, feminine beauty and lifestyle as seen through the Artist's eyes.
The Atelier Lucchini is a space in continuous motion, not a mausoleum but a live entity that can be visited during the most important events or under reservation of a private tour: it is, as well, the space where it can be explored and bought the published opera by Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli, "The Vogue Lesson - From Fashion to Art", "Il Destino (dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda - e non sono uno stilista)", "Cahier 1989/1993 Limited Edition" and the last publication "Design SuperShow - evoluzione e mise en scène del design al Superstudio di Milano".

Art at Superstudio Più. Roof. Terzo Paradiso by Michelangelo Pistoletto
Art at Superstudio Più. Dada Coffee House. Gold. La sfilata by Flavio Lucchini
Art at Superstudio Più. Art-garden. Composit by Flavio Lucchini
Art at Superstudio Più. Atelier Hall, Toy by Flavio Lucchini