12/01/2023 | EDITORIAL


Posted by: Gisella Borioli

Round figure for a birthday that sees us on the run despite the world around us being in constant upheaval. No big party to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Superstudio in Milan but a constant commitment every day to be better, more attentive and on time to create opportunities to offer solutions and quality to those who choose to be part of our creative and professional community as clients, visitors, operators, collaborators or simply friends. With 4 locations in different areas, different specifications and numerous related service companies, with a solid editorial activity and new artistic and cultural projects, the Superstudio group greets the new year and thanks those who have been following us for 40 years and new followers.

I was an easy prophet when, in the midst of the first pandemic phase, writing the book on design Design Super Show celebrating the 20-year start of Milan Design Week right from Superstudio and its successes, I evoked a possible world of global problems and general uncertainties: repeating pandemics, wars and destructions, nuclear threats, nature's jolts, unstoppable migrations, exponential poverty, economic and social crises. Which have punctually occurred dramatically, and we do not know how to put in place effective countermeasures.
We know how much responsibility architects engineers scientists and technicians will have in designing a safer world. The new year does not reassure us; on the contrary.
Let us try to regain some optimism. 
The year 2023 confronts us with a completely new scenario: overcoming the difficulties of the past, entering the dimension of the future. With a woman, a young woman, leading Italy for the first time, and more and more women in leadership positions in nations and institutions, in science and business. With the acceleration of the third dimension and a parallel world that can be our second life. Little-known words such as NFT, Metaverse or phygital now conjugate in living rooms and even art has appropriated them coming out of formal or conceptual but "physical" representations. Anthropomorphic robots and artificial intelligence are poised to replace us in a thousand actions and, perhaps, thoughts. A science fiction world is closer than ever, and yet...
What about Milan's Superstudio, in all this? 
Superstudio Group was born in 1983, 40 years ago.
An important birthday for a family business cha wanted to make communication, photography, fashion and via design, art, innovation, culture, and then again research, progress, digitalization, advanced technology, sustainability the basis of its social and business discourse through btb and btc events. A path started without shaking, crowned with success in each new project.
Even in these last three dramatic years Superstudio has done its part by trying to grow despite the recession and cooperating in critical situations. We remember in this regard during the pandemic the thousands of masks taken away from the necessities of our events and donated to the municipality when these were unavailable, the hospitality to women who arrived hastily with mothers and children at the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the exhibitions and concerts for them, the conferences on autism and creativity, the fundraising charity dinners, the initiatives to enhance the talents of women, the thousands of other activities that allowed us to feel useful to the community .
Forty years ago we first set up in a complex of workshops and warehouses in an unknown and suburban area south of Milan, where there were only decommissioning factories and homes for their workers. Like a spaceship with its aliens Superstudio 13, the temple of auteur, modern and international photography, landed in the courtyard of Via Forcella 13, an alley parallel to the first section of Via Tortona, with its 13 photographic studios, models, photographers, freelancers, creative people, and technicians that the fashion world demanded. It was the beginning of a great change: of image, of fashion, of photography, of the relationships between all the actors, finally close in confrontation. Even today, completely renewed in its team and projects, Superstudio 13 is still at the forefront. It is the first photography studio to be equipped with Twin, a gigantic ovoid scanner for 3D images where a person enters and his avatar comes out, identical twin for virtual communications.
In 2000, Superstudio Più was born and settled in the former-General Electric building, bigger, more eclectic, more ambitious, more innovative, more suited to the live communication that was flanking the "static" communication of printed paper. And above all, pioneer of that Milan Design Week spread throughout the neighborhoods that right here and right from via Tortona 27 took its start and influenced the life of the city.
In 2020, the Superstudio Maxi project was born, at Barona, once again calibrated, with its immense 7500-square-meter hall, to the needs of communication, fairs, conventions, cultural "weeks" and live events, which are increasingly large and international, requiring infinite spaces and advanced technologies. At the end of 2021, Superstudio Più, which already had a space used as a temporary art gallery, MyOwnGallery, since 2006, aligns itself with the museums that have recently sprung up in the area and opens FLA, a fashionart museum that tells the story of fashion and costume through the works of Flavio Lucchini, architect, founder and chairman of Superstudio Group and fine artist. 
In the midst of Covid-19, work slows down, for a while disappears altogether, but this does not affect the desire to continue to carry the cultural messages of which Superstudio has been a standard bearer for forty years. We felt, over the years, that we were satisfying the desires of companies and people by offering places, opportunities and stimuli for information, education, opportunities, visibility and even happiness.
Thus was born the desire for a beautiful and safe place for avantgarde entertainment and music that communicates with social and pleases young people. Super Club materialized in 2022, a venue not like any other where music is art and light shows are evocative performances and even nights become a leap into the future In 2023, it will be the turn of the official opening of Superstudio Village at Bovisa, a complex of warehouses long since decommissioned by a steel mill, right in front of the "drop" where the skeletons of the old gasometers stand out, entrusted like the whole immense surrounding green area to architect Renzo Piano so that he can transform it into a new enviable area of Milan where the campus of the Polytechnic and other exemplary constructions will be settled. Superstudio Village, acquired in 2022, has slowed its regeneration as a center for advanced visual production and multidisciplinary events in order to accommodate the large group of Ukrainians who fled the war and accompany them to more permanent housing. With the spontaneous help of donors, companies, foundations, volunteers and, finally, Emergency, whom we again thank for their generosity and timeliness.
An interesting educational project kicks off in February 2023: it is the new Superstudio Academy division, which will provide directly or in collaboration with schools and universities useful training modules to enter culturally and practically into the world of image and events on which we boast forty years of expertise. Added to this is Superstudio's participation with Gisella Borioli in the mentorship project of the City of Milan to direct 500 young women to choose their future through the contribution of 200 "career" women who represent the many aspects of an established female team that is well established in the present and the future.
The question comes up: what next? It will be the changes in society that will direct where we go. But mostly where we will all go: hopefully toward peace and respect for the world around us, in hindsight.
   Superstudio Group was created in 1983 by journalist-editor couple Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli. Over the years, it has acquired several operating offices in as many areas of Milan and created specific companies to meet all image and event communication needs. Within it, leading creatives and professionals have been trained. Managed with self-generated resources, it has never enjoyed external public or private contributions. The generational transition has seen the entry of Tommaso Borioli at the head of the group's new companies and innovative projects with historical collaborators integrated by a team of very young people who, together, have given new impetus to all related activities.

The Superstudio brand is internationally recognized as the "number one" in the industry for its prestige, the quality of its events, and the sustainability of its choices. It manages its 4 locations (Superstudio 13, Superstudio Più, Superstudio Maxi, Superstudio Village) in addition to the Super Club venue, MyOwnGallery and FLA FlavioLucchiniArt Museum art spaces, Dada Café and Superstudio Café restaurants, and Superstudio Hospitality.It also hosts events, exhibitions, conventions, third-party fairs, directly produces art, design, publishing, charity, and training initiatives. It publishes the digital and print magazine AT-superstudio magazine, edits books and catalogs on art and design and related subjects.

Superstudio 13, in via Forcella 13, the first location
Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27
Superstudio Maxi born in 2020 in via Moncucco
Superstudio Village, the new hub in Bovisa zone