22/09/2020 | EDITORIAL


Posted by: Gisella Borioli

I've always thought that women, except for a very few lucky ones, are not given the place they deserve. I have always thought that their willingness and concreteness, combined with other qualities not lacking to capable men and women, could be an added value for those who hold the levers of power in their hands. Without feminist ulterior motives, political judgments or claims of quotas for women, I can only be pleased to see that the pool of women who are now moving the levers of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, Christine Lagarde, Angela Merkel, not to mention those just a step below, they are making human and indispensable decisions, also revising treatises and preconceptions. If something is moving at the top is this the signal that now it's up to women?

I've always thought that creativity has no gender, but that of women also has a special sensitiveness and a boost to decoration of its own.
I have always thought that with so many graduates top of their class in polytechnics and art academies, there's no match in the number of professionals known for their talent.
So, despite the territorial limits due to the pandemic, I took up the challenge of identifying artists intrigued by some elements of design and designers who work on the thread of art and I invited them to the first event on the theme, forerunner of a program, which we called IN WOMEN'S HANDS.
It is a double-curated exhibition, which brings together and compares the work of artists and architects: that of Sabino Maria Frassà for the first and mine for the second. In their hands materials are transformed, they add other meanings to the primary function, they become sources of awe and wonder.
An exhibition that I wanted free, light, friendly, not murky. Like a chat, or a visit, between friends who open secret drawers for you. Those of their creativity not necessarily linked to commercial or production needs. Left free to express itself and also to have fun, looking near and far.
Thus, under the title "I Fiori della Materia", Paola Navone talks about herself in a living room through a pattern which mixes unusual trouvailles, Ilaria Marelli "bakes" plastic and makes unpredictable sculptural objects defined by color, Elena Salmistraro "draws"metal to create a smiling box, Adriana Lohmann builds a garden that keeps its distance with transparencies, Isabella Angelantoni Geiger produces poetic small "buildings" between art and architecture evoking our lives instability, Mavi Ferrando recovers from the past her character-chairs made to be looked at, Vera Belikova marks the time of her young life with unstable clocks immersed into a mosaic, Francesca Gasparotti takes up the Afghan carpet's tradition and contaminates it with Bauhaus.
The artists instead under the title "Narcisi Fragili" and the guidance of the curator are staged with a tribute to Laura de Santillana, an extraordinary glass master who recently passed away, joined by Daniela Ardiri, Flora Deborah, Giulia Manfredi, Maria Teresa Ortoleva, Francesca Piovesan. They share the search for beauty in matter and that fragility that is perceived under the famale strenght. “Being an artist, or rather making art, becomes a way to restore a relationship with material reality and transform "his own" chaos into something different, into beauty. We are therefore all vulnerable daffodils saved by gratuitousness, from the absence of practical purpose of the artistic gesture, which we hope will be able to make eternal at least what we are and/or have thought. Art has always been a promise of eternity, of leaving a seed that will bloom in the eyes and minds of others. A way to share your experience, when you can't (anymore) tell it in words." Sabino Maria Frassà explains better, introducing an exhibition full of poetry and emotions.
The project IN WOMEN'S HANDS, in its wider meaning, already provides for other events, including the important occasion of April Design Week with a large space at Superstudio Più entirely dedicated to the vision of architects, designers, makers, artisans, planners. There is a lot of interest, selections are open. I would like to predict: we'll have a great time together...

Grifo by Elena Salmistraro for Altreforme. I Fiori della Materia
Thammada site specific installation by Paola Navone. I Fiori della Materia
shelter by Isabella Angelantoni Geiger. I Fiori della Materia
"Narcisi Fragili" art exhibition curated by Sabino Maria Frassà. ph Francesca Piovesan courtesy Cramum and Superstudio