17/03/2021 | PHOTOGRAPHY


Posted by: Editorial Staff

Images fill our life. All around cities, landscapes, places we visit, faces of loved ones, those of strangers, screens and TV channels overflow, Facebook, Instagram... A photos kaleidoscope, to remember, capture moments, document facts, tell imaginative places and desires. As in shootings that for forty years photographers, agencies and prestigious brands set in Superstudio 13 spaces, the first hub dedicated to the image, with 13 photographic studios and numerous services. Today there is a great change in the air...

World has changed since 1983, year of Superstudio 13 foundation, a fashion and image citadel that quickly attracted great photography personalities: from the irreverent Oliviero Toscani who revolutionized the way of advertising, to Giovanni Gastel, photography magician that through face captured soul in suspended places, and  legendary international authors who have immortalised century's characters.
Despite the fact that everyone, from children to older people, now has  a smartphone in their hands to capture life, professional photography continues to be a great interpretation of reality and the possible, a means to tell creativity, timeless beauty, new trends energy from original perspectives. And there are countless shootings, filming and events that over the years have made Superstudio 13 the most important and permanent temple of photography. Especially in recent months, now a pandemic year, images have supported us day by day. Photography world has not stopped, it has adapted to continue and Superstudio has always been part of this journey through images, becoming, thanks to the many spaces and all the steps for infection's prevention, a photographers and photographic agencies "safe house".  A close collaboration process began with one of them, ePhoto, becoming part of  “Superstudio group”. We talk about it with Priscilla Foschi, agency co-founder with Giulia Ghiazza and Roberta Pirisino.

What's the most significant change clients are asking photographers to represent in these times that no one would have expected?
With ePhoto we have been dealing with product photography for years and we have recently experienced a great transformation both on our shots role and production processes. The great emotional paradigms of art photography become part of the commercial world we follow. A shot must be able to convey context, belonging, a brand or a collection mood. Photography must be able to replace or tell all the value of a physical experience that cannot be lived. This was certainly a great commitment but also a very strong motivation, which brought commercial photography closer to an artistic concept that was previously experienced as a separate world.

Planning a shooting requires know-how, speed, logistical and production skills. Was rearranging in compliance with new rules and current justifiable fears complex?
It was complex to the extent that we had to pursue incomplete or missing rules and measures for months. Necessary rules and procedures were immediately implemented in all our productions, which never stopped, to allow our professionals to work safely. We have expanded work shifts, including evenings, nights, weekends... The breadth of spaces has certainly become an even more sensitive issue on our already very voluminous productions!

What do you ask Superstudio after this period of suspension, recovery and major changes?
We ask Superstudio to be the dynamic reality it has always been and to be able to anticipate the spirit of times as it has always done. This difficult and unexpected period has probably forever changed some work, interpersonal relationships and vision logic. We live Superstudio as a safe home, rich in history and knowledge, a home that knows how to welcome and in a certain sense protect from this moment's din. Inspiring, as always!

Cate Blanchett photographed by Tom Munro for Vogue Italia at Superstudio 13.
Photographer Oliviero Toscani with his son Rocco and grandson, three generations united for the Best Company campaign.
Giovanni Gastel photo taken in Superstudio 13 studios.
Shot by Alan Gelati for VanityFair.