04/03/2021 | INNOVATION


Posted by: Davide Maestri, General Manager TMP Group

In the current context of the transformation of the digital sector in Italy, Hangar21 will be inaugurated on March 8 in Milan in the Superstudio Più complex, via Tortona 27. It’s a multimedia production house equipped with the most modern technologies. It's created to promote the dissemination of digital culture, facilitate, enhance, and concretize the ideas of anyone who wants to express their talent through the production and publication of digital and creative content. We invite you to discover it here.

Hangar21, a 700sqm structure, located on the first floor of Superstudio Più's Art Point, will have large spaces with cutting-edge equipment for the realization of digital and physical events, recording rooms for videos and podcasts, with an adjoining direction for streaming and post-production, multifunctional environments and finally rooms available to the community such as meeting rooms, a bar and an area for reading and relaxation, complementing the reality of Superstudio's significant events.
Hangar21 will be the new 'home' for micro and macro influencers, web creators, artists, musicians and future protagonists of digital communication, who in this location will be stimulated to confront, experiment and improve themselves to explore and bring out talent and creativity. In the same way, companies and associations will be able to consider Hangar21 as a reference point for the supply of digital services and content, an ecosystem of digital creators with which to connect and develop new business opportunities.
The idea of ​​creating a multimedia production centre, and therefore of betting on innovation and technological progress as the key to recovery and growth, comes from TMP Group, a key player born in 2012 in Italy for the organization and implementation of digital events, dedicated to corporates and startups. The company has chosen to inaugurate the new structure with the organisation of the Hangar Days: three live streaming events scheduled for 8, 9 and 11 March in which artists and well-known personalities of the world of entertainment, music, associations and comedy will perform and share ideas.
“The pandemic has accelerated the revolution in the way people and companies work, communicate and sell. Hangar21 aims to be a concrete response to the complex historical moment we are experiencing, giving life to a real modern and hybrid 'home', physical + digital, which can be a bridge between digital makers and the country's desire for innovation. Hangar21 will immediately start with important projects and initiatives for international brands from various sectors, such as industry, fashion, entertainment, and will also make its contribution to non-profit organizations such as UNICEF Italia and Skillando", declares Davide Maestri, General Manager, TMP Group.

Hangar Days - The Agenda
Monday, 8th March. International Women's Day, the Hangar Days will begin at 12:30 with an important reflection on the themes of inclusion and gender equality, thanks to the leading Italian associations committed to said topics, as indicated in the sustainable development goal number 5 of the 2030 Agenda signed by the UN member countries.
The Councilor of the Municipality of Milan, Cristina Tajani, will open the works.
Following the speeches of the representatives of: Amleta - collective of actresses born during the lockdown to fight the gender gap and discrimination in the entertainment world;
Women for Freedom Onlus - independent and impartial humanitarian organization created to fight against discrimination and exploitation of women and children, especially in conditions of emergency, hardship and poverty;
La Carica delle 101 - a non-profit initiative born from the enthusiasm and tenacity of 100 women (entrepreneurs, managers and professionals) and the creator, Giovannella Condò, to accompany and support Italian startups in their growth path;
SheTech - a non-profit association founded to bridge the gender gap in the world of technology, digital and entrepreneurship, to develop new skills and professional opportunities and to make the work environment in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) increasingly meritocratic and inclusive;
XY + - a non-profit initiative, an open space for discussion on sexual and soul education to bring students and parents closer to these issues.
Margherita Leder, Coo of TMP Group, and the only Italian under-30 representative in Europe in the field of technology in INATBA (International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications) will moderate.

Tuesday, 9th March. In partnership with Hukapan, a company of the Elio e Le Storie Tese Group, the second event will be dedicated to the world of entertainment.
It will start at 6:30 pm and will be led by Giordano Marinelli, Hangar21 Project Manager. On stage, between digital and live, the performances of musicians and artists will alternate:
N.A.I.P. - the acronym of “No Artist In Particular”, finalist of X-Factor Italia 2020;
Cesareo - the stage name of the historic Italian guitarist and composer of the Milanese band Elio e le Storie Tese, together with The Pax Side of the Moon;
Elianto, Chibo, Silvio Cavallo and Fabio Celenza - Zelig's comedians;
Cibo - Veronese street artist who has become an icon of the fight against hatred and violence by using food images - its colours and the feeling of joy and sharing that food transmits - to talk about freedom. The performer will create an artistic work thanks to the contribution of the partner Red Bull.

Thursday 11 March, the third appointment that will close the Hangar days is dedicated entirely to B2B meetings.  By reservation or by invitation, talent agencies, communication companies,and brands will discover and get to know all the spaces, the technologies and services offered inside Hangar21.

Information on participation and anti-Covid-19 protocol
The Hangar Days will be broadcasted in live streaming for free on the website. All people who will inevitably have to participate in presence (organisers, speakers, artists, technical staff, guests and visitors by appointment, journalists, etc.) will be enforced to comply with a strict anti-Covid-19 protocol required by law.
Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with the company Blockchain, an avant-garde reality and a pioneer in Italy in providing and disseminating knowledge and services related to this revolutionary technology, the result of the serological test that the health care operator will carry out will be registered on the Algorand public blockchain and a universally verifiable and non-falsifiable certification of the test result will be issued with a certain date and proof of paternity. This method of certification of the Covid-19 test in digital form on blockchain will be the first experience in Italy (and beyond): a prototype of a universal credential verifiable by QR-Code, a 'vaccine passport' in all respects, such as the 'Health Pass' that we hear so much about these days that will allow you to access events in safety and verifiable way or to travel between countries in total safety and with full privacy compliance.

Hangar21 welcomes with a big led wall at the new multimedia production studio and digital polyfunctional.
Menarini event, at YEG! Factory NoLo, realized by TMP Group.