18/04/2022 | EDITORIAL


Posted by: Gisella Borioli

Today is the war in Ukraine, with its mothers, grandmothers, children evacuated and suddenly thrown into a completely different reality, with only ruins behind them. Yesterday it were the homeless struggling with the pandemic to which we donated 12,000 hard-to-find masks through the Municipality. And again it was the Afghan women, helped to free themselves from the yoke, as much as possible, through the chat ledonnexledonne and the fundraising at Superstudio Più. 

Tomorrow it will be other disadvantaged categories: autistic kids, isolated women, women who have been hit in body and soul through the non-profit activities of theFlavioLucchiniArt Museum. The world is continuously wounded. Helping it has become a duty that we gladly fulfill.Tommaso (Borioli, Ceo Superstudio Events), the young nephew who has been working with me for several years in managing the Superstudio also through subsidiaries companies controlled by him, is moving with the turbo towards the future. Suddenly he tells me that he has a new project, and even more suddenly he informs me that he has found the location and is already operational. But how? Following the line indicated by Superstudio in all these years, bringing creativity and events also in the decentralized areas of Milan in order to help them regenerate: after via Forcella, after via Tortona, after via Moncucco, it has identified via Negrotto, in Bovisa, the place for a new Superstudio hub. Three industrial warehouses abandoned for years, and a building with the offices a little more tidy. The design, the renovation, the work can wait, because the idea immediately springs to mind: let's do our part in this horrible war and welcome here the Ukrainian women escaping with their children! Let's do everything possible to make the premises soon welcoming for women and children who are arriving by any means, every day, every night. In one week, the companies that normally work for Superstudio make the miracle, painting, fixing, connecting, assembling, transporting, redo bathrooms and showers, bringing water, electricity, wi-fi in a race against time.Nadia, the Russian architect and Tommaso's companion, organizes the arrivals and acts as a valuable interpreter. Then the online solidarity is triggered: the tam-tam between facebook, instagram, associations, friends of everyone and no one, friends of friends and mainly still the chat donnexledonne move an army of benefactors who send us beds, furniture, furnishings, utensils, appliances, sheets, blankets, toys and shopping for the basic necessities of the thirty and more people we will host, infants and teenagers, mothers and "babushkas", as grandmothers call themselves. The Village of Superstudio, as we have provisionally provisionally called, slowly fills up. If the work in our offices still suffers from the tail of the pandemic that the war that closes the flights and postpones the events, our heart smiles in seeing these children and these blue-eyed women, exhausted, find friendship and friendship and solidarity in the new community that is forming, where the welcomes them with the word love and each family unit has its own room and in common a large improvised kitchen, a bright and spacious dining room,a laundry room, a game room, even a first aid room for tampons and eventual needs. Now it's time for phase two: with the collaboration of volunteers, artists and creatives, Ukrainian women themselves are taking shape entertainment projects, auctions, workshops and other initiatives allow support to daily life with fundraising directly disbursed to our special guests.

If I have told you this story is not only to share an action and an emotion, but to invite our readers, our friends, our customers to join us in this adventure of solidarity.

A wonderful display of solidarity for Ukraine. We thank those who have kindly accompanied Superstudio on the first steps of this journey: Haier with new domestic appliances, Country Lab with indoor and outdoor furniture, Piero Bongianino Onlus Foundation with computers and televisions and more, IIIY Caffé and Caffé Vergnano with machines and coffee, Blanc MariClo’ with new bed sheets and bedcovers, Allegrini and Chante Clair with hygienic products, Biciclette Rossignoli Milano with bicycles, Kellogg’s with cereals pallets, ODStore for Easter eggs, Banco Alimentare with food boxes, New Team with tableware and water pallets, the social cooperative Phoenix with 100 kg of foodstuffs, Proteggo with medical assistance, Emergency with daily essential aid and many other associations who have often arrived personally with their packages and prefer to stay nameless because it was enough to see the smile in the eyes of these unlucky women again. 

The group of women and children hosted in the spaces of via Negrotto
Some of the guests in front of the TV screen kindly offered by Piero Bongianino Onlus Foundation
Children playing in the courtyard