Art and politics together in Dubai. It’s not often that these issues meet. However, thanks to an Italian art dealer, an art enthusiast politician, a minister interested beyond official commitments and some "expats", Oblong, the most beautiful gallery in the Emirate, was a very promising visit’s stage.

The prestigious Oblong, our reference art gallery in Dubai, a cultural bridge between West and the Middle East, exclusive representative on site of great Italian and international artists, including "our" Flavio Lucchini, received the Minister Di Maio visiting Dubai and the Italian pavilion in progress at Expo 2020/2021 which will open in October...


Milan, the city of fashion and design par excellence: comfort, attention to detail, measured shapes, discreet colours. Thinking of a Milanese living and of the creations by great designers who, in the Milanese metropolis have distinguished themselves, these elements seem to be fundamental. 

Their presence is a stylistic signature for Trussardi Casa, a protagonist of contemporary elegance. Both designed by Carlo Colombo, the armchair Sit 414, launched in 2014 and the family of coffee tables Monny produced in 2018, represent within the CULT&MUST design itinerary, two examples of contemporary classicism and high craftsmanship...


Superstudio Group's editorial activity is a small but important area complementing all the group's activities. Among books, catalogues and artist notebooks related to our world and other publications for third parties, the catalog edited or curated by our creative team is often enriched. Original, unusual, limited edition volumes ranging from art, image, design, creativity, not easy to find, except through our direct supply. Rare or off-the-print editions that we have decided to reserve for our community of beauty lovers. After the first others will follow.

We are pleased to announce we’ve opened a showcase on where DESIGN SUPER SHOW- 2000/2021 evolution and mise-en-scène of design at Superstudio in Milan...


At the beginning of the day, before a meeting, before the end of the lunch break. Having a coffee is a ritual to start a new moment of the day. 

Inclusive and transversal, espresso has a whole community of fans, from bartenders to roasters, from colleagues to the guests we receive in the office, up to families that want to choose high quality ingredients, great taste, production methods responding to ethic and sustainable criteria. The new espresso machine Eagle One Prima by Victoria Arduino reflects the evolution of espresso...


Salone and the associated Fuorisalone, moved to September, seemed a certainty, thanks to the improved health situation and Fairs opening. But no. The Salone hangs in the balance. And what about Fuorisalone? Maybe it’s time to strengthen Design in the City, regardless of the Fair. Even with a new name to emphasize a new identity.

Almost every day a fluctuating statement on destinies of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, traditionally in April, which due to the pandemic has already "skipped" two editions, 2020 and 2021, assuming (until yesterday) a certain recovery this coming September from 5 to 10. A date painfully achieved by the dialogue between Federarredo and Cosmit, Salone del Mobile organising bodies, with Draghi Government which had to ensure the certain opening of Fairs prior to that date and with the willingness of the most important companies to be present in the renaissance Fair...


Fragile objects, jealously guarded for their grace and beauty, handed down from generation to generation, Ginori’s porcelains open us to a universe of suggestions, memories and projects.

Almost three centuries of activity, countless fantasies, decorations that populated so many tables all over the world, making them beautiful. Royal houses, gala dinners but also many families’ festivities celebrated with joy and care, have been embellished by this famous tableware. 


Sanitation includes all those operations necessary to make an environment healthy for people's lives, re-establishing a suitable climate in terms of temperature, ventilation and humidity. Far infrared heating system reduces the risk of viral diseases and allergies by lowering the presence of bacteria, spores, viruses, cutaneous fungi, mold, germs and parasites. Olmar 1957 now combines these requirements relying on research, technology and design, with the support of Giulio Cappellini.

With Olmar 1957, almost fifty years of experience in the heating world, a new chapter opens up for environments heating and sanitization.
An ingenious and sophisticated power supply system with far infrared rays, silver ion and air ozonation, in fact, allows these two different functions to be carried out with a single element that fits perfectly and smartly into classic or ultra-modern spaces.


We missed the possibility of traveling, visiting family and friends, discovering new places, returning to our favourite destinations so much. This way of life, almost a daily habit for frequent travellers, is becoming a real possibility again, together with one of our greatest desires: to pack our bags. 

Baulificio Italiano is a true point of reference in the world of luggage, a three generations family-owned company, whose creations stand out thanks to their excellence. Practical, durable, made with innovative materials and characterised by a linear stile to keep the pace with the ever-evolving trends, each Baulificio Italiano piece of luggage is an example of Made in Italy...


Wearable Art, the creative power of Fashion and Art come together to rethink artwork’s concept on its own, a phenomenon able to give life to indomitable works living and evolving with those who exhibits-wears them. Just like the recently announced collaboration between the internationally well-known writer Flycat and the street Broke Clothing brand.

It was the last art exhibition at Superstudio just before pandemic's great shock. Among the first writing philosophy's artists in Italy, Flycat celebrated his 50th birthday and 36-year career in MyOwnGallery with a significant solo exhibition. Kisses, greetings, hugs, toast… A crowded vernissage with more than 500 guests just in one evening.
And then everything closed, exhibitions, galleries, theaters, the previous life becomes a distant and faded memory...


Wallpaper is a poetic, romantic element of great communicative power. If we see a room decorated with wallpaper, we’ll remember it for long. Intervening on walls is the most ancestral and immediate form of expression, from the Lascaux graffiti to the Pompeian paintings, the great baroque frescoes up to the South American murals and contemporary street art... 

Decorating the walls around us is a creative necessity, present in our DNA since we are children, and that now Or.nami and its creative director Gabriella Fusillo, sublimate through a series of mural artworks...