09/06/2020 | TRENDS

Outdoor accelerates in search of solutions and services

Posted by: Donatella Bollani

Following three months of enforced isolation, we are rediscovering the joy of being outside, equipping balconies and terraces, and in the luckiest cases, creating proper outdoor rooms with the most advanced pergola systems. However, how are the buying habits changing and what are clients asking for? We talked about it with Luca Pangallo, sales manager of Ecliss, one of the most popular showrooms in Milan in the field.

How has market changed in the past few years? 
Up until a few years ago, the outdoor was regarded just as a niche market. Furnishing outdoor spaces used to be felt as a secondary need, unlike what used to be for the rest of the house. Most of the time, lower quality products were chosen. Whereas today, the outdoor is reaching the same importance as the indoor: selected with precision, with great attention to details, to quality of the furniture and above all to the atmosphere, to the experience that the client expects to live in these spaces.

Are clients also changing their routine?
We are learning to take our time in the things we once overlooked. In these few months, awareness has developed that creating a bespoken outdoor space may give a completely new space to our home, to all those activities that we used to do almost only indoor. Today, outdoor spaces are made to be lived in every moment of the day and for the most varied activities: have lunch, work, play, entertain, exercise. The products that characterise it are moving away from temporary trends and are letting us discover a more-lasting and sustainable dimension, also more friendly to the planet.

Which commodities sectors are growing faster?
Among the most appreciated products, are the last generation pergolas that allow to stay outside enjoying air and sun, in total comfort. But also outdoor textile: decorative pillows, rugs. More and more important are also the lighting for outdoor, recalling the experiential request that guides the decision of many of our clients today, also international ones. Outdoor is developing with solutions and technologic accessories, as happened for the house, bearing in mind the increasingly strong topic of conviviality, cooking outside.

Has health emergency accelerated the on-going trends?
We believe, today more than ever, in the value of long lasting furniture, in authentic quality replacing the products to be discarded after a few months. In respect of our planet and in respect of both a well done and well designed work.  That is why, over the last few years, we further strengthened our designers team. A showroom such as ours must be able to assist clients to get a “turnkey” product fulfilling expectations and on scheduled times. In a general contracting logic that works with many brands of the field, and with many Italian excellences.  

How are you changing your exhibiting concept?
Also for the outdoor, we will focus more on richness of details and ability to combine in an original way not only design furniture, but also lighting and accessories making comfortable outdoor spaces both comfortable and high tech. Favouring top quality and authenticity of the products. We would like to give our clients cues to rethink outdoor spaces imaging new life habits, far from trends and increasingly sustainable. We think now is the right time.


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