Hybrid events, digital events, new attitudes for meeting management. These are the themes that agencies, locations, planners, creative people of the world of events deal with newfound enthusiasm. And that can renew live communication. Superstudio is already ready with its GoLive project.

The need for sociality is inherent in human beings, the importance of meeting, participating in aggregative events, getting to know each other, confronting each other is essential. The direction in which Superstudio is moving is to satisfy these needs not only by ensuring the adoption of appropriate hygiene-health measures but also by exploring new scenarios based on the use of web and digital technologies. Thus was born the GoLive project which offers in the spaces of Superstudio Più a TV-set ready to use, professional and adaptable to the most varied needs.
The set up of the space includes a 24x3 m stage, a large 24x5,5 m led screen with a 2.6 mm pitch and a control station. The capacity is about 300 people (with a minimum guaranteed safety distance of 1 m). The professional audio/lighting system is managed by the production department and can be adapted to various scenarios: talk shows, fashion shows, show cooking, conferences, product launches, press conferences, live streaming, webcasting, TV commercials...


Preparations are underway for the spaces of Superstudio to host virtual or virtualised events. This will in fact be the future of conventions, presentations and fashion shows to widen the online audience in the face of a reduction in physical attendance in the locations. Or to make the real event even more wow thanks to the support technology with increasingly performing Led screens. Like those of Wave&Co.

In these weeks of suspension of events, Superstudio has continued to make its spaces available for video and shooting.
Among the latest productions hosted, that of Wave&Co, an Italian sales, rental, installation and content creation company for ledwall, has brought to our spaces one of the latest innovations in the world of electroluminescence. Technology, undisputed protagonist of the new habits of these days, is experiencing a strong acceleration and even the world of LED screens for indoor and outdoor solutions is making progress. The new product presented by Wave&Co, against the background of the halls of  Superstudio, is the new series of modular LED screens for indoor solutions...


Women are increasingly becoming the protagonists of events and are, today, even more central to our political, cultural and social scene. Even at this critical moment, many well-known or less-known female figures are emerging, but often their role is not yet recognized as key.

The role of women and the valuable contribution that many of them have made and will continue to make to our events has been reflected in Superstudio for some time.
A few months ago Superstudio launched the first call of its kind for the project DD - Donne e Design (Women and Design), a special exhibition designed for the next edition of the Superdesign Show, a real tribute to women’s creativity, that is also the theme launched by the City of Milan for 2020, with the schedule "2020 Creativity. The talents of women".
Just looking at the most recent productions hosted in the spaces of Superstudio Più in recent months, we observe many female personalities, each one, in her own way, central in events of international standing.
This is the case, for example, of Brenda Bellei Bizzi CEO of the White Show...