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The war in Ukraine, the Iranian revolution, the aesthetics of food and buildings, the different implementations of Artificial Intelligence in the fields of creativity… the photographic language and its topicality return to the center of the XII edition of the MIA Fair, the first fair of photography in Italy, the most interesting and trendy, which for the fourth year in a row hosts 100 exhibitors in the spaces of Superstudio Maxi from 23 to 26 March.

The pop collage chosen as the icon image of this edition is Davide Bramante's Milan, an ideal vision with the Cathedral and the facade of the gallery in the background, silhouettes of people, and some advertising slogans, from which the many.... 

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After Mondrian, Chagall arrives at the Mudec, just a stone's throw away from Superstudio Più. "A tale of two worlds" exhibits more than 100 pieces of art curated by the Israel Museum of Jerusalem. On view is another Chagall: not the artist of the series “the lovers”, but the illustrator of Vitebsk and of private family memories, blending love and Judaism, is brought to light. Meanwhile, you can discover another legend on display: Henri-Cartier Bresson...

Undoubtedly a magnificent and not-to-be-missed exhibition. The Mudec discloses a private Chagall this time, the one that depicts his native village, Vitebsk (currently in Belarus), with winged charriots flying through the city's avenues in the background, and baggy skirted women walking with their umbrellas and hats down the roads. He shows us his house, a crooked hut, so miserable and crumbling that it looks as if it is going to collapse on itself along with the jewellry shop...

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Finally, the moment has come. From 8 to 10 April, a new vision of fair will be presented at Superstudio Maxi. (Un)-Fair, this is the name of the event that subverts and explores in a critical way the concept of fairs through the pun of the title. We met the founders and art directors of the event, Laura Gabellotto and Manuela Porcu, to talk about the post-pandemic evolution of art fairs: (Un)—Fair can be seen as an"anti-fair”, in the name of youthful and sustainable collecting...

February 2022 will be the first edition of (Un)-Fair. Where does this project come from?
(Un)-Fair was born from the desire to find a new space of sociality, exchange and knowledge in a period in which the whole art world – and not only – has been set back...

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The 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile – from 7 to 12 June at Fiera Milano – was presented in a mood of renewal, conveyed even by the stage chosen for the event: the Giorgio Gaber opera theatre (La Cannobiana), recently re-opened for the first time since 1999...

2021 was the annus mirabilis of the Salone. The 59th edition of the Salone represented a "restart", that the unexpected growth of 14.3% from 2019 proved", says the President of the Federlegno Arredo Claudio Ferlin.
  What about 2022? Yesterday, everyone was talking about rebirth. Over the past two years, the crisis has impacted many aspects of our lives, resulting in a major change in our lifestyle. As always, the Salone did nothing but reflect a change in times through design objects and their designers.
​​​​​​​Left speechless by the absurdity of the current situation, Mayor Giuseppe Sala claims that "talking about a restart doesn’t make sense...

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The fourth edition of Book Pride kicks off at Superstudio Maxi from 4 to 6 March for a weekend entirely dedicated to independent publishing...

At times, taking a break is a plus, new ideas can appear in a flash. This is what happened to Book Pride, which, in its third edition, was cut short in the first months of 2020. Just a year after the First Pandemic, a brand-new pool of entrepreneurs founded the Book Pride Association. They scrapped the idea of a traditional stand-based fair and instead created a place for sharing, where independent publishers could find their oasis, able to freely meet without being overshadowed by big publishers...

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On 24 February, the flagship event of Milan Fashion Week, the White Show, started off at the Superstudio Più in Milan. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Alessia Cappello, Head of Economic Development for Milan, Lara Magoni, Head of Tourism and Fashion for Lombardy region, the Mayor of Vigevano Andrea Ceffa, Federico Mollicone, leading member of the Commission for Culture and Vannia Gava, the Junior Minister of the Green Transition, they all visited the event in the ex-industrial space of Superstudio. In the afternoon, the Mayor Giuseppe Sala joined them, too...

Twenty years have passed since...

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Ukraine is currently in the spotlight. However, despite the possibility of a war, it continues to demonstrate the same intense creativity that a group of talented Ukrainian designers expressed at Superstudio in 2018. Among them, Victoria Yakusha with her brand Faina...

Faina has recently won the Dezeen Award 2021 (the prize awarded annually to remarkable architectures, design objects and interiors) for the category bars and restaurants and was chosen as the best emerging design studio of the year...

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Once again, Mario Balotelli makes headlines. Italy's most acclaimed yet controversial goal scorer will return to the national team for a three-day training camp to help prepare for March's match against Macedonia. Mario is a bit of a devil who can fly high as Flavio Lucchini depicted him in the 2012 digital painting Devil Balotelli...

It had been a while since Balotelli dropped out of sight. This happened despite his habit of making the news in the past decade, leading to what's known as the "Balotelli phenomenon". Super Mario has turned into a true bad boy icon over the years, so that his actions have meant he just can’t help getting into trouble, defined as "balotellata" in the Treccani Dictionary. The player was described as possessing...

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The Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco launches the first exhibition entirely dedicated to the interaction of smell and design, resulting from over two years of research. From February 12 to June 5, it features objects by over 40 designers in five sections, giving visitors olfactory experience for body and emotional memory...

"A call to use our nose", that's how Elisabetta Pisu, curator of Living with Scent, describes the idea of the exhibition. "Throughout the project, we aimed to revive smell, a sense that has long been forgotten in history, though it is a crucial component of our sensory and emotional memory. In addition, we have been deprived of scents for the past two years. By wearing masks...

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Curator, architect, designer, Luisa Bocchietto stands out for her particular sensitivity to creative women, as reflected in her 2008 exhibition DcomeDesign, in which she cast light on women's design, in her own particular way. Luisa Bocchietto has been President of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design, of the World Design Organization, and a member of the Italian Council for Design of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Through the artistic contributions of women in the fields of architecture and design, Superstudio is back in 2022 to promote women’s talent once again. Luisa Bocchietto, one of the contemporary protagonists of Italian design, discussed with us the current state of Italian women design...

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A must-see is a visit to the Piet Mondrian. Dalla figurazione all’astrazione exhibition at the Mudec in Via Tortona 56 just a stone’s throw away from Superstudio Più. This exhibition is not only a rare opportunity to see the artists' body of work – there are only five artworks by Mondrian in Italian art collections and the majority of those on display are from the Aja Kunstmuseum Den Haag – but also the setup itself is highly original, with "Mondrian space" taking shape within the museum...

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What happens when a system fails? Or when a single cell sticks to a frame, and art merges with life? How does man invent infinity and go beyond himself? What kind of landscape welcomes all the possibilities? These are some of the questions posed by some of the works on display in the collective Osservatorio X, organized for the first time in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Through a selection of artists who learnt their skills in the painting classrooms of the Academy, we show off the art which is now exhibited into our basement. It's a shame not to bring it into the light...

Let's start from the beginning. From the life of bacteria and single-celled organisms. We are with Andrea Barbagallo, his production wants to introduce life in the artistic material. In the exhibition we find Osedex series: «Osedax which in Latin means "bone eater" indicates a particular type of bacteria that feeds on the bones of whales: undergoing such a dismemberment the whale does not die, but transforms into...

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"Man is a biophilic animal" one could say paraphrasing Aristotle. Also, adding: «who in 2021 lives around a ficus» . The idea of Carlo Ratti – Carlo Ratti Associati based in Turin, New York and London – and Italo Rota – Italo Rota and Partners in Milan – of a house developing around a tree became the project for the private home of Francesco Mutti, CEO of Mutti Italia, which is located in the heart of the so-called Food Valley, just 100 m from the company of its owner...

We are located in Montechiarugolo, a town of 10,000 inhabitants in the Parma area, which for the beauty of its paths and its castle was included in 2020 list of the most beautiful villages in Italy...

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I know a lot of things but I cannot speak, I pass from hand to hand, this weekend is totally mine. Who am I? What a riddle! We are referring to the book, of course. The Salone della Cultura kicks off on November 20th at Superstudio Maxi, with the participation of 220 exhibitors, independent bookstores and antique dealers from ten different countries. Variety is the keyword: ancient books along with modern and second-hand ones with the aim of restoring the image of the publishing sector. What follows are the innovations of this edition: six thematic exhibitions and the collaboration with BookCity...

«The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries» said René Descartes: the conversation changes, the actors alternate, but the idea is always the same, the need to know. The new combination Salone-BookCity expresses the need to know through book lovers and writers...

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On November 11, the fourth edition of Blockchain Forum Italia took place: the event is organized by Italia4blockchain and dedicated to blockchain technology hosted by Hangar 21 at Superstudio Più. A significant topic for sure but still unknown to many people...

First, let's clarify the highly-inflated term blockchain. "Blockchain" – literally a chain of blocks – refers to a technological paradigm that allows you to exchange value between two subjects without any intermediary...

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This November, BookCity turns ten! The long-awaited event by the community of bibliophiles, passionate readers and mere curious people will disseminate through the city its agenda of unmissable events. Among these there is Salone della Cultura, which will be hosted at Superstudio Maxi on 20 and 21 November, as well as a series of dialogues with many authors animating the rooms of Mudec’s Auditorium and of  Spazio delle Culture...

18/11/2021 5.00 pm
Among the many initiatives of BookCity, we cannot ignore the debate – held at Mudec – Così come siamo. Donne che si prendono per mano...

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The first Milan edition of Abilmente, the exhibition of creative ideas, will be held at Superstudio Maxi from 4 to 7 November. Italian Exhibtion Group, the promoter of the event, has chosen the brand-new location in via Moncucco 35 to present the many innovations which will distinguish the third stage of the most popular Do-it-yourself fair in Italy... 

Born in 2005...

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The fair, the queen of art markets: a place where since the Middle Ages human beings have not only done their business but also updated, interacted, and exchanged ideas, cultures and languages. In February 2020, the world was unconsciously approaching what has been called the "most serious crisis faced by postwar governments". Culture will be exiled from its places, including the fair. After the first uncertain reboots of the summer, with the Milanese contemporary...

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It’s been a few years now that this engaging initiative - born in 2017 from an idea of the journalist Cinzia Sasso, wife of the former Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia - invites fashion creators to open their magical ateliers to visitors, bringing them closer to this endearing profession. A surefire winne that spreads throughout Italy, involving fine craftsmanship and excellent productions. The 2021 edition also adds art, which definitely belongs to Superstudio Più. On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, the new FlavioLucchiniArt Museum will open its atelier and archives, revealing the secrets and wonders of Flavio Lucchini as both an artist and an entrepreneur, who chose beauty and fashion as the common thread of his life choices. Tickets for visitors were soon snapped up...

On 24 and 25 October, ApritiModa will be back as the opportunity (born four years ago) to...