[Tunnel 29] – Design for a Post-Apocalyptic World it’s an exhibition concevied and realized by The Centre for Creativity / Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO). Located in the Discovering section of Superdesign Show 2021, the post-apocalyptic scenario, supposed before the pandemic, becomes a stimulus for designers’ creativity and inventive, transforming itself into a manifesto of new possible solutions.  

The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works (as system) and the way people think (linearly)' anthropologist and psychologist Gregory Bateson wrote this prophetic sentence 1972 book “Steps to an Ecology of Mind”. Starting from a gloomy scenario in which the world is deprived of its resources, the man controlled and limited...


The Discovering section of Superdesign Show, set in the purity of the Gallery space, brings to the fore the thoughts, processes, styles and final products that characterize a “wise” trend of contemporary design. Nature, relationships, storytelling, study, technique and technology, observation are the basis of the presented projects. Creativity turns into an enthusiastic and purposeful energy. 

DISCOVERING has selected exhibitors and projects from different contexts, ranging from architectural studios, to museums, academic experimentation, guided but extremely free to European projects aimed at circularity, passing from the manufacturing companies that combine traditional wisdom, new techniques, the style of young designers and a careful awareness of environmental issues...


Set on over 200 m2 of the Gallery area of Superstudio Più, FiberEUse is a totally circular exhibition that closes an European project lasted 4 years and presents the final results of the research coordinated by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico of Milan.

In a world where sustainability is a daily topic, the Discovering section of Superdesign Show presents, from September 4 to 10, a project that represents in an absolutely complete way the feasibility of a transition to the circular economy, materials reuse in a perspective of total sustainability. Following a circular path visitors will have the opportunity to know the process and the results of FiberEUse project...


We are pleased to announce that Superstudio Maxi has achieved LEED certification Gold®! This result is the direct expression of our commitment to the enhancement of the territory and the protection of the environment. The first venue for events in Europe to obtain LEED Gold® certification.

Achieving a LEED® certification is an ambitious and non-obvious goal. It represents a practical and ethical investment that involves diversified professional figures and design aspects and draws a precise path in favor of the environment and the quality of life in urban spaces. LEED® (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) is the program by U.S. Green Building Council® for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of high performance green buildings....


Amongst the themes featured at Superstudio Più we are glad to present DISCOVERING, a focus on a new designers’ generation and on the methods that shape their creations. The newness doesn’t stand as a reference to the age of the designers, it is a signal of the innovative power of their ideas. The Discovering section aims to present todays’ multifaceted design approach. We would like to highlight the works of those designers who are good interpreters of our time, capable to work in a balance between technology and craftsmanship, fantasy and rigour, objects and relations.   

The call to participate in the selection for Discovering is open to designers, architects, brands, research bodies engaged in the development of the following themes...


During the pandemic, when the world of art and performance had its vent almost exclusively in digital, acute artist Anna Scalfi Eghenter, grasped the moment of suspension creating "Interim Measure": an extremely active and physical work at the Teatro Sociale in Trento.

Anna Scalfi Eghenter’s works weave art, performance, social themes in a carefully designed warp. It is necessary to have great experience, a universal and at the same time peculiar vision, a good spirit of self-denial and clear ideas to produce works such as "Surrendering army", a series of 3D printed soldiers, posing for surrender and presented in 2015, long before the Black Live Matters made the US police American knelt or Gaptransfer, an artistic and participatory project that turns the gender pay gap into a discount for women...


Milan, the city of fashion and design par excellence: comfort, attention to detail, measured shapes, discreet colours. Thinking of a Milanese living and of the creations by great designers who, in the Milanese metropolis have distinguished themselves, these elements seem to be fundamental. 

Their presence is a stylistic signature for Trussardi Casa, a protagonist of contemporary elegance. Both designed by Carlo Colombo, the armchair Sit 414, launched in 2014 and the family of coffee tables Monny produced in 2018, represent within the CULT&MUST design itinerary, two examples of contemporary classicism and high craftsmanship...


At the beginning of the day, before a meeting, before the end of the lunch break. Having a coffee is a ritual to start a new moment of the day. 

Inclusive and transversal, espresso has a whole community of fans, from bartenders to roasters, from colleagues to the guests we receive in the office, up to families that want to choose high quality ingredients, great taste, production methods responding to ethic and sustainable criteria. The new espresso machine Eagle One Prima by Victoria Arduino reflects the evolution of espresso...


Fragile objects, jealously guarded for their grace and beauty, handed down from generation to generation, Ginori’s porcelains open us to a universe of suggestions, memories and projects.

Almost three centuries of activity, countless fantasies, decorations that populated so many tables all over the world, making them beautiful. Royal houses, gala dinners but also many families’ festivities celebrated with joy and care, have been embellished by this famous tableware. 


We missed the possibility of traveling, visiting family and friends, discovering new places, returning to our favourite destinations so much. This way of life, almost a daily habit for frequent travellers, is becoming a real possibility again, together with one of our greatest desires: to pack our bags. 

Baulificio Italiano is a true point of reference in the world of luggage, a three generations family-owned company, whose creations stand out thanks to their excellence. Practical, durable, made with innovative materials and characterised by a linear stile to keep the pace with the ever-evolving trends, each Baulificio Italiano piece of luggage is an example of Made in Italy...


Wallpaper is a poetic, romantic element of great communicative power. If we see a room decorated with wallpaper, we’ll remember it for long. Intervening on walls is the most ancestral and immediate form of expression, from the Lascaux graffiti to the Pompeian paintings, the great baroque frescoes up to the South American murals and contemporary street art... 

Decorating the walls around us is a creative necessity, present in our DNA since we are children, and that now Or.nami and its creative director Gabriella Fusillo, sublimate through a series of mural artworks...


The spiral is a fascinating geometric shape, synthesis of movement and composure, it contains a link with the centre and an impetus towards the outside. The wash basin Roll by Ceramica Flaminia is a thin spiral recalling a gently rolled sheet of paper standing as a small, polished monolith in the centre of the room in the Monoroll column version or emerging as a crystalline water pond in the wall mounted version. 

Designed by studio Nendo, Roll is an example of the playful aesthetic characterising the work of Oki Sato where small daily rituals become moments of wonder and joy. Here paper, a humble material but so important in the Japanese tradition...


Catifa: a word that means “carpet” in Catalan and sounds as the name of an Arabian Nights princess. Catifa is the iconic arper chair designed by studio Lievore Altherr Molina in 7 collections. The inspiration comes from Aladdin’s flying carpet. A magic object with a simple design, a symbol of freedom with a precise shape. Catifa 46 is a seat conceived for many purposes: to stop and rest, focus your thoughts, chat, work comfortably and airily.

It’s easy to encounter this beautiful chair as a piece of furniture in an office, a showroom or a public space, the fields where arper is a leading brand, but Catifa 46 responds to many more wishes. The stool version is perfect for a cosy and contemporary kitchen, the stackable one is the ideal piece to set up a parterre rapidly and sleekly...


Like the volumes that emerge from metaphysical landscapes, clay is an essential sculpture table, composed of simple and perfectly matched graphic signs, daring in their balance. The base, a solid and compact cone thins in a hazard of proportions to merge and explode in its top, formed by an inverted cone. A controlled equilibrium achievable only thanks to the technical and artisanal knowledge of Desalto. Round or oval, the clay table is a design piece that gives tone and personality to an environment where different souls coexist or  it can be the only protagonist of a minimalist set design.

Created in 2015 by designer Marc Krusin who began his career in Milan, clay embodies the image and substance of a young Italian brand, Desalto...


April is the Milan Design Week month. Waiting for Fuorisalone in September, the city and all design protagonists are strongly coming back into the limelight thanks to the second edition of Milan Design City. Superstudio is there with CULT&MUST, an event that will see its physical edition as soon as possible in synergy with a group of great design companies, daring to live actively with the present moment. The goal is to give voice to the design world, to keep design in the foreground and to begin a journey among a selection of objects of desire that have entered our daily lives.

CULT&MUST 2000/2020 is an act of love for design and designers that from 2000 to 2020 have marked the international scene by creating solutions, objects, furniture, decorations capable to affect our lives, gestures and to have an impact on everyday-life aesthetics, perception of domestic environments and social spaces...


Five iconic seats, a sustainable and controlled production process, an Italian cult brand. The synergy between these elements gives birth to Black is the new Green, the capsule collection by Driade that balances style and ecology, fantasy and simpleness.

Driade is the brand that since 1968 has marked the history of Italian and international design panorama throughout an “aesthetic lab” approach and a series of the collaborations with international design stars and inventiveness protagonists such as: Nanda Vigo, Enzo Mari, Alessandro Mendini, Philippe Starck, Tokujin Yoshioka...
Today, in a moment when expressing oneself through domestic furniture represents a comforting, expressive and creative activity, the eclecticism of Driade is concentrated in its new capsule collection Black is the new Green which consists of an iconic selection of the brand’s chairs and armchairs...


A historic, green, residential, student and professional district of Milan. On the outskirts, but not too much. Enclosed between Navigli, with parks and gardens, served by subway, cycle paths and highways just a step away. Over recent years it is being revitalized with iconic buildings designed by great architectural firms. And, among them, to add culture and new vitality, Superstudio Maxi, ready at the end of December. Small tour to get your bearings in the city.

Milan beyond the circle of bastions. Little has been said about it so far, more and more it will be spoken about in months and years to come. Any contemporary metropolis knows that the city centre is its calling card, but to ensure life quality and services available to the whole population...


While the construction site of Superstudio Maxi, Superstudio’s new and third space, is in the finishing straight and our team is working on design of projects that will animate the space such as, for example, the DnaDesignNatureArchitecture exhibition format, we open a window on a theme which we are increasingly hearing about and that is an integral feature of the spirit and architecture of Superstudio Maxi: the LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. We talk about it with the architect Riccardo Hopps, an expert in LEED protocols. 
Widespread in Italy mostly among office properties, the LEED protocol...


Almost 40 years after the birth of its first hub, 20 years after the establishment of Superstudio Più and passing through a series of events, evolutions, innovations, regenerations of post-industrial spaces, presentations of ideas and works around photography, design and creativity, Superstudio Group presents a new creature in a new space: Superstudio MAXI. Superstudio MAXI, is the new family member of Superstudio Group’s venues: Superstudio 13 and Superstudio Più. Together the three spaces will present during the next Milan Design Week a complete panorama focused on the theme of design innovation. The shows will encompass over 30,000 square meters on three locations within walking distance.

Superstudio MAXI will host a brand-new exhibition format: "DNADesignNatureArchitecture. The world of tomorrow". The show is based on a farsighted concept which, as event organizers and design week experts, we urgently feel the need to offer to visitors and to a precise cluster of exhibitors.
The perfect space to host DNADesign Nature Architecture. Superstudio Maxi is going to be the first Milanese building for temporary events provided with Leed certification. Completely revamped, luminous, grand and open location, powered by solar panels and renewable energy to embrace the lifestyle of the future and it is located in an extremely promising area of the city...