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A forum that travels the world to showcase the most important evolutions of Dell, the American computer giant, opens up to insiders the technological scenario of the future, with sustainability and women's participation at the forefront. As the recently concluded mega-event at Superstudio Più reported.

The Milan-based edition of the Dell Technology Forum just took place at Superstudio Più, one of the 40+ events organized internationally by the American computer giant to present its own vision of innovation and digital development.
   More than 25 sessions under the leadership of Filippo Ligresti, GM Italy, with the support of digital VIP Francesco "Monty" Montemagno, coordinating a huge amount of speakers to go through contents spacing from Digital Life Care, a cloud-and-mobile app developed for the health care professionals as a remote monitoring and management tool, to the use of artificial intelligence as a base to create new models in the development of databases.
   Halfway through, the experience is enriched by the participation of the special guest Marcel Jacobs, the Italian professional sprinter and Olympic champion who brought his experience and spoke about the relationship between technologies and the development of a modern sportsman's career.

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An evolved taxi, electric, sustainable, modular, multifunction, it seems to be any driver's dream. A project that the company Etioca has made possible with Miner, presented in the spaces in Via Tortona 27.
The automotive world since the beginning has been able to understand and interact with Superstudio Più's DNA as a gate to present trends, novelties and anticipations through artistic contaminations or technological defiances.
From the very first car entirely designed by a team of women (Volvo) to the futuristic truck designed by Luigi Colani, from Tesla's Cybertruck to the modular vehicle by Rinspeed that within the 2018 Superdesign Show anticipated an electric, multiplatform prototype that was indicating the future of community transport.

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Pure air is the main element of our life. More than ever today it needs to be sanitized,sterilized, purified from the dangers it hides. This new object brings beauty and pureness into our living room. 

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The Milanese district reinvented across the 80's and the beginning of 2000 around Superstudio 13 and Superstudio Più as the ultimate fashion and design district loses the latest - in order of time - entrepreneur who fell in love with the area...

Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder of the eyewear giant Luxottica and one of the most important Italian entrepreneurs has died leaving an empire worth 30 billions of Euro and counting more than 9.000 shops. But this is not just it...

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Carlo Ratti Associati reveals the latest project connecting the digital world and the architectural world to the natural environment...

The vision of a bike speeding through the trees.... It's not Elliot, the star of Steven Spielberg's masterpiece "E.T." zooming with the alien in the basket through the plant tops of the woods in the San Fernando Valley, but rather the most recent "effort" by CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati: an overhead cycling and walk path supported by more than a thousand trees.
The work, realized in collaboration with Office for Living Architecture (OLA) according to the Baubotanik technique that involves the use of trees as architectural elements in continuous mutation, leads to the Unesco site of Sabbioneta and is integrated with a system of sensors monitoring and processing various parameters such as air quality, growth and health conditions of the trees along with...

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In 70 years of activity and countless awards Caimi Brevetti it is well known for its projection toward innovation. Today the historical headquarter in Nova Milanese hosts the brand new multi-service space and above everything the structure that represents the core of the development of the new Snowsound project: the Caimi Open Labs. Franco and Giorgio Caimi are telling us more about it...
When and how did the Snowsound project take life?
Well, the Snowsound project was born during the terrible crisis that happened in 2009, we had to study the market accurately in order to understand how we could guarantee a new expansion to our company. After taking the decision to step into the...

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The inauguration of the Atelier Lucchini is the last stage, yet the most important, of an artistic path that has been carefully created through the buildings of Superstudio, a path to welcome visitors and professionals in a surprising environment.

The history of Superstudio is strictly related to contemporary art, as much as it is related to fashion and design as well, three disciplines that mutually benefit from this proximity in an endless circle of mutual contamination.This relation between Superstudio and art is not just limited to temporary contents brought by the various seasons of events and happenings, but thanks to the vision of the founders Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli it has been built a permanent system...

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It is undeniable that technology is going to be more and more a strategic support in many different ways in the life of a modern company: from production to communication, from new technologies to artificial intelligence but... what happens when materials become "immaterials"? Sense -  Immaterial Reality, with its headquarter based at Superstudio Più, presents its immaterial catalogue: and materials become real.

Sense, the wizards of augmented reality, have conceived a powerful tool for the companies that work with materials in any possible way, from surfaces to textile: the sample cloth and the box full of panels covered in pieces of tiles have been outdated by a truly immaterial catalogue...

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The IULM university in Milan, specialized in languages, communication and marketing, launches a new specialization in A.I. and organizes a very interesting event to discuss and explore how artificial intelligence may not be anymore a fantasy perspective but rather a solid reality, present in everyday life and that will change (for best) the time to come.

"But machines can really think?"
Trying to give a clear reply to this question, on feb 5th finished the 3-days digital convention Umania, organized by IULM over the theme of artificial intelligence. 
A very important event, the largest in Italy with more than 1200 participants, Umania has seen the alternation of top speakers with and very high competences to underline all the aspects related to this technology, still, we can say, not well known.

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Due to the uncertainty of the effects of the Covid-19, Salone del Mobile has been finally moved to the beginning of September.

Many operators were beginning to wonder about the Salone del Mobile to be held April 2021: yesterday, the Organizers released a communication to inform that the event has been definitely moved to the beginning of September.

Not an easy choice, given what has already happened in 2020, but a choice of responsibility: this solution will leave to the participants a wider span of time to prepare the exhibition, guaranteeing as well a period where the effects of Covid19 are minimal.
The President of the Salone del Mobile, Claudio Luti, declared: "we interacted with Fiera Milano, thankfully we can guarantee a low-risk period..."


Few weeks have passed since Enzo Mari's death, great protagonist of the italian design and culture, and we meet Lorenzo Damiani. He collaborated with many brands from Cappellini to Ikea, has a vision of the design process that comes from the research of necessities and exploration of materials and he ideally works in that junction area between the works of Enzo Mari and the Castiglioni brothers and the contemporary design system. More of an inventor rather than an archistar.

Polyhedric but never blatant, firmly balanced between form and function, where and when begins the design experience of Lorenzo Damiani...

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The tsunami of coronavirus that hit events and in particular the Design Week and all related events, seems to have found help from the Italian government in favor of Made in Italy. We point out here the opportunity to take advantage of straight grants and thus be able to participate more easily in the exhibition projects of Superstudio April 2021 in Milan, which next year will develop on its three locations: Superstudio Più, Superstudio 13 and the brand new Superstudio Maxi.

2020 was a particularly tough year for the trade fair system and for any company that uses trade fairs to promote itself: Superdesign Show (and the events related to it) as well as enjoying numerous awards from professionals also benefits from some institutional awards including being part of the calendar of the International Fairs of the Lombardy Region, an extremely rare occurrence in the panorama of the Design Week, except for the Salone del Mobile...

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The Alto Adige is a unique and characteristic territory, a connecting link suspended between tradition and future, between Mediterranean and Middle-European culture, has produced top contemporary sensitive designers such as Matteo Thun and Martino Gamper, whereas among from Alto Adige there are companies rotating around traditions and ancestral materials such as iron, rock and wood skilfully transformed into contemporary and innovative products by a sharp generation of new entrepreneurs.  

Starting from this, Confartigianato Imprese Bolzano, in the person of Martin Haller - President IVH-Apa has supported the project ´Fingerprint Südtirol – Alto Adige: ten selected companies who will introduce in a preview at Superdesign Show the result of the combination between high mastery, top level craftsmanship and contemporary design. An eye to the future to reflect on the spirit of the time:  art and design blend in the profession...

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Every year installations by Lexus during the Fuorisalone tell emotional visual stories with the contribution of top names of architecture and design. The car exists and doesn’t, revealing itself by means of symbols and representations of movement and of fluidity close to contemporary arts. The last performance, a show of dance, lights and technology, curated by studio Rhizomatiks, at Superstudio during the last Design Week, provided a unique and unforgettable experience. 

In the past thirty years, the automotive world has undergone a sensational transformation, making the creative element that was hidden behind the project part visible: industrial processes, social changes, new driving systems, a vision of motorized vehicle not as a symbol status anymore, still testimony of lifestyle but first of all an “aware object”. Design not as an aesthetic symbol element anymore but as research mainstay...