A renowned brand and artist along with a young sculptor traverse parallel paths, offering a diverse range of new aesthetic expressions. On one side are the iconic pieces by Cappellini, thanks to the work of Giulio Cappellini who has enlisted the collaboration of the world's most famous designers. On the other side are the artworks of Flavio Lucchini, which engage in dialogue with design through multiple resonances. And furthermore, it's the first time for Sebastiano Pelli at the Milan Design Week, an artist and designer yet to be discovered.


Let's tell the truth, NFTs have been talked about so much, too much. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, soaring valuations, and subsequent price crashes. The ART PLUS ULTRA event for a week shows us that we can return to the origin of a technological medium of endless possibilities, where the creative value of artists emerges without prejudice. Even the great Ercole Pignatelli, at 88 years old, ventures for the first time into live digital painting, in an event not to be missed.


Lorenzo Marini, renowned art director, advertising expert, and communication guru, is also a successful artist and pioneer of Type Art. On display at MyOwnGallery, the exhibition features an innovative exhibition format that highlights the fundamental importance of patronage and unveils works that would otherwise only be accessible to a select few.


The schedule dedicated to unconventional female talents continues at MyOwnGallery at Superstudio Più, which hosts, from Nov. 9 to Dec. 8, the exhibition and BookCity event "Antonella Quacchia. Orizzonti sensibili - Naviganti di microcosmi. L’estetica dell’emozione," curated by Fortunato D'Amico, under the Patronage of the City of Milan.


Wearable Art, the creative power of Fashion and Art come together to rethink artwork’s concept on its own, a phenomenon able to give life to indomitable works living and evolving with those who exhibits-wears them. Just like the recently announced collaboration between the internationally well-known writer Flycat and the street Broke Clothing brand.

It was the last art exhibition at Superstudio just before pandemic's great shock. Among the first writing philosophy's artists in Italy, Flycat celebrated his 50th birthday and 36-year career in MyOwnGallery with a significant solo exhibition. Kisses, greetings, hugs, toast… A crowded vernissage with more than 500 guests just in one evening.
And then everything closed, exhibitions, galleries, theaters, the previous life becomes a distant and faded memory...


We hosted him at Superdesign Show 2018 with his monumental installation "Breath/ng", a great white origami that breathed and purified air. We published him in “Design Super Show” book as one of the most charismatic presences in these 20 years of design at Superstudio. We met Kengo Kuma in a video conference from Tokyo during "Welcome, feeling at work" press presentation, the innovative eco&green building that will be built in Milan.  

Rooftops, lush gardens, vegetable gardens, open-air courtyards, restaurants, lounges, shops, a supermarket, a wellness area and spaces for events and exhibitions. A new residential complex in town? No, offices. 
Precisely the first biophilic office in Milan, a project looking to the future and whose sole purpose it's to make working days more livable, encourage people's well-being in a location in close dialogue with nature...


We knew that our "Unreal but Real" exhibition with Flavio Lucchini artworks in augmented reality was avant-garde, but we would not have imagined even prophetic. A new way of enjoying contemporary art that Superstudio had already guessed almost two years ago. A trend that today becomes a necessity. 

Presented in April 2019 at Superstudio Più with the brand new technology created by Sense - immaterial Reality, the virtual exhibition allowed you to enjoy an emotional journey through the mobile phone and a dedicated app of Flavio Lucchini's large sculptures and installations, which interacted with visitors and they could also be photographed as well as shared on social media...


"I have always admired Peter Lindbergh for the consistency and intensity of his work. Being timeless is a quality I personally aspire to, and that Peter certainly possessed. With this exhibition at Armani/Silos I want to pay tribute to a wonderful workmate whose love for beauty is an indelible contribution to our culture, not just to fashion." Thus Giorgio Armani introduces the discovery in his museum space of a great man of world photography. Not to be missed.

Heimat is a concept that has a deep meaning in German culture. It is home, the place of belonging and of heart, the homeland. It’s also the exhibition title "Heimat. A Sense of Belonging" commissioned and curated by Giorgio Armani in his Armani Silos, to celebrate one of the greatest masters of twentieth century photography, Peter Lindbergh, who died in September 2019 at the age of 74. Heimat for Lindbergh represents the industrial background of Duisburg in Germany, with its factories, fog, steel and concrete, the gray horizon. A place that has forever marked its aesthetics, with its truth and personality...


The YogaFestival returns to Superstudio Più, the fifteenth edition that focuses on quality and “live” practice in complete safety. Giulia Borioli, its founder and leading personality of the entire Italian and international Yoga field, tells us what has changed in the Covid era.

15 years of YogaFestival and the return to the historic location, Superstudio Più, where your headquarter is also located. How has the festival changed in these 15 years and how has the enjoyment of yoga turned in Italy?
From the first year until today yoga itself has undergone a swift evolution, which has had a great impact on today’s society. The first edition was born in this way, for my desire to convey this ancient and wonderful knowledge to as many people as possible. Over the years, the festival has become a reference point, which was missing, for  yoga community. Why? I believe that being superpartes, presenting so many yoga styles in the same way, involving foreign guests who have never come to Italy is the secret of a certain success...


After the exhibition in MyOwnGallery in 2019 that marks his return in Italy after 30 years, the Korean artist Kim Seung Hwan is designing a great installation of monumental sculptures and a furniture collection that we will see during Milan Design Week 2021, at the Superdesign Show which continues its museum-like contaminations. From August 22, however, a new solo show in Udine.

You began your artistic career in the 90’s, in Pietrasanta. You won the Critic Award during the very first edition of MiArt. How has this all-Italian beginning influenced you?
I was inspired and influenced by the works of modern Italian sculptors. While I was working in the atelier in Pietrasanta, I met several International and Italian artists and I am pleased to have seen some of the finest marble works. I was also excited about thinking of Michelangelo working in the same place as me...


The moment the Temporary Museum of Superstudio hosts for the first time the group exhibition of Thailand, it is almost a challenge. An unusual country in the design market, yet full of promises and with a very interesting point of view, a wise mix of craftsmanship, artefacts, tradition and desire for renovation.

In 2011, it is a little space in the Former Ansaldo of via Tortona, inside the complementary project “Innovation/Imagination” always curated by Superstudio in collaboration with SlideArt: a group exhibition with the best of Thai design and the winners of the prestigious DEmark (Design Excellence Award) that rewards design, innovation and functionality, all curated by the Thai researcher and designer Eggarat Wongcharit.
The following year, the group exhibition moves to Superstudio Più for three years in a row, taking up an important space and becoming a proper national pavilion also thanks to the important investments in support of the companies from the government...


16 years ago, Cristian Confalonieri, a design student back then, had a brilliant insight: while trying to plan what to see in the city during the design week, he realised that on the web there was more or less nothing. This is how the website was born and had become the portal that gathers all the exhibitions and projects of Milan Design Week. He co-founded the company Studiolabo that deals with communication design and territorial marketing. Accepting an invite from Council Member Cristina Tajani, he coordinates the Interzone Focus Group where all the most important players of design take part, including Superstudio.

For the first time in 1991, design showrooms gather together under an official guide called Fuorisalone, by initiative of Gilda Bojardi. In 2000, districts of design were born, by impulse of Superstudio that opens its space to design, with the accomplished creation of Tortona District. Later on, the development of other districts such as Brera and Ventura Lambrate... What is the success of the Fuorisalone, an event that the world envies us and uselessly tries to imitate?
I think the success of Fuorisalone is strictly connected to the inability to define it. And therefore to reduplicate it. Is it an event or a fair? Is it BtoB or BtoC? And so on. It is a strictly Italian model, Milanese actually. The city dimension, a little metropolis as it is usually called, is a fundamental element for the event success. We can shortly go through it and all neighbourhoods (who became then areas, and then districts) feel involved...


Even art against the terrible Covid-19. Artists and galleries offer their works for a fundraiser that combines beauty with generosity. Flavio Lucchini is among them.

"Beauty will save the world" wrote Dostoevskij in one of his famous novel, and never as in this moment of fear and uncertainty our eyes would like to be filled with beauty, whether it be a natural landscape, an exotic journey, a work of art…
Emotions that only partially the virtual world can evoke.
When the desire for beauty is combined with the desire to help the forces in the field that fight against the virus that has upset our lives, the marriage is perfect. As for the initiative of Blindarte, gallery and auction house based in Milan and Naples, which launched the "ART to STOP COVID-19" project, an online auction where you can buy at very attractive prices a rich selection of art works both contemporary and modern, antique paintings, art design, drawings, also photography and graphics.
All proceeds support the Lombardy region or the Pascale Institute of Naples, to be chosen by the purchaser...

Having Japan in our heart, we couldn’t not visit the new spectacular Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless. Created by the Japanese collective teamLab including architects, engineers, mathematicians, artists and musicians, located in the artificial technological island of Odaiba in Tokyo, the museum fascinates for the ability to combine figurative art and technologies of virtual reality. There are no art works to admire, you immerse yourself in the art work and interact with it inside light waterfalls, expanses of roses that transform into sunflowers and butterflies, mutant animals, enchanted forests of lamps, trees to be climbed, marine landscapes, symphonies of futuristic leds. Not just projections but unique sceneries that transmit a continuous emotion. And, moreover, labs for children and a tea house where you can ..
An effervescent autumn in Superstudio 13 photographic studios, among new international advertising campaigns, global product launch and secured sets with unreachable celebrities. Cosmopolitan shot here its October cover with the curvy model Iskra Lawrence (in the photo) #bodypositive activist, queen of Instagram (4,2 million followers) and Ted Talk motivator. Rita Ora is a regular in our studios, she posed for Cosmopolitan, to then rush to the XFactor stage who attended her as international special guest. In addition, fashion week saw Tomorrow as protagonist, international multi-brand showroom, a small miracle as Italian management spread also in London, Hong, Kong, Paris and New York, a platform of sale, consulting, financial and communication services for consolidated and emerging brands. Simultaneously, a ton of beautiful models ani..