01/02/2017 | EDITORIAL, EVENTS


Posted by: Gisella Borioli
7th December 2017: first day of the first year dedicated to the European Culture began at Superstudio Più, honoured to be part in such an important event, and in some sense, recognises also its key role in the city’s cultural scenario. A “parterre de roi” of ministers and delegates of Italian and foreign institutions have been summoned to discuss the future of Europe from the point of view of its immense patrimony of art works and invention well beyond those of any other country or union of countries in the world. The European Culture Forum 2017 hosted many enthusiastic and passionate speakers such as the President of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and Antonio Tajani President of the European Parliament and moreover Dario Franceschini Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of Italy, Tibor Navracsics European Commissioner for Education and Culture, Giuseppe Sala Mayer of Milan, Silvia Costa Member of the European Parliament, Małgorzata Omilanowska former Minister of Culture of Poland, Indrek Saar Minister of Culture of Estonia, Csilla Hegedüs Vice Prime Minister and former Minister of Culture of Romania, Filippo Del Corno Councillor for the Culture of the Municipality of Milan and many more personalities who brought their own projects and hopes.

The brilliant presentation by Hannah Conway, composer and audience specialist and of Norman Jardine Head of Unit for Communication and Human Resources of the European Commission made the meetings, beyond interesting, empathic and emotional. With entertainment breaks like the young volunteers’ speeches and final group dance. Culture as a tool of knowledge, peace, integration, creativity, development, civic consciousness to apprehend right from nursery school, some of the themes touched upon have warmed up the specialists public who took part by asking many questions and making suggestions. According to Tajani President “We must rediscover our identities and reasons to stay together. We must not be afraid to be European”. “The investment in culture is the necessary step towards the future of Europe in the forthcoming years” Franceschini Minister said.

Heritage future” is in fact the concept repeated by others, calling upon more commitment, investments, competences by politicians and institutions to preserve the historical heritage and enhance new works and new technologies in all European Union countries that, together, can become the greatest tourist cultural attraction in the world. In this regard, in a dedicated space, a 24h non-stop session was open for a Global Game Jam that would bring original creativity results in brief Gif videos. Cultural breaks with performances by the dancer-acrobat Yoann Bourgeois with music by Philip Glass and the show by the Persian group performers Kimia Ghorbani’s Folk Quintet. On the second day, evidences, proposals and focus on experiences projects and European cultural hub cooperations. A reference of Superstudio history and its activity as cultural promoter right from its debut has been done, spontaneously on stage by the Composer Hannah Conway. What a better way to end two days of substance and commitment?

Giuseppe Sala
Dario Franceschini