A selection and brief analysis of photographs taken by some of the great representatives of Italian photography that is part of the video presented on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Superstudio 13. Along with other photographers, they left us the memory of the campaigns they have made here, in the most important and historical center of photographic studios in Milan.

Body can make the clothes talk, animate the space, assume different meanings and express visions that go beyond reality. Only when this happens you can talk about photography as art and really create something unique. We realize this is the task of every photographer if you look carefully at the elegant shoots taken by Alfa Castaldi, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Gianmarco Chieregato, Settimio Benedusi and Sofia Riva...


Putting together passions an competences, Fabio and Lorenza Castelli, formidable father-and-daughter couple, gave birth to MIA (Milano Image Fair), the most important photography and auteur visual, ten years ago at Superstudio in via Tortona. A steel entrepreneur and passionate collector him, graduated in Economics at Bocconi but grew up with art in all its forms her, after ten years and an indisputable success, in the moment of the restart they find themselves at home in the new Superstudio Maxi, where on July 14th the press conference of the next MIA takes place and where the next edition of the Fair will take place...


Before starting the regeneration labors of that old abandoned factory, that later would become Superstudio Maxi, Luca Gilli had already asked to follow its path with his camera. In silence and in solitude, in the frost or under the scorching sun, in the chaos of the construction site every now and then he appeared and took pictures. This resulted in works of great beauty and sensitivity where space is abstracted and becomes a work of art that will be exhibited during the Inauguration Days at Superstudio Maxi in the personal exhibition  “Passaggi di Stato”, curated by Paola Sosio Contemporary Art.

I didn’t know Luca Gilli, a photographer born in 1965 and who lives in Cavriano (Reggio Emilia). I was struck by his request to photograph Superstudio Maxi when it wasn’t there yet. It was just a building of broken glass and rusty sheet metal, partly abandoned for about 20 years. His idea was to follow its transformation without even having seen the project...


Tina Modotti, an Italian photographer, activist and actress, has left an indelible mark on the history of contemporary photography. Her famous shots, which make up the collections of the most important museums in the world, are the symbol of an emancipated and modern woman, whose photographic art is inextricably linked to her social commitment.
For via Tortona residents, visionary women and beauty lovers, the exhibition “Tina Modotti. Women Mexico and freedom ”(May 1st-November 7th) at Mudec has one more reason to be visited. It was in fact dedicated to Giorgia Martone, young manager of Magna Pars Suite, the hotel à parfum in via Forcella, created on the family perfume factory’s headquarters...


Images fill our life. All around cities, landscapes, places we visit, faces of loved ones, those of strangers, screens and TV channels overflow, Facebook, Instagram... A photos kaleidoscope, to remember, capture moments, document facts, tell imaginative places and desires. As in shootings that for forty years photographers, agencies and prestigious brands set in Superstudio 13 spaces, the first hub dedicated to the image, with 13 photographic studios and numerous services. Today there is a great change in the air...

World has changed since 1983, year of Superstudio 13 foundation, a fashion and image citadel that quickly attracted great photography personalities: from the irreverent Oliviero Toscani who revolutionized the way of advertising, to Giovanni Gastel, photography magician that through face captured soul in suspended places...


The discovery of graphic tablet and post-production's endless possibilities was a turning point for Gastel. Under his hands it became magic. Finally he could shape his dreams and transform “pure” photographs into mysterious images like his visions. It was time for art: museums opened their doors to him. His books, about poetry, autobiography, photography, philosophy, followed one another. All creative experiences attracted him. We have shared many of these. (continuation)

Gastel continued to take beautiful photos more and more requested by fashion greats. Flavio Lucchini, who remained a friend even after he left publishing, had already shifted to art for a while.
The Triennale dedicated, in 1997, a large exhibition to Gastel curated by Germano Celant...


Giovanni Gastel, an extraordinary man, photographer, artist, poet, writer of undisputed greatness, passed away in a moment of Covid. Grandson of the filmmaker Luchino Visconti, from a noble and wealthy family, in order to be a photographer he paid his dues like many others, starting from scratch. It just so happened that the beginning of his career was precisely in Edimoda, publishing house of Donna and Mondo Uomo, revolutionary fashion magazines created by Flavio Lucchini and which in the 80s even outclassed Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue, created right by Lucchini. I ran Donna, and I introduced him to the magical fashion world.

If I think back to my life intertwined with that of Giovanni Gastel, the first memory that comes to my mind is this thin and introverted boy who, selected by Flavio who was the art director, I was given to make Donna's cover by Ferré which Toscani had to do when he left in a sudden fit of temper...


Incredible as it may seem, it is since the early 1900s that special cinematic effects have been experimented through a double film shooting that can add spectacular backgrounds and sudden appearances in a seemingly normal scene. A hundred years later, with the advent of digital, the possibility of recreating virtual worlds in which real people move has become a professional choice increasingly accessible of photographers and movie directors thanks to the green backdrops whose official name is Chroma Key. Over more than a century the technique has been so perfected that it has allowed the creation of fantasy or epic masterpieces with incredible scenarios. Photography has also appropriated it for more commercial purposes and these days a green screen (color that allows you to insert the desired backgrounds in post-production) is often the solution when traveling to suggestive places is as impossible as it is now. A Chroma Key and a powerful computer and every fantasy becomes possible.


Events (forbidden until March 5th, then we'll see) suffer but shootings and fashion videos are intensifying to follow also to filmed or streaming fashion shows which are replacing the catwalks with the spectators and have changed Fashion Week's soul.
Superstudio 13 photographic studios, with a new feminine management, reached in January an exceptional request from both customers of all time and many new operators. To the point  that many sets have been shifted into the big spaces of other Superstudio locations, Superstudio Più, a few steps away and the brand new Superstudio Maxi, just a little bit further.
Top brand's ad campaign, editorials, music and advertising videos, crowded crews, celebrities who want large spaces and privacy, now find in the whole Superstudio's facilities an even greater choice among wide venues, cyclo studios, day light studios, astounding dimensions halls, outdoor spaces with parking and restaurant, always with our photo team super-specialized help...


Italy crossed by the Toro car and immortalized in several shots of 21 important photographers, one per region plus the exceptional participation in Sicily, from her Palermo, of an icon, the great Letizia Battaglia. Today's useless controversy about the great photographer and her images doesn’t take away from the quality of the project. "With Italy, for Italy" initiative desired by Lamborghini can count on the photographer Stefano Guindani’s artistic direction - who chose Sicily as his set - and it will result first in a book and then into a traveling exhibition.
"It is a source of great pride and responsibility for me to have taken care of this initiative’s artistic direction..."


Twenty Years is the title of the highly anticipated new single by Maneskin out today. They achieved success as teenagers on X Factor stage, and once again confirm their 652.000 followers expectations by presenting a new live single, right there, last night. The launch campaign is uncompromising, with Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan showing "no veils" to the public, from the large ledwalls set up at Milan Central Station and on all social channels.
And what about us? We were on set! 


MIA, the great Milanese appointment with art photography celebrates 10 years, changing exhibition location and re-launching its New-Post Photography contest attentive to the most innovative contemporary photography trends. All the next-generation artists, but not only, are requested to answer the call.

Following the success of the 1st Award Edition, MIA Fair announces the 2nd Edition of the New Post-Photography Award on the occasion of the next edition in March 2021, which aims to promote the new languages of a photography capable of dealing with contemporary world in an innovative way and addressed to all artists, without any restrictions of age and nationality, who work with the medium of photography. Winners will have the opportunity to exhibit free of charge during the tenth edition of MIA Fair (from 24 to 28 March 2021), at SUPERSTUDIO MAXI in via Moncucco 30, Milan, in an exhibition dedicated to the "New-Post Photography" II Edition Prize...


"I have always admired Peter Lindbergh for the consistency and intensity of his work. Being timeless is a quality I personally aspire to, and that Peter certainly possessed. With this exhibition at Armani/Silos I want to pay tribute to a wonderful workmate whose love for beauty is an indelible contribution to our culture, not just to fashion." Thus Giorgio Armani introduces the discovery in his museum space of a great man of world photography. Not to be missed.

Heimat is a concept that has a deep meaning in German culture. It is home, the place of belonging and of heart, the homeland. It’s also the exhibition title "Heimat. A Sense of Belonging" commissioned and curated by Giorgio Armani in his Armani Silos, to celebrate one of the greatest masters of twentieth century photography, Peter Lindbergh, who died in September 2019 at the age of 74. Heimat for Lindbergh represents the industrial background of Duisburg in Germany, with its factories, fog, steel and concrete, the gray horizon. A place that has forever marked its aesthetics, with its truth and personality...


You have time until January 3rd to organize a quick trip to Rome and get excited in front of the beautiful exhibition by Giovanni Gastel at MAXXI Museum, curated by Uberto Frigerio and rigorously staged by Piero Lissoni. Among the thousands of photos taken in forty years of fashion and encounters, Gastel chose the two hundred faces that most touched his soul and left an indelible memory. Portraits that demonstrate his great talent, but above all his sensibility. Among these, that of Flavio Lucchini, his mentor.

Giovanni Gastel is always an artist, whether he writes books or poems, takes photos of fashion or people, transforms a realistic image into a dream tracing mysterious lines on a black tablet that gives inputs to the computer. The choice for MAXXI in Rome, among his different artistic expressions that have already had international awards and important exhibitions, this time is focused on portraits. Peaceful, smiling, joyful, playful, thoughtful faces where eyes come inside you. Faces, and so much more. The secret is discovered in the title that Giovanni has provided “The people I like” and it’s clear that he tells the whole truth...