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A virtue of necessity - Centre for Creativity/ MAO

Posted by: Fulvia Ramogida

[Tunnel 29] – Design for a Post-Apocalyptic World it’s an exhibition concevied and realized by The Centre for Creativity / Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO). Located in the Discovering section of Superdesign Show 2021, the post-apocalyptic scenario, supposed before the pandemic, becomes a stimulus for designers’ creativity and inventive, transforming itself into a manifesto of new possible solutions.  

The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works (as system) and the way people think (linearly)' anthropologist and psychologist Gregory Bateson wrote this prophetic sentence 1972 book “Steps to an Ecology of Mind”. Starting from a gloomy scenario in which the world is deprived of its resources, the man controlled and limited in its freedoms, Mika Cimolini curator of the exhibition [Tunnel 29], on display from 4 to 10 September in the Discovering section of Superdesign Show, invites designers and visitors to leave their comfort zone and to find design solutions suitable to the reality we live in. How can we prepare for the inevitable apocalypse heralded by viruses and climatic catastrophes? How can we act to avoid it?
The exhibition presents the works of over 30 Slovenian designers daring with three dimensions of living: housing, production and food. To give a sneak peek of what to expect at the show, we have chosen three representative projects, one for each sector.
Living: Concrete Garden by Tina Rugelj. A collection of small outdoor furniture made of natural fibre cement, a lightweight and durable material that resists all weather conditions and does not endanger human health or the environment. Each piece is completely recyclable, with a life cycle of at least 60 years, for an irrelevant ecological and economic footprint. In addition to lamps and flower furniture, there is even cute cat kennel.
Production: Textile Stories of Women by Oloop the project tells the story of a collaboration with the humanitarian group association Up (Hope). The hand-embroidered textile-wall was created at the
Happiness House in Jesenice and at the Asylum Center in Ljubljana. It’s the outcome of an eight-month creative journey of women of different ages, nationalities, religions, and life circumstances. Through storytelling in a safe and inclusive environment, immigrant women thought about their lives and the things that give their lives special value. The authors have translated their words into visual symbols embroidered then on the fabric wall that becomes testimony to the experience of immigration, asylum and the energy and hope that motivate them.
Food: Everglow Garden Fireplace by (Tomaž Čeligoj) a garden fireplace to warm body and soul, recall ancient traditions, feed ourselves with simplicity. Made of raw iron, it welcomes the signs of time as nobility marks. Rediscovering the fire rituality around which we used to gather, preparing food properly thanks to the transformation into a primordial barbecue, living closer to ourselves and the earth, this is the value of Everglow Garden Fireplace, a project where design becomes timeless.

Rocking Light. By folds
Concrete Garden. By Tina Rugelj
Story of Women. By Oloop
Everglow. By (Tomaž Čeligoj)


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