The book-catalogue of Skira published on the occasion of the exhibition 1000 Vases curated by Francesco Pirrello at Superstudio Più in September, is the proof of how much creativity is a transversal language throughout the world. The variety of proposals around a single object is of great interest for what it shows and what it implies.

One thousand vases. How not to smile and at the same time feel pleasure in seeing that in the world there are always moltitudes of creatives who devote so much of their time to make something that their imagination induces them or compels them to do?  The “vase” theme already seems to limit the field a lot. The book 1000 vases curated by Pierpaolo Pitacco seems to me an excellent opportunity to reflect on the art and artists of today and yesterday...


Before starting the regeneration labors of that old abandoned factory, that later would become Superstudio Maxi, Luca Gilli had already asked to follow its path with his camera. In silence and in solitude, in the frost or under the scorching sun, in the chaos of the construction site every now and then he appeared and took pictures. This resulted in works of great beauty and sensitivity where space is abstracted and becomes a work of art that will be exhibited during the Inauguration Days at Superstudio Maxi in the personal exhibition  “Passaggi di Stato”, curated by Paola Sosio Contemporary Art.

I didn’t know Luca Gilli, a photographer born in 1965 and who lives in Cavriano (Reggio Emilia). I was struck by his request to photograph Superstudio Maxi when it wasn’t there yet. It was just a building of broken glass and rusty sheet metal, partly abandoned for about 20 years. His idea was to follow its transformation without even having seen the project...


A well-known art dealer who is also an artist, writer, producer, musician, videomaker and Reiki and Tai Chi master. A graphic designer, illustrator, art-director, versatile conceptual and 3D artist, who was also lucky enough to meet Flavio Lucchini in his youth and become artistic director of his cult Mondo Uomo magazine and others. Authors experiment together with the relationship between image and word. Maurizio Zorat designs robots, Giorgio Cardazzo contrasts mirror short stories, which maybe have something to do with them or maybe not. Published by GArt Edizioni Milano, Mind Blown is part of a numbered art books collection.

In these days I received the latest book from a dear friend of mine, who was also my student in the editorial office. The title is: Mind Blown. Authors are two. Tales by Giorgio Cardazzo. Works by Maurizio Zorat. A volume different from the usual ones, which brings together two opposite and complementary feelings...


Kenzo’s passing is not only that of Covid last known victim, but of a man who, since the ‘70s, has really brought fashion towards a more intercultural, free and democratic horizon. Flavio Lucchini knew him then and so in his autobiographical book IL DESTINO he tells us about him behind the scenes. In the chapter dedicated to him the memory of a collaboration and a friendship that has left its mark.

I’m in Dubai, it’s January 2018 but it’s less hot than expected. My daughter who has been living here for four years has done me a kindness. She gave me a black cardigan because it gets chilly at night. The cardigan is designed by Kenzo, she knew I would like it. My mind went backwards and in a flash I saw and lived again many years back, starting from when I met him in 1970 in Paris...